Twilight Temple Map

How do i complete this? I bought one for 18c and killed both bosses. Didnt get the completion though...
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Can´t even go to the bosses the Map.. The Plates are not working i just could open two plates the rest 4 didnt do anything and i can´t enter the bosses
ME too! Stood there trying to figure out how to do boss for 1 hour! Wasted 25 Chaos to buy the map and time. GGG need to post something explain how to do it, POE WIKI is down, cant find information anywhere. Games hella bugged same as Map Tab, spending 15dollar and it crashes everytime setting prices on tab!@
Press all 6 switches and go to the opposite side from where you started the map and there should be a red portal to the arena.
same problem, touched 4 plates and the other 2 didnt work and cant do the boss and i wasted alot of chaos and time, FeelsBadMan
Same here... I want map refund and i am serious.
Did it today and had no problems. Activate all 6switched and kill the mobs and then run to the oposite side of where you spawned and there will be the arena portal.

I first thought too that it's bugged, but you only see the arena portal on the map when you stand directly besides it.
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Thanks for this thread! I don't have it but can see I'm an idiot and would miss it.
It can still bug out as of today.
And no, it is not bad eyes :) The last two switches simply spawns no mobs and then no portal appears.

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Same here right now, wasted time\orbs -__-

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