[3.2] Crit Blade Vortex Zerphi - 25000+ Life/second heal rate

NEW Twinned Uber Elder video: https://youtu.be/JFktkwJjdks
Boss killing montage Video: https://youtu.be/I6kyGkXGOBc

My new Poet VD Zerphi build:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2101181

Zerphi mechanics in general:
Zerphi’s Last Breath is a mana flask, so naturally it’s effect would end when you reach full mana, but since 3.0 Mind over Matter applies to Damage over Time effects, so you can consistently keep your mana depleted by running Blood Rage or Righteous Fire. Since your mana pool is depleted and you need something for the 800% of mana cost healed as life mod, you have to use Blood Magic to use skills, which still works with the flask. You cannot use the BM keystone because it removes the whole mana pool, thus you can’t active mana flasks, leaving you with the BM support gem as a drawback, but you can kinda bypass that if you use a staff/mace with the vagan lvl1 BM support mod, a Covenant body armour, or separate trigger socket groups (Poet's Pen). You can use any spell/attack that spends mana except channeling skills.
Changes in 3.2 patch:
Zerphi's Last Breath now recovers life over 4 seconds instead of instantly. It now heals you for 450-600% of the mana cost, down from 800%.

This means your heal has a 4 second build up time until it becomes maximized, so you have to know when you gonna take damage and start attacking a few seconds before, or just keep constantly attacking/casting. Also if you use blood magic you drop some amount of life at the start, so thats when you are the most vulnerable.
You can build up your heal effect before boss fights so you won't be vulnerable when you enter, and you will keep regening if you stop attacking for a few seconds when you move around, or get stunned.
There is no cap to the amount healed, you just have to scale the stats it relies on: mana cost, attack/cast speed, flask effect, life recovery rate. You can scale flask effect from skill tree at witch's region, going pathfinder, using the unique Potency jewel, or an Elder belt. You can scale life recovery rate by choosing the Arakaali pantheon with the Arachnoxia extension and having a CWDT Immortal call to proc it, or you can use an Elder belt with life recovery, or a Watcher's Eye jewel with Vitality aura mod, or having Trickster ascendency node. You can stack mana cost by having elder/shaper items with extra supports, or just choosing the highest mana cost supports in your 6L, using several Fevered Mind jewels or other sources of increased mana cost.
Pure mana based Zerphi setups are possible, they are very different from what I showcase here, and those would need to balance mana usage to not get full mana nor empty mana too long, and overall need very high mana recovery investment and more attention to keep up the mechanic.

  • Insanely tanky
  • Works with almost any skill (even traps, mines, and totems)
  • Moderate minimum build cost
  • 100% uptime with Pathfinder and/or flask passives, belt mods (12/30 base flask charges)
  • Can stack with leech, life regen and other defences
  • Doesn’t require hits/kills/damage for heal (suitable for movement skills, works at boss immunity phases, monster after-death effects)

  • Can’t use Energy Shield (MoM mana depletion would be prevented)
  • Can’t use mana pool for MoM, but you must allocate it on tree
  • Can’t use Blood Magic keystone (no mana pool)
  • Can’t use channelling skills (doesn’t count as ‘use’, only first cast heals)
  • Need to socket Blood Magic support gem
  • Spell echo/Multistrike reduces heal rate (only first cast/attack has mana cost)

level 93
7109 Life (+-100ish with jewel swaps)
4.84 casts per second
479 mana cost
54% flask effect
1232% of mana cost gained as life
5901 life gained per cast
534 000 fullbuff 20-stack Shapr BV DPS

My gear:

Other situational swaps:

Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.0.0/AAAABAIDABzcfXV1_VS9HRQWb2Hrjxqa4BEvelNepbzqakMWvwQHAF7rYxXtES2nCGKsbAvQ9WyMjmTVuR_H42pd8hGWwwkmlVXGQZY26SL0LJwXlpu1uZPyHf66GYpcQO_roS8ti9AfU1KP-g5cCPQ9Xw5IVUs3TIw2TLO1SA-rlosFQsedwzoW84Uyu-Oet5Uu8W2-iuv1CC7pmH_GnapFfpeVBx4reG0ZYeIi6oPb7YObjTIB_xAvnSY8fIM2PX-Aj0Yki3BS-tIkqoRvOliXBmr6RZ3PetRCGY7Tfq6zc7NJUfDVE3EqC1JT96aJ04TFWK7EorIZtvrr7pMn

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/gzFt9B5A

IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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Finally something that isn't some retarded hive mind crap. Good job.

Just one thing to add about Spell Echo. You are right about the first cast, but it also has more Cast Speed on it. Technically, you should be able to get more out of it than Faster Casting, since Spell Echo has a 140% Mana multiplier instead of 120%.

Have you tried it or just assumed so from the start?

It would need 100% more cast speed to not modify heal rate at all, but with 70% it is reducing it. It has the 140% mana multiplier yes, but you can cap that with other gems too, you can only increase it as high as your life pool allows, from there on you can only stack cast speed. BTW I use echo in my mapping setup with EK, because maximum heal is not that cruial there, only at hard bosses.
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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Nice work on this, Márkusz. Great work on the video. Was fun to watch! :)
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yea I use this on my EA build quite fun
Only a dumbass pays for a F2P game.
Very interesting build.

Just wondering. Have you considered Soul Thirst? Being a flask build/pathfinder and all...

I get that provably against bosses, you prefer to use all 5 flasks. But for clearing, adds a chunk of damage, defence, and movement speed (for Leap Slam/Whirling Blades).

Maybe some other skill that doesn't have a cap is required too (BV has a 20 blades limit).

If you refresh the flask right after you cast the skill, but before it reaches & kills the pack of monsters, you will always have 1 pack of monsters worth buff. 16 monsters per pack = 80% attack/cast speed on first pack, after 3 packs (it's only 15.4s after all, if you add Druidic Rite) you get 240%, an average of 160%.

Trade Mercury can help to keep track of the flask duration in this setup.

I'm liking this...
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sorry for my noob, i dont understand how u recover hp with no leech ?
Hermit96isdsb wrote:
sorry for my noob, i dont understand how u recover hp with no leech ?

Zerphi flask
IGN: Márkusz
My builds: thread/1600072
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"100% uptime with Pathfinder and/or flask passives, belt mods (12/30 base flask charges)"

Wich flask nodes would i need for it and will i be able also to get 100% uptime with out pathfinder?
Cool build! Thank you.

Márkusz wrote:
so you can consistently keep your mana depleted by running Blood Rage or Righteous Fire.

Could you elaborate a little bit more about RF?
As it better/worse than blood rage?
Some details maybe.

Thx again.
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nice! was hoping Id find a build using zerphi with leech nerfs. tried to do something similar with dark pact and dual apeps but it was unnecessary with vp and hard to sustain on bzrker with mana reservation. could you specify your mapping setup and maybe post a vid on clear speed? swapping ek\spell echo sounds dope but idk whered you fit a movement skill
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