Introducing the new Map Stash Tab!

Finally. Amazing. My money are gone now.
Last edited by Lefuden on Jan 7, 2018, 1:13:07 PM
You guys have out done yourself! You listened to us and gave us all something we've wanted so badly! Thank you!
A bit too expensive but alright
Holy Crap, there's even a reason for me to pick up a few of them for standard/hardcore.

This looks like a LOT of work that helps a LOT of people and one of the many quality of life improvements that keep popping up. I'm glad you guys are going to make some money off this one.
CharanJaydemyr:some people need to really rethink how they spend their money....I will trash this item if I ever find it on principle...I've seen much cleverer "troll" items get turned down, so I guess GGG gave up trying to enforce that one. Not GGG's finest hour.
Worst kept secret of 2017.
How Fusings Work:

IGN: TheHammer
peeps was talking in global like couple hours ago that map stach tab wont happen ever lol, coz its impossible to code or w\e
YEEEES! Finally! (and I totally called it!)
Thank you!
After years of waiting......Finally!!!

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