[3.3 Raider] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone - Raider Edition!

Freezing hearts and Shattering dreams

~~~VP vs No VP~~~
I've done upto t15 maps with no VP and it still felt fine. I've run plenty of Uber lab full key runs with no issues at all. I had no issues with any Map boss, lich or upto Yellow Tier Elder.

I have had a few others report back on doing t16 guardians without VP as well. Sooo, final thoughts, it's upto the person playing. I have switched over to VP because it's the kind of play style I prefer but the build is 100% viable without it.

In standard I have run several t15(Shaped Arsenal) map, a Lava Lake and a Hex proof/40% ele resist Colosseum with no VP and had no issue with them at all. This was using Disfavour, Carcass, Devotos, and Death's Door.

Map Mods

Lava Lake


3.3 Changes
Nothing core has been changed but there are some changes to a few existing support gems we use that are nice. Also, some new ones that could make this builds damage even higher.

Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence gem - Vaal Impurity of Ice: Casts an aura that reduces cold damage taken and provides freeze and chill immunity to you and nearby allies, and makes hits against nearby enemies ignore their cold resistance.

This is the most interesting of the bunch. Could be a extra bit of damage output during the bigger boss fights. Cool Stuff!(no pun I swear)

Cold Snap
Previously dealt cold damage in an area.
Now deals cold damage in an area, then creates an area of chilled ground which deals cold damage over time and expands over its duration to up to twice its original size. This effect lasts 6 seconds.
Now deals 24-35 cold damage at gem level 1 (up from 9-13), up to 534-800 cold damage at gem level 20 (up from 462-693).
Now has a cooldown of 3 seconds (down from 4), which can be bypassed by expending a frenzy charge (previously required a power charge).
Now requires level 16.
Now requires 18 dexterity at gem level 1 (Previously only required intelligence).
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 180% (up from 120%).
Now has a 25% chance to grant a frenzy charge when an enemy dies while affected by the skill's cold damage over time.

I had played around with the previous version of Cold Snap in a CWDT setup as a way of spreading chilled ground so we could get the bonus of hypothermia much more reliably. I ended up using Vortex in the end but this could be good now. Will play around with it for sure.

Frost Bomb
Now deals 14-21 cold damage at gem level 1 (up from 10-14), up to 959-1439 cold damage at gem level 20 (up from 521-781).
Now has a 2 second delay before exploding, and applies a debuff which lasts 5 seconds and grants -25% cold resistance to affected enemies. (Previously had a 3.5 second delay before exploding, and applied a debuff which lasted 2 seconds and granted -20% cold resistance to affected enemies.)
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 200% (up from 130%).

A very nice buff for Frost Bomb giving a longer debuff duration AND -5% more do the cold resistance debuff.

Hypothermia Support
Now causes supported skills to deal 20% more cold damage over time at gem level 1, up to 39% at gem level 20.
Now supports skills which deal damage over time.

Not sure what to make of that but doesn't change how we use Hypothermia so isn't a big deal.

My other builds

[3.2-Slayer]Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone! ~Freeze all Content!~
[3.2-Inquis] Muirey's Extremist Fire Cyclone Inquisitor!

I took mapping videos for three of the different Ascendancy combos using the exact same gear. Used Aspect of Slaughter/Aspect of Chase, Aspect of Slaughter/Aspect of Veil and Pathfinder Ascendancy.

Gear used in videos

Avatar of the Slaughter/Chase
Avatar of the Slaughter/Veil
Pathfinder Ascendancy

The Story

I had the idea for this build after playing several of the popular cyclone builds in 3.0 Harbinger(mainly Ngamahu's flame/Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone) and seeing what I liked and disliked about them. The Ngamahu's flame builds, while quite strong, didn't really feel like a 'cyclone' build but more of a magma ball build. Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone build was my favorite before this one and I actually have no dislikes(I still play it!). After playing a physical build for so long I wanted to have a similar hard hitting build but having as close to 100% elemental damage as I could manage.

After looking at all the different options and passives easily gotten on routes I wanted to take, I settled on cold damage. The idea of Cycloning through a pack and watching them shatter to dust as I passed sounded pretty fun so I started building upon that idea.

I have been able to easily clear all maps, run all my ascendancy labs at or below level required(lvl 70 Uber on a 7c budget), normal Atziri, all guardians/Shaper and all elder guardians/all Elder tiers. I do have plans of doing uber Atziri but it's not high on my priorities.

This is the first build I've created myself, so if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to post them and I'll give it a look. Thanks for the read!

Content Cleared
Abyss League
Yellow Tier Elder

Uber Lab first run

Pits of Sorrow Elder boss cleared

Have done 3 others but didn't even think to screen shot them until the last one. Thankfully Challenges take note of it! I'll get actual screenshots when I find them again.

Normal Atziri deathless. Doing the trio with A'alai last for challenges is a different story! Did it thou rabble rabble.

3.1 Shaper/Guardians
I did Chimera and Hydra without VP but Minotaur hit so hard I put points into it and was fine afterward. Pheonix was actually the easiest out of the four guardians. Besides the flame blast I just cycloned the whole time, not a big deal.

Side note: I couldn't get shaper to shatter on death! I think the scene that plays out between him and Zana prevents it. He was definitely 'frozen' when he died though. After running it I think Ele focus over hypothermia is still the way to go unless you stack a ton of % to freeze. It's a noticeable difference when they are 'frozen' vs not. When the chill effect is on their model damage soars. Hydra/Chimera I noticed it the most on. Both were very slow moving/attacking while 'frozen'.


Deathless Pheonix

Nearly Deathless Hydra. Love me some balls to the face >.<

Single death on Minotaur

Chimera was fine as well but derped and didn't screen shot.

Pro's & Con's

+ Fast clear speed
+ Cyclone kills as you move, no stopping
+ Frozen things can't hit you
+ Melee build, see their frozen faces before they shatter
+ Immune to most elemental effects
+ 3c budget gets you farming maps
+ No corpses left behind to be raised/detonated
+ As of 3.1 even bosses freeze! Frozen shaper anyone?

- Melee build, gotta get up close and personal
- Min/max End game items will be very expensive
- Requires one specific unique which makes SSF hard to go full cold.


Zone into map, hit a quick silver flask then spin to win anytime a pack is near. Elemental reflect is no longer a thing so we have even less to worry about.

With bosses, drop totem and use flasks+vaal haste when you can. As usual with Cyclone make sure to not lock yourself into the animation when a boss does something particularly nasty. When they do something nasty, LEAP you fool! Then leap back to get Fortify. If you are a try hard you can leap to try and maintain Fortify.

The Gears

These gloves are the only core item in the build. Everything else can be purchased once you have enough currency. They aren't super rare drops so it isn't impossible for a SSF character to get 90% cold conversion and even without them you'll still do great damage.

There are quite a few options when it comes to gear for this build. The Following gear is what I used on Guardians/Shaper in 3.0.



Other Gear Options


These are some of the various weapons I used leveling up in 3.0. Really you just need a high physical damage 2hander preferably with good attack speed. I am a axe guy so I choose axes but before taking any of the axe specific nodes swords are just as good. Terminus est is something I always get when leveling up. Kondo's will carry you into end game.

Disfavour was the end axe for this build in 3.0 because you can't do elemental damage with Starforge and the range/+ support gem levels are just strong. In 3.1 the new Shaped/Elder items may edge out Disfavour but it will be VERY hard to beat Disfavour.

All of these chests are great and fill different needs. Belly/Kaoms are if you want to be tankier and Bronn's for good clear speed an damage. I personally go back and forth between Bronn's and Carcass Jack for maps. Queen of the forest can be used if you want to be just silly fast. Even with the 3.1 nerf Qotf should still be the fastest.

Again, all personal choice for helms. I perfer devoto's but for pure damage Abyssus wins out.
Rat's nest and Starkonja's are also really good.

Darkray Vectors are pretty amazing for this build giving damage, attack speed and more movement speed than any others because of 7 frenzy charges before corruptions just equipping these. However, for general mapping I always use Death's Door because bleed+fast clear speed= nearly instant death. If you're better at seeing bleed stacks then no need but for me Death's Door lets me focus on other things. I don't tend to keep an eye on my actual character when clearing so this just gives me more quality of life.

A good pair of rare boots can also be used here if you need resists without missing out on much. Death's Door and Darkray vector's are one of the last things I buy for this build.

Daresso's Salute gives pretty much everything a cyclone build could want and was my personal choice in 3.0. The Pandemonius has been buffed in 3.1(See 3.1 changes spoiler at top of guide) and I believe that it is now the equal if not better than Daresso's for mapping.

With my own testing t16/Shaper are not chilled/frozen enough for Pandemonius to win out over Daresso's. Normal Atziri was chilled almost the entire fight but I have yet to test her on Uber. Ideally for bosses you would use Conc/Ele Focus setup and Daresso's for max damage.

If for some reason Pandemonius is overly expensive, The Halcyon is the base version and can be upgraded later into the Pandemonius with the Blessing of Tul.

For leveling first thing I go for is Carnage Heart. Lots of stats to help with int management, %resist all, 35% damage while leeching and 50% increased life leeched per second. The last two are bonuses, the main thing I look for are stats/all resist. Pretty much everything we could want while working towards end goal gear and relatively cheap.

Before you can afford Carnage Heart I get an amulet with high Int and hopefully some resists. An open prefix to craft life on is also nice!

I run this bisco's for kicks when burning through a build up of vault maps because the build allows for it towards end gear.

Belt of the Deceiver on paper more damage than a rare belt but this build uses a lot of uniques at the end already making it hard to balance resists. If you can work it in Belt of the Deceiver is a fantastic choice and what I recommend for leveling. A cold version of Doryani's invitation is also pretty good but not as good as deceiver which is already pretty cheap.

For rare belts Resists > Life > WED. Cap(overcap for ele weakness maps) resists first then get others second.

Abyss league Stygian Vise
These are some that I've kept in case Belt of the Deceiver won't cap my resists.


This is where you will fill whatever you are lacking resist/stat wise. I chaos spammed into the two opal rings I used in 3.0 shaper kill but any rings will do. There are some unique rings that are pretty good such as: Le Heup of All, Berek's Grip, Tasalio's Sign.

Damage wise The Taming wins out but is so expensive that I honestly don't include it. Also the fact that gaurdians/Shaper/Atziri aren't reliably getting shocked/chilled/frozen/ignited brings it down more. This build doesn't need more mapping damage and definitely not at the high price only to lose +life when a half decent opal ring does the job fine.

While leveling pick up every two-stone ring you find and throw alchemy orbs at them. If they role shit hang onto them and vendor them for a Prismatic ring when you have 3 of each two-stone. If you're lucky the rare Prismatic you get back could be good.

Here are some examples of me doing this in Abyss league.

I look for resists or maximum life first. If it has Life and one resist roll with an open suffix you're good to go. Also 2 good resists rolls(t3-t1) and a open prefix and you're good to go.

Flat physical > flat elemental

Flat physical or WED are about equal at the same tier rolls. EG: T2 Flat Phys = T2 WED.

Pre 3.1 standard melee jewel: %Life > Attack speed > Damage such as these below

Abyss league has changed things abit. There are some pretty strong combinations that math out to be stronger. Some that I've gotten so far...

These pretty random but using https://poecraft.com/jewels you can see how crazy they could get. Like these for example

Abyssal jewels are very nice and add in some good on hit bonuses over normal jewels. Which you use it personal preference.

Helm: Cyclone attack speed - Cyclone Damage - Ancestral Protector added attack speed or Ancestral Warchief added damage - Frostbite increased effect

I prefer a Cyclone specific one because it doesn't require me to drop a totem all the time. Totem/Frostbite are about equal. Frostbite probably best all around for leveling with Cyclone Attack Speed - Damage the end goal.

Weapon: Culling strike or range corruption. My choice would be culling.

Gloves: +1 socketed gems corruption for aura setup

Boots: +1 Max frenzy corruption best over all. Attack speed if killed recently is the best Lab enchant for 99% of things. Any boss that doesn't pop adds out enough you can use a Writhing Jar.

Elemental Pen if haven't killed recently also a good boss only enchant.

Amulet: +1 Max frenzy charge

Leveling Unique Suggestions
Aside from the typical leveling uniques such as Tanula, Goldrim, Limbsplit, Wideswing.. these are what I recommend getting.

Best leveling weapons for the money. Kondo's will be with you until Disfavour barring any crazy rare weapon drops.

Hrimsorrow key part of the build and belt of the deceiver fantastic belt. Both usable at low levels and will stay with you into end game.

Great helm and not that pricey if you want to go faster sooner.

First Unique Amulet I buy an stays with me till Pandemonius or Daresso's.

On a budget?

Here are details and screen shots of my budget run from 3.1 as well as the currency spent at each stage. Even gear at time of screen shots.
Again the only item 'required' for this build are Hrimsorrow or Hrimburn gloves. Every other slot can be rares and filled out as you earn currency. I only started playing PoE again during Harbinger league after a few years off. Through some minor crafting, a lot of selling random items, and loads of luck, I've been able to buy/find everything needed for this build and more.

The main thing to remember is in almost every case more raw physical damage is better than more elemental. Since we convert 90% of physical to cold and gain EXTRA cold damage based on physical with hatred getting more physical damage goes a long way.

3.1 Budget run

Lvl 36 Normal Lab done
Entered at 34 with 40pt tree listed under leveling trees

Damage at this stage of the build is so-so but tanky enough for it not to matter. First Ascendancy is big for this build.

Gear during kill and budget
Hrimsorrows were 2 alch. Weapon was crafted and everything else are random finds.

Lvl 58 Cruel Lab done
Entered at Lvl 56

Was a full key run as well

Cruel lab was a joke, breezed through no problem with the 69pt tree posted under leveling

Gear used during run and budget
Terminus Est = 1c, Belt of Deceiver = 1c so total spent in total to level 56 is 2alch 2c

Lvl 69 Merc Lab done

Merc Lab was also a joke. Same 92pt tree listed under leveling.

Gear at time of run and budget
Hezmana's was 10c at the time but it was second day so it will be cheap soon. I completely forgot about Kondo's pride at the time which is BETTER than Hezmana's and 2alch. I'm going to say Kondo's obvious choice for budget run so using it brings total spent to Merc lab 4 alch, 2c. With this gear I went straight into maps after Kitava. Hezmana's or Kondo's will get you started on maps just fine

Lvl89 Uber Lab cleared
5k hp without shrine. No VP still. Had bad RNG finding trials so this could have been done a lot sooner. Thanks to Blackdeath101 for letting me take two he didn't need. With my luck probably would have been lvl 100 and still no full ascendancy!

Gear during run
Total budget so far to lvl89 has been 73c. Not that this was needed to run Uber lab. It's just the natural progression of the build. At the time of clear I am speed clearing t13s while saving for Disfavour.

Devoto's = 9c
5l Carcass Jack = 25c
Carnage Heart = 15c
5l Kondo's = 24c(Jeweller's Touch)

3.0 Budget run(Out Dated)

Run was done in Harbinger league because Hrimsorrow gloves in standard were only 25% cold conversion. However, since the season is close to the end, prices would be off for a 'league start' so I am going to use the listed prices of the items from standard. When a new league starts I will note the cost and update again with better league start budget.

Current budget at lvl 70 with Uber lab complete

Again, these prices are from standard league. Prices in the Budget run details are what I paid in Harbinger league.

Alch: 2 (Hrimsorrow gloves and Deceiver belt)
Chaos: 7 (1c Hezmama's, 5c Devoto's, 1c Bronns)

3.0 Budget run details

This is out dated and will be replaced but for now shows what the build was capable of in 3.0 with small investment.
Lvl 33 Normal Lab clear
Entered at lvl 33 and gained 2 by the end of the run. Points still unspent so tree is what I entered with.

Passive tree is same 40pt tree listed in leveling.

Gear at lvl 33 and Currency used.

Total spent on gear 4 alch. 1 alch for gloves, 3 for belt.

I crafted the axe from a random drop using the vendor recipe(whetstone+random rare rustic sash+weapon), chanced the +4 life on hit had a regal drop while leveling figured sure why not, rolled flat phys, so not terrible and threw cold damage on it. In total 5 whetstone, 1 chance, 1 regal, 5 alterations for enchant.

You could also just buy a reapers pursuit for 1 c and call it a day or after vendor recipe craft flat phys on it.

Lvl 53 finished Cruel Lab

Entered Cruel Lab at lvl 51 and grinded out 2 levels during it to reach vaal pact. Passive tree is same 62pt tree listed in leveling.

Gear at lvl 53 and Currency used.
Few alchs spent on enchants and 1 alch for terminus est. 15 jewelers to get 6 sockets and 4 fusings to get 'ok' links. Rings, amulet and boots all random finds.

Lvl 67 cleared Merciless lab

Passive tree is same 87pt tree listed in leveling.

One note: I did get a diamond shrine dark shrine on this run which obviously is a lot of bonus damage but the damage I was taking wasn't so bad that I wouldn't have been able to last longer. The Merc lab at the time I ran it was 2h mace, conduits and charge disruptors. I didn't bother with conduits but I did try to clear his charges before pushing him the second time. He ended up with 1 charge and all 3 conduits in the final room.

Gear at lvl 67 and Currency used.
Hezmana's bloodlust was 1 alch and took 5-6 jewellers for 5 sockets and 1 fusing for 4 link(thank god). Bronn's was 1c and I lucked into the 5 link prophecy. Devoto's also 1c and a handful of jewelers/fusings for sockets/links. Same rings and amulets, new random boots I found.

Lvl 70 Uber lab cleared

I entered Uber lab at 69 and grinded alittle before final room to get to lvl 70. You can see the tiny little bit of xp Izaro gave me on xp bar.

Now I know what you're going to say and yes a new 'league start' wouldn't have the trials or the key to enter Uber Lab. I did it at 70 to show it's doable. I'm by no means the best lab runner either but if you take your time and pay attention it's easy. Izaro can one shot you if you are not mindful and dodge his attacks. If you try to face tank him at 70 you WILL die. His wind ups are slow, don't rush and enjoy full ascendancy at lvl 70.

Yes, I did get an acceleration shrine effect from one of the dark shrines BUT to be completely honest it makes things more dangerous than helping. We are already moving pretty fast at this point and this buff just makes it insanely fast... which can get you killed very easily with traps or running into something Izaro throws out.

Only thing I changed is swapping frostbite for enfeeble.

Should you do uber lab at 70? Sure if you have experience with it, it's a fun time and can be quite exciting depending on the current lab setup. New to Izaro? Hell no, level more! If you have keys and this isn't a league start I aim to do it before killing Kitava at the end of act 10. Usually I'm around 74-76 depending on how side tracked I get.

Passive tree is the 91pt tree listed in leveling.

Gear is exact same gear listed in the gear spoiler under lvl 67 merc lab clear. Nothing changed at all.

lvl 76 Deathless Normal Atziri for fun
Only rings and amulet have changed to balance resists.
Rest of gear was same as at lvl 67. Lucked out on Mortal hope!

Skill gems


Standard Mapping:

This setup is what I run while mapping. Most things get frozen and shattered as we pass by and bosses melt.

Four Link:

Five Link adds

Maim more consistent dmg while Dmg on Full higher dmg 90% of the time. If using Kondo's Bleed Support also an option.

If you are having survival issues at all throw in Fortify for any other red support other than Elemental Damage with attacks.

Can use Faster Attacks before Hypo is available or Mana leech if having issues.

Max Freeze:

With this setup 99% of things you hit will freeze and then shatter. Lower damage, not really good for bosses but really fun to map with.



3.1 allowed bosses to be 'frozen' which made Hypothermia usable for a boss setup. I personally do not like having to switch Conc Effect for Increased Area all the time but if you are fine with that the second one will be your main setup.

I have run Guardians and Shaper with the Hypo set up in Standard and while they did 'freeze' it wasn't enough to make it worth it. Elemental Focus setup will still be the best consistent damage for bossing. No chill/freeze required. The issue is it requires recoloring or having a second Disfavour. If you're rolling in the currency a second Disfavour is my choice. I keep the Elemental Focus setup in my back weapon slot and when I get to the boss swap the main mapping setup for it. It burns down a bosses HP pool extremely quick.


Simple, straight forward. When you get Enlighten lvl 3 throw it in and be done. Herald of Ice can also be used but Hatred + Frostbite wins out in the end. Enfeeble also useful on bosses and grace as well if you want to take the hit to your damage.


Nothing new here. If you are Vaal Pact blood magic is out and you can put endurance on melee stun in. If you aren't using Vaal Pack using blood magic lets you leap forever.

If you are using Fortify in you Cyclone setup put in Endurance charge on melee stun support.

This is my typical setup in my chest. If I have a 6 socket 5 link I usually put Portal in the unlinked socket. If I get a 6 link I would put in a second Vaal Haste just to have two. Faster attacks can be used in a 4 link setup but I prefer to have Vaal Haste available even without Faster Casting.

This setup has been very helpful for during Abyssal league for abyss cracks, abyss portals and made elder phase 2 sleep inducing. Throw it down and everything that pops out gets instantly frozen for you to then murder.

Protector or Warchief is really upto your personal preference. Protector maths out to more damage for you but it's pretty much equal.

I've used a lot of different set ups and this is the one I prefer out of them all. Arctic Breath can be really good at spreading chilling ground but the -20 cold resist on frost bomb is useful in almost every situation.

Golems are also good, lightning specifically but at low levels they die and at high levels you have to cast yourself. Also when mapping mobs will avoid you and instead go straight for your golem making you double back to kill them. All of which I hate! So for me personally I choose to go without golem.

Leveling Trees and Such

Levelilng up ~ Ascendancy ~ Bandits

40 points
(Ready to enter Normal Lab)

68 points
(Ready to do Cruel Lab)

92 points
(Ready to do Merc Lab)

108 points

123 points(VP)

123 points(no VP)

Here is PoB link of lvl88 tree, using kondo's speed clearing t14s. No crazy corruptions, just regular stuff.


Head towards Avatar of the Slaughter first then Avatar of the Veil.

Avatar of the Veil vs Avatar of the Chase

Upto you really. Avatar of the Veil is my choice because it makes mapping easier. No freeze/chill/immolate/shocked, more move speed, more elemental damage and nearly 100% uptime even on bosses. Avatar of the Chase is more damage on paper but it requires you to keep onslaught up all the time which can be difficult on bosses. Since this build already has PLENTY of mapping damage I would rather be immune and move faster.

The build is built around Avatar of the Slaughter so using Veil/Chase would be an entirely different build all together.

Kill them all

Tips for Leveling
Use anything you want until cyclone is available. I use cleave personally but anything works.

Having Spirit void will make Cyclone feel much smoother but cyclone will still DEVOUR your mana early on. If you don't feel like chugging mana flasks using Mana Leech Support will solve it. If you are having mana issues with Hatred/Frosbite using Herald of Ice/Frostbite will leave you with plenty of mana to not run out during single target cycloning. Lower damage but not that big a deal over all.

Later on you will not need Spirit void to sustain mana during single target cyclone. Just there to help with leveling.

Using Brute Force Solution will take care of any Int problems you have while leveling. Placing it in the socket right next to Golem's Blood will give you all the int you need for the higher levels of gems.

At lvl 51 I highly recommend picking up Terminus Est. The movement speed alone will make everything just feel better... also it has a ton of raw physical damage.

At lvl 64 you will be able to use Kondo's Pride or Hezmana's Bloodlust. Either of them are fine but Kondo's is better damage wise. Using Hezmana's saves you having to regret points later on.

The first unique I purchase while mapping is a Bronn's Lithe but Carcass Jack is a better choice if you wish to be more defensive. Both are fantastic chests and gives us a nice all around damage boost. These let me focus on the more defensive passives each level while still doing great damage.

Following Bronns I tend to get a Carnage Heart for resists/all stats and then a Devotos. After that it is pretty much save for Disfavour!

Cannot Leech Maps are a no-no
Elemental Reflect maps also a no-no

Physical Reflect Maps

Completely doable without any changes. You'll proc CWDT more which will drop more frost bombs actually giving you more damage.

If you are running with a blue socket in your setup physical to lightning will make you 100% elemental.

General Mapping
Major: Soul of Lunaris. All of the additional mods are great to have when mapping.
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh, Soul of Abberath, Soul of Garukhan are all good for mapping. For Lab runs Soul of Ryslatha.

Major: Soul of Solaris. All of the additional mods are good for fighting bosses.
Minor: Soul of Garukhan, Soul of Yugul(with Asphyxia) for fights with cold damage, Soul of Abberath for fights with fire damage, Soul of Gruthkul(with Legius Garhall) for physical damage bosses.


Screenshots/Comments from others
If ya do something cool, screen shot or it didn't happen!
Richu wrote:
did cruel lab lvl 56, nice build, i would not have started this league if i didn't find this, gonnna go for the kondo's sword, got a 20c drop from abyss too :P

gear for cruel lab:

blackdeath101 wrote:
Uber lab completed first try. Level 88, 4.1k hp and VP. Sitting at 40k h/o DPS (re-leveling 20% gems), but I'm also using Fortify in 5-link because I'm lazy. The key was avoidance as any hit took me down to ~500 hp. So just move a lot and don't let him you twice in a row without healing up.

Good luck!

Outdated Sceenshots
These were not deathless but could have been. I haven't done these bosses before as Vaal Pact so I was cockier than I should be but I didn't have to redo any maps. I did switch to enfeeble for Chimera and Pheonix.




Pheonix(Roughest out of the four) Ruby flask and maybe purity of fire would have made it a breeze.

An Shaper

Lvl 70 uber labs and others

Budget Uber Lab lvl 70 clear (2 alch 7c spent)

Deathless Normal Atziri with same Budget gear at lvl 76

Grandmasters will update soon.

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Comments from those who have used the build
Richu wrote:
did cruel lab lvl 56, nice build, i would not have started this league if i didn't find this, gonnna go for the kondo's sword, got a 20c drop from abyss too :P
_arcuz_ wrote:
Anyway been using your build for a while now and it's been a breeze while finishing the chapters, overall I have no problems yet. Also would recommend this build as a league starter to everyone!

nope! i dont have any problem at all
this is a really good build, it clear fast and i havent even died once from 79-84
and yes i think im gonna take that leech life nodes after i level up
i got a really good belt so i can go for the devoto devotion now!

i will try to do my first shaper with this build and make it lvl 100!
thanks for the build Muirey!

frajaq wrote:
Thanks for this build! For the first time I'm mapping comfortably since I'm still kinda new at the game, this elemental conversion is pretty interesting and fun
Gardosuro wrote:
I gotta say I'm only lvl 56 but I am enjoying this build so far! the Chilled debuff really helps!

Keep up the good work!

Dobko wrote:
I have few things to say:


This elder belt is really good , free fortify. No need to link it in your chest. This mod can only appear on elder belts.

Second, damage on full life works even with the vaal pact bug that leaves u at like 95% health sometimes.

Third, i really enjoy this build. Just got a disfavour today and hoping for 6 link in few days.

KevinBaconBro wrote:
awesome build, super fun to play.

xSwindle wrote:
I'm having a lot of fun playing this build and the clear speed is crazy compared to the other cyclone builds I've played. I wonder if ditching the life nodes above for the damage and life nodes below would be better. I'm trying it now and my life is about the same but with some extra damage. I'm not sure if the mana reduction is necessary for when the gems are qualitied later and maybe that's why. Just did uber lab and it went quite smoothly.

DotsandDashes wrote:
uber lab down on first try at lvl 85 with just 4.2k hp. had the prophecy for 2 enchants and didnt get anything for cyclone :(

only a couple close calls on the Izaro fights. I removed melee physical damage in my cyclone set up and put fortify, and used conc. effect instead of increased aoe. as long as you dodge his attacks the fight is quick.

and that 6l had shit pretty meh rolls

thadude251 wrote:
So last night in rage of continuously not being able to get my windripper build to be any good, I said fk it and spent more currency than I'd like to admit in a re-spec to your build here. It was late so I rushed it a bit, but I got the tree right and the majority of your budget gear with Kondos. I just wanted to say it already feels awesome. Yellow elder bosses dumped on me for not having a fortify setup yet, plan on getting that right after work today, but everything else felt powerful and fun. Thank you for the guide here. Wanted to also see if you could give me any pointers on my next upgrades or anything I'm doing wrong gear wise, besides the obvi fortify setup. Thanks again! Cheers exiles.

Takatsukii wrote:
Definitely the best build I've played this season, and I've done atleast 7 others so far. Single Target is amazing, clear speed is quick, and it's fairly safe, though my life is a tad low. I followed the skill tree "Hezmana/Axe(No VP, 108 points". Is this what I should look at with Atziri's?

Also, how does damage on full life really work? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty much never on full life.

Takatsukii wrote:
Muirey wrote:
Takatsukii wrote:
Got a Kaom's Heart and used ele focus / conc on Minotaur. Killed him deathless in about 40 seconds.

Fantastic, how was the tankiness with out VP?

Didn't feel like I was going to die at all, really. As long as you avoided his burrow and didn't stand in the rock downfall, nothing could have killed me.

SanguineSleet wrote:
Thanks man, thinking of switching to 5L belly of beast as my chest instead of carcass jack. Working on my second 6L atziri disfavour. Loving the build, currently at level 90 in Beast league, thanks for this build!

Change Log

Few edits, added bandits(derp) Added Normal Atziri screen shot.
Added mapping info/advice
Added Budget run screenshots/details and Uber Izaro clear screen shot.
Reworked Passive trees. Better pathing past proposed new VP location.
Archived 3.0 Guide. Added 3.1 changes and new proposed passive tree.
Rebuilt guide ready for 3.1!
Added 3.1 budget run details and Leveling Tips
Updated leveling trees
Updated 3.1 Budget run with Merc Lab info. Updated more Leveling trees.
Added Kondo's pride/sword trees since I'm an idiot and forgot the sword existed until one dropped for me >.<
Added 3.1 Shaper and Guardian kill screen shots. Standard League for now, Abyss League later.
Added Screenshots and more detail to the "Thoughts on Vp vs No VP".
Added Comments from Blackdeath101 regarding his VP leveling experience.
Added Leveling Unique Suggestion section
Added more detail for rare belt/ring/amulet stat priority by request.
Added another 3.1 change that I missed, the new Pantheon Soul. So good.
Added Jewel section per request.
Fixed some minor mistakes left over from 3.0 guide
Fleshed out Skill gem section a bit more with Four link and Five link suggestions and variations.
Fleshed out Leveling Tips section a bit further.
Added Normal Atziri clear screenshot from Abyss League
Finished updating 3.1 leveling trees.
Added Fertile Mind section under Leveling Tips
Added 3.1 Uber lab kill screenshot under Abyss League screenshots.
Added Uber lab details to 3.1 section of budget run.
Added Elder guardian kill screenshots under Abyss League screenshots.
Added Yellow Tier Elder kill screenshot.
Added Abyss League Tweaks/Tips section for league specific information.
Moved Content clear screenshots closer to the top of the guide so it's easier found.
Edited Vp vs no VP section with final thoughts.
Added comments spoiler from people who have reported back on build.

Coming soon

Hall of Grandmasters clear screen shot
Uber Atziri death screen shot
Last edited by Muirey on May 27, 2018, 1:56:30 PM

3.1 Abyss League specific
3.1 Changes
The Good

The following unique monsters are no longer Immune to Freeze, and instead have a minimum action speed that they will be set to if they are frozen: The Shaper, Guardian of the Chimera, Guardian of the Minotaur, Guardian of the Hydra, Guardian of the Phoenix, Vision of Justice, The Goddess, Argus, Abaxoth, the End of All That Is, Haast, Unrelenting Frost, Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, Vessel of the Vaal, Atziri's Devoted, K'aj A'alai, K'aj Y'ara'az, K'aj Q'ura, A'alai, Y'ara'az, Q'ura, Tormented Temptress.
More to freeze! Hooray cold builds! Pretty huge change for a cold based build such as this. This means that guardians and bosses will not only attack slower BUT more importantly count as chilled/frozen. That will make certain items(Hypothermia and possibly The Pandemonius) much better for bosses.

The Pandemonius: The chilling effect now slows enemies by 30% when you are hit (up from 10%). These changes affect all versions of the item.
This change and the above change I listed puts The Pandemonius amulet above Daresso's Salute on paper. With us not having 'instant' leech anymore we won't always be considered full life meaning we will have moments where we miss out on the bonus damage of Daresso's. The Pandemonius however doesn't care about that and gives us more cold pen, more cold damage and the bonus of blinding chilled enemies. ALL. THE. TIME. With this change The Pandemonius will now slow anything that hits us even more than before.

Monster mods "Reflects Physical Damage" and "Reflects Elemental Damage" have been reworked. They now appear as Nemesis mods. Attacking a monster with Physical or Elemental Reflect now triggers a mortar spell targeted at your location. This spell has a cooldown.

Both versions of Reflect now only appear on Nemesis rare monsters.
Reflect hadn't been an issue in 3.0 but we had Instant leech. Seems it still won't be an issue in 3.1!

Infested monsters that can spawn parasites when slain now grant increased experience and drops when shattered or exploded, to compensate for them not releasing their parasites on death.

Shield Crabs now give additional experience if destroyed before they would unleash their final form.

Crimson Scholars also give additional experience if shattered.
Not losing out on loot and xp is nice!

The map bosses you are required to defeat to upgrade your Pantheon have, for the most part, changed.
Shakari has been added to the Pantheon.

What you say?

My... god....
Sooo, what does this mean for this build? Well with Raider Ascendancy Avatar of the Veil "Immune to Elemental Status Ailments while Phasing" and we're phasing 99% of the time. Death's Door are the recommended mapping boots which makes us immune to bleed. Now with this Pantheon we're immune to poison as well.

Freeze? Immune
Ignite? Immune
Shocked? Immune
Bleed? Immune
Poison? Immune

Any reduced Chaos damage as well AND less caustic cloud damage? Yes please, thank you!

The bad(?)

Vaal Pact has been significantly reworked. It no longer grants instantaneous Life Leech, and instead doubles the rate of your Life Leech as well as your maximum Leech rate. It has been moved into the Duelist's area.
Anyone who has been paying attention has already heard about VP changes, so this isn't a surprise.

What does this mean for this build? A repathing to take more life, life leech rate and maximum life leech rate. I already have a rough idea of the path I wish to take and have listed it below.

In short build still works but will need to change to meet the new VP requirements. So not really that bad.

Cyclone can no longer be supported by Ruthless Support.
This was leaked awhile ago on reddit but we didn't know for sure until official patch notes. R.I.P Ruthless! Thankfully maim is just as good. Not huge but we do lose a bit of damage.

Abyss League Tweaks/Tips

These belts tend to run a few a few Chaos and will give nearly 100% uptime on fortify while clearing maps. Very very nice defensive boost for doing what we normally do.

For Abyss rifts I highly recommend this setup for either Warchief or Protector.

Throw it down right on the edge of the big opening and it will freeze everything that comes out. Preventing them from doing their big nukes. If using Kondo's or Disfavour we will be applying bleed to boost totems damage. If using something other than that any phys support will be good or inc duration for longer uptime.
Last edited by Muirey on Feb 28, 2018, 9:21:16 AM
Please change the title, you don't have 2mil shaper DPS. Sure, the theoretical peak DPS of your theoretical lvl 100 ideal gear character is 2mil, but your actual in-league character has more like 6-800k. Claiming the build gets 2mil shaper DPS is just dishonest.

Additionally, you should add a suggested lvl 90 tree and remove the lvl 100 trees. I can basically guarantee you that not a single person following your guide will level the character to 100, so there's no point in having those trees there.

Aside from that, your tree is just a bit strange. Why are you taking crit nodes? You end up with like 13% effective crit chance, those crit points are totally wasted. You also have only 141% life on tree, which is way too low for a melee build.

This passive tree for a lvl 91 character has the same DPS with more life. Even like that it's still a bad tree, doesn't get enough life.

I like that you're doing an SSF run to prove budget viability, but you really need to fix the tree. 4k life at lvl 100 for a melee character is just terrible.
Hello there and thank you for your feedback. In regards to your points....

Please change the title, you don't have 2mil shaper DPS. Sure, the theoretical peak DPS of your theoretical lvl 100 ideal gear character is 2mil, but your actual in-league character has more like 6-800k. Claiming the build gets 2mil shaper DPS is just dishonest.

You are correct, with my current gear on my lvl 92 Raider Frozen_Spinner they do not do 2mil Shaper dps. That character is also using an out dated tree in which I went all the way over to pick up RT and life nodes.

Personally, I don't feel that the 2mil is a lie more the ceiling of the build. If someone randomly had similar items laying around and reset their passive tree to use the one listed they would have 2mil dps on shaper, fact. I could say 4mil(random number) mapping dps but that is very subjective and dependent on the map, the mods, so on and so on. I am still working on and testing different paths and debating if going for RT is worth it or not.

However, I do see how that could be misleading so I will edit the title.

Additionally, you should add a suggested lvl 90 tree and remove the lvl 100 trees. I can basically guarantee you that not a single person following your guide will level the character to 100, so there's no point in having those trees there.

There actually was text saying the trees are being reworked as I level 1-85 and in anticipation of 3.1 but it looks like I may have deleted it by accident while updating. I will add it back in and yes the last tree posted under the leveling tree section will be a lvl 85 tree.

Since the lvl 100 trees are separate from the leveling tree section I feel they are fine being there. Also gives me a place to put the variations on the tree I plan to do later which is noted in Coming Soon section. I will reword it to "End Tree Ideas" for now to avoid confusion.

Aside from that, your tree is just a bit strange. Why are you taking crit nodes? You end up with like 13% effective crit chance, those crit points are totally wasted. You also have only 141% life on tree, which is way too low for a melee build.
This passive tree for a lvl 91 character has the same DPS with more life. Even like that it's still a bad tree, doesn't get enough life.

As stated above it looks like the text saying the trees are being reworked got removed by mistake. Regarding the crit nodes, since I haven't reached 85 yet to add that tree in, I reworked the one that was already there quickly with plans to remove/update later. I will add a notation to make that clear or just delete it all together and explain why it is missing.

With the proposed changes to VP even the current tree I am using is going to be wrong, but switching over without the new VP the character just wouldn't work. This build will never be a high life tanky character. That isn't how I like to play and no where in the guide are the words 'tanky' or 'high life' used. If someone wants a high life build, they can easily find one another place.

The previous tree, basically www.poeurl.com/bDpn, did have more life taken, even more life nodes available and may still be roughly the path I end up going. Once the changes are announced, I will begin work on building a 3.1 tree and testing it out. I may do another 1-85 run of it again just to make sure the trees are appropriate for the level they are associated with.

I like that you're doing an SSF run to prove budget viability, but you really need to fix the tree. 4k life at lvl 100 for a melee character is just terrible.

Thank you, the run has been very fun and has helped me see what things do/don't work. As for the 4k life, it's just how I currently enjoy the game, but change is coming and a 4k life build probably won't be viable anymore. So when the changes come, as I have said, I will work on planning out a tree that keeps the core idea of this build, but works with whatever they throw out there.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to state them!

If I may offer one word of advice from observation, you may want to be more mindful of the way you word things. I personally have a very blunt way of stating things when speaking, but have learned over 25+ years on this here internet that that doesn't work very well in text. The way you word things could make you seem like an extremely bossy know-it-all which generally causes people to ignore anything good that you may have been trying to point out. Just a thought! If I were to take the time to write something out as you did, I would like the person to, at the very least consider, my points. Otherwise, why would I even bother posting?

Again, thank you for the feedback, and I will make the mentioned edits shortly.
Last edited by Muirey on Dec 2, 2017, 10:36:10 PM
If I came off as rude or something I apologize, that wasn't my intention. I just take issue with how the version I read was presented. There are many builds on this forum where the author fudges numbers, adds buffs and debuffs and uses lvl 100 passive trees to present an inflated "shaper dps" number.

Judging from the sincerity of your reply I'm sure that was never your intention, so again if I came off as rude the above is why.

Nothing to worry about. If I had seen your first post as rude I wouldn't have taken the time to respond at all. You obviously felt you had valid feedback, and took the time to write out more than "Yer guide be &%(*#&!!". This is why I read and considered the points you made.

The advice was more for the future than in this situation. Words are powerful, and depending on how you use them, can invoke different emotions. It's just something I have had to work on for a long time dealing with different people. No harm no foul!

I actually just finished making the edits to the original post. It should be a bit clearer, and not cause any confusion. Since you were speaking about the passive tree having an interesting path I went ahead and posted under the "End tree ideas" what I am considering for the 3.1 changes at this time. This should also address the issue you had about the low life.
Last edited by Muirey on Dec 2, 2017, 10:37:46 PM
Double Post >.<
Last edited by Muirey on Dec 6, 2017, 1:03:58 PM
Archiving 3.0 guide to make way for 3.1
Im following ur guide, its a little hell the first level, do u recommend to switch to cyclone at 28 or we wait? till something? xD

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