Our community have been asking for a more efficient way to store maps for a number of years now. We have finally solved the technical limitations that prevented a tab holding thousands of non-stacking items, and are ready to release the Map Stash Tab! It organises the maps by tiers then by base type, and has a separate sub-tab for each type of map (with shaped and unique ones separate). Check out the video below to see how it works or click here to purchase yours now.

One Map Stash Tab can store the equivalent of dozens of regular Stash Tabs and comes with the added convenience of an in-built sorting system. It's also possible to name your tabs and make them public for trading! If you have legacy maps from Path of Exile's past, you can right click on your Map Tab while it's empty to change what series of maps it is set to, as it can only hold maps from one series at a time. Different series are indicated by different background map art.

We'll be including the Map Stash Tabs in the Super Stash Sale rotation once they've been live in the store for one month.

If you're looking to get some points, please consider checking out our War for the Atlas Supporter Packs. Thank you so much for your support!
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Very surprised you found a way of designing one of these.

Good job!
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I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
Yay :D
My body is ready.
El Psy Congroo.

Thank you!
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Oh hell yeah! I'm buying that on Xbox when the new league comes out!

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