[3.4 Updated-Inquis]Fire or Ice Cyclone Inquisitor!

Exiled for his beliefs and pushed to the extremes of his faith, this holy man has used these tests of his resolve to stoke the religious fire within him. Using the trophies gained from his travels through the Abyss and the void he has forged himself for one singular purpose... his new self imposed crusade..

Purge every tainted soul infecting Wraeclast in HOLY FIRE!!

3.4 Changes
Nothing core has been changed, build still works exactly the same just with a new bonus in Vaal Warchief and a few quality of life changes.

Instant skills are a thing now and if they work how I've heard them explained(not interrupting cyclone for example) that would be nice. Be fun to try out things.

Vaal Warchief will be very nice as a bonus damage. I personally only throw down warchief on bosses anyways so now it will be a vaal version for even more burst.

The only thing I am going to be testing out during 3.4 is the new Holy Dominion/Divin Fervour nodes near Templar. They are right near where the current path takes anyway and are a huge chunk of damage. could be nice!

The Story

Hello! Welcome to my Fire Cyclone Inquisitor guide. After tooling around with this build during pokemon league, I feel it is finally at a point where I can build a guide for it. Fun times!

I had the idea for this build while trying to make an Inquisitor version of my other Cyclone builds which focused on converting as much damage as possible into cold. When I was leveling the build, I decided to try and make a full fire conversion cyclone that did not use Ngamahu's Flame. Having played these builds in the past, I personally did not like how cyclone was the magma ball delivery method and not the damage dealing aspect of the build.

After a lot of testing, I have landed on a build that works very well and is pretty satisfying to play. Even for me, who generally only runs my own cyclone builds, it has been very nice. The build still works as a cold conversion build and I will make a spoiler at the end of the guide with info on that for those interested.


For those who want the quick and dirty links and numbers!

PoB link of Max gems and a lvl 100 character

PoB link of current standard character Frozen_Inquis lvl 89 https://pastebin.com/LPA7nLMU

Quick Look at Tooltip dps

Ignite/Added Fire with Herald of Ash and Flame Golem

With BloodRage/Flasks/On Consecrated Ground/Cast Spell Recently

Elemental Focus/Conc Effect with Herald of Ash and Flame Golem

With BloodRage/Flasks/On Consecrated Ground/Cast Spell Recently

Boss Screen Shots




Two quick maps just to show how it plays with both the fire and the cold versions.

Fire Version
Cold Version

My Other Builds

[3.4-Slayer]2h Freezing Cyclone - Slayer Edition! ~Freeze All Content ~
[3.4 Raider]2h Freezing Cyclone - Raider Edition!

Pro's & Con's

+ Fast clear speed
+ Cyclone kills as you move, no stopping
+ Melee build, see their faces before they explode in gore
+ Immune to Stun and Elemental Ailments
+ No corpses left behind to be raised/detonated
+ Decent health pool and regen

- Melee build, gotta get up close and personal
- Min/max End game items will be very expensive
- Requires one specific unique which makes SSF hard to go full fire.
- Not a SUPER fast map clearer

The Gears

These two uniques are what I use to make these build what it is. While Pyre is typically very cheap, Xoph's blood can be expensive some leagues but I will explain further below why this isn't a big deal.

The following is the current gear I am using on my standard Templar Frozen_Inquis.

Why Xoph's isn't a big deal?!
As I said in the "The Story" section I originally made this build as a cold conversion build and it works just as well as a cold build.

A PoB link for example

The Damage of both versions are pretty equal to each other but the Fire edges out the cold slightly. The difference in the passive tree is 3 points, so you could be fire for awhile and then switch to cold for a change of pace. The gear is almost exactly the same except for using Daresso's Saulte instead of Xoph's Blood and no Pyre.

Other Gear Options

These are some of the various weapons I used leveling up in 3.1. Really you just need a high physical damage 2hander preferably with good attack speed. I am a axe guy so I choose axes but before taking any of the axe specific nodes swords are just as good. Terminus est is something I always get when leveling up. Kondo's will carry you into end game.

Disfavour is the end axe for this build because you can't do elemental damage with Starforge and the range/+ support gem levels are just strong. In 3.1 the new Shaped/Elder items may edge out Disfavour but it will be VERY hard to beat Disfavour and a shaped/elder axe that is better than Disfavour will be extremely expensive.

I have played with voidforge and it does work just fine but I feel that a build less focused on boosting a single elemental type would be better suited. I know Mathial did a voidforge raider and that tree can easily be a slayer start for those interested.

All of these chests are great and fill different needs. Belly/Kaoms are if you want to be tankier and Bronn's for good clear speed an damage. I personally go back and forth between Bronn's and Carcass Jack for maps. Queen of the forest could be used if you want to be just silly fast but would require abit of rework to get the maximum effect out of it. Shroud of the Lightless and Loreweave are also great choices once you can afford them.

Again, all personal choice for helms. I perfer devoto's but for pure damage Abyssus wins out.
Rat's nest and Starkonja's are also good options.

Darkray Vectors can be pretty amazing for this build giving damage, attack speed and more movement speed than any others because of 5 frenzy charges before corruptions just equipping these. However, while vectors are more damage, a well rolled pair of rare boots are my personal choice. Rare boots give us life, resistances and constant move speed increase without having to keep up frenzy charges.

Both of these can be used before Xoph's but Xoph's is what you will be aiming for if going fire. Daresso's Salute gives pretty much everything a cyclone build could want and is pretty cheap early league lately. Carnage heart is also great but seems to be the more expensive option early on and later should be saving for xoph's anyway.

Belt of the Deceiver on paper more damage than a rare belt but this build uses a lot of uniques at the end already making it hard to balance resists. If you can work it in Belt of the Deceiver is a fantastic choice and what I recommend for leveling. A fire version of Doryani's invitation is also pretty good but not as good as deceiver which is already pretty cheap.

For rare belts Resists > Life > WED. Cap(overcap for ele weakness maps) resists first then get others second.

Abyss league Stygian Vise
These are some that I've kept and used in Abyss league.


This is where you will fill whatever you are lacking resist/stat wise. There are some unique rings that are pretty good such as: Le Heup of All, Berek's Grip, Tasalio's Sign.

Damage wise The Taming wins out but is pretty expensive so I honestly don't include it. Also the fact that gaurdians/Shaper/Atziri aren't reliably getting shocked/chilled/frozen/ignited brings it down more. This build doesn't need more mapping damage and definitely not at the high price only to lose +life when a half decent opal ring does the job fine.

While leveling pick up every two-stone ring you find and throw alchemy orbs at them. If they roll shit hang onto them and vendor them for a Prismatic ring when you have 3 of each two-stone. If you're lucky the rare Prismatic you get back could be good.

Here are some examples of me doing this in Abyss league.

I look for resists or maximum life first. If it has Life and one resist roll with an open suffix you're good to go. Also 2 good resists rolls(t3-t1) and a open prefix and you're good to go.

Flat physical > flat elemental

Flat physical or WED are about equal at the same tier rolls. EG: T2 Flat Phys = T2 WED.

Helm: Cyclone attack speed - Cyclone Damage - Ancestral Protector added attack speed or Ancestral Warchief added damage - Flammability increased effect

I prefer a Cyclone specific one because it doesn't require me to drop a totem all the time. Totem/Flammability are about equal. Flammability probably best all around for leveling with Cyclone Attack Speed - Damage the end goal.

Weapon: +2 Range corruption

Gloves: Commandment of Force is my personal goto but there are a lot of good corruptions for gloves now.

Boots: Attack speed if killed recently is the best Lab enchant for 99% of things.

Amulet: Additional Curse corruption. Used with either enfeeble for damage reduction or Ele weakness/Punishment for more damage.

Leveling Unique Suggestions
Aside from the typical leveling uniques such as Tanula, Goldrim, Limbsplit, Wideswing.. these are what I recommend getting.

Best leveling weapons for the money. Kondo's will be with you until Disfavour barring any crazy rare weapon drops. Only downside is having to regret sword node points later on.

Belt of the deceiver fantastic belt and usable at low levels. Good enough to stay with you for awhile to get moneys worth.

Great helm and not that pricey if you want to go faster sooner.

Skill Gems
For Cyclone we'll start with a 4 link and work up.

Once you have a five or six link you can choose to go one of two ways. Boosting Ignite for more Pyre explosion fun or Using Elemental Focus for pure hard hitting elemental damage. Either way you'll run one of the 2 setups below. Later if you have two 6 link weapons you can run both. The ignite is great for clearing and the Ele Focus/Conc is amazing for bosses.


Massive Fire dmg but no ignite

If using a Watcher's eye with physical to cold while affected by Hatred this six link edges out the ignite setup above slightly.

This will be your basic aura setup

The end version while using a physical/cold conversion Watcher's eye replaces Herald of Ash with Hatred.


Pretty Standard, you can link in Fortify if you want to but I only rarely use Leap Slam while clearing myself.


Choose a level that works for you to keep up Flame Golem as much as possible. You can also choose to self cast Flame Golem but for me I prefer it auto casting.


Upto you if you use Bloodrage or not. You can also put it in the CWDT setup which also works just fine. You lose a bit of damage but it isn't a massive loss.

Leveling Trees and Such

Levelilng up ~ Ascendancy ~ Bandits
Now that the build is set I am going to level another Templar to make sure these are all 100% but for now they are roughly what I had at each Lab run. The path offers plenty of room for you to make yourself more tanky.... as well as more glass cannon is that's what you want! :D

Because of how expensive Xoph's is I don't make the change to fire until quite late because cold items are just easier to get but depending on the person it can be made quicker.

41 points
(Ready to enter Normal Lab)

69 points
(Ready to do Cruel Lab)

93 points
(Ready to do Merc Lab)

109 points(axe)
109 points(sword)

Full 123 point(axe)
Full 123 point(sword)

123 Full Life example
273% Increased life and still damn good damage.

PoB with full life tree: https://pastebin.com/vsBMDNWi

Tips for Leveling
Use anything you want until cyclone is available. I use cleave personally but anything works.

Having Spirit void will make Cyclone feel much smoother but cyclone will still DEVOUR your mana early on. If you don't feel like chugging mana flasks using Mana Leech Support will solve it. If you are having mana issues with Flammability/Herald of ash dropping one should even things out. Lower damage but not that big a deal over all.

Later on you will not need Spirit void to sustain mana during single target cyclone. It is just useful for leveling.

Using Brute Force Solution jewel will take care of any Int problems you have while leveling. Placing it in the socket right next to Golem's Blood will give 50 int + whatever is on the jewel.

At lvl 51 I highly recommend picking up Terminus Est. The movement speed alone will make everything just feel better... also it has a ton of raw physical damage.

At lvl 64 you will be able to use Kondo's Pride or Hezmana's Bloodlust. Either of them are fine but Kondo's is better damage wise. Using Hezmana's saves you having to regret points later on.

If you choose Hezmana's you can then regret the Spirit void if you want to free up points.

The first unique I purchase while mapping is a Bronn's Lithe but Carcass Jack is a better choice if you wish to be more defensive. Both are fantastic chests and gives us a nice all around damage boost. These let me focus on the more defensive passives each level while still doing great damage.

Following Bronns I tend to get a Carnage Heart for resists/all stats and then a Devotos. After that it is pretty much save for Xoph's then Disfavour!

Only real map mod that is 100% not doable is elemental reflect.

Cannot Leech maps and Reduced recovery maps are a pain in the ass but are doable. I've done plenty of them and it wasn't that big of a deal but it was a noticeable difference. Cannot Leech is pretty rare though so not a big deal.

The Cold Section
Gear for Cold Version

When you can afford a Watcher's eye with physical converted to cold while using hatred you can replace Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn with Tombfist(one or two sockets upto you) or another pair of gloves of your choosing.

Haemophilia are quite nice to still clear corpses that don't shatter and have a bit more aoe damage.

Empire's Grasp is also nice to make using Lion's roar much better for mapping.

123 point cold tree

As you see it's only a three point difference from the fire tree. Just move Lava Lash cluster over to Fangs of Frost and you're done.

Skill gems


Standard Mapping:

This setup is what I run while mapping. Most things get frozen and shattered as we pass by and bosses melt.

Four Link:

Five Link adds

Maim more consistent dmg while Dmg on Full higher dmg 90% of the time. If using Kondo's Bleed Support also an option.

If you are having survival issues at all throw in Fortify for any other red support other than Elemental Damage with attacks.

Can use Faster Attacks before Hypo is available or Mana leech if having issues.

Max Freeze:

With this setup 99% of things you hit will freeze and then shatter. Lower damage, not really good for bosses but really fun to map with.



3.1 allowed bosses to be 'frozen' which made Hypothermia usable for a boss setup. I personally do not like having to switch Conc Effect for Increased Area all the time but if you are fine with that the second one will be your main setup.

I have run Guardians and Shaper with the Hypo set up in Standard and while they did 'freeze' it wasn't enough to make it worth it. Elemental Focus setup will still be the best consistent damage for bossing. No chill/freeze required. The issue is it requires recoloring or having a second Disfavour. If you're rolling in the currency a second Disfavour is my choice. I keep the Elemental Focus setup in my back weapon slot and when I get to the boss swap the main mapping setup for it. It burns down a bosses HP pool extremely quick.


Simple, straight forward. When you get Enlighten lvl 3 throw it in and be done. Herald of Ice can also be used but Hatred + Frostbite wins out in the end. Enfeeble also useful on bosses and grace as well if you want to take the hit to your damage.


Nothing new here. If you are Vaal Pact blood magic can still be used or you can put endurance on melee stun in. If you aren't using Vaal Pack using blood magic lets you leap forever.

If you are using Fortify in you Cyclone setup put in Endurance charge on melee stun support.


This is my typical setup in my chest. When I have a 6 socket 5 link I usually put Portal in the unlinked socket. When I get a 6 link I move in a Vaal Haste.

This setup will allow your totem to be freezing pretty much anything it hits. This has been great for Abyssal Cracks and anything where monsters are pouring out of portals(elder phase 2).

Protector or Warchief is really upto your personal preference. Protector maths out to more damage for you but it's pretty much equal.

I've used a lot of different set ups and this is the one I prefer out of them all. Arctic Breath can be really good at spreading chilling ground but the -20 cold resist on frost bomb is useful in almost every situation. Vortex and Shock Nova are also useable. I have used frostbomb - vortex - inc aoe - cwdt setup for bosses and it is very useful for keeping chill up on bosses that don't run around much.

Golems are also good, lightning specifically but at low levels they die and at high levels you have to cast yourself. Also when mapping mobs will avoid you and instead go straight for your golem making you double back to kill them. All of which I hate! So for me personally I choose to go without golem.

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Change Log

General mapping video's added.
Added the sword versions of leveling trees.
Added section at bottom with information for the cold version of build.
Added Phoenix/Hydra/Minotaur/Shaper kill images.


Filling out place holder spoiler sections.
Chimera kill screen shot.
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Reserved For Future
I will be filling out the Place Holder Spoilers over the next few days but the information is basically the same as the similar spoilers in my other builds.

I will record a few video's of both the fire and cold versions of the build mapping tonight and post them shortly after.

Edit: Videos added for both versions.
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Had time to run some of the guardian/shaper maps I had handy and posted the screen shots under the "Boss Screen Shots" spoiler.

Was missing chimera map so I'll get one of those when I have time. Will spawn a red elder as well but I plan on waiting till 95 to do an Uber elder.

This was my first time doing guardians with the build and I have to say it was pretty easy. I'm not the best "mechanics dodger" so I dick myself over more than anything else. That said Hydra was deathless, Minotaur was a single death from leaping to close to the beam. Phoenix was also super easy with just one death from being greedy and leaping away to late heh.

Shaper himself didn't kill me but I screwed up dodging on his unshaped guardian during the second time he ports you away. Other than that it was a breeze and would be even easier if I had the rest of the life nodes on the tree.
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Added 3.3 Changes spoiler for information on changes for both fire/ice builds.

Nothing major really but some new fun things to play with. Zero nerfs, yay!
Great builds really enjoying it!

That said I am playing the Ice variant and I noticed in the Ice variant video I don't see Flame Golem active...does the Ice version not use it?

Beverast wrote:
Great builds really enjoying it!

That said I am playing the Ice variant and I noticed in the Ice variant video I don't see Flame Golem active...does the Ice version not use it?


Correct, since I don't self cast golems I typically run them in the CWDT setup. With cold builds there are better things to run in that setup such as: Frost Bomb, Vortex, Cold Snap, Shock Nova to name a few. I need to post a more detailed link for the cold build gems but they are the exact same as the links in Slayer build guide I have.

Glad you're having fun! If you have any other questions don't hesitate to post. I keep an eye on my builds even while plowing new leagues. ;)

New League unique that's a pretty comparable choice to Kondo's pride! Very fun to play with as well!
Still really enjoying your build,and I admire your dedication to cyclone!

I just had a question, for the Ice Cyclone Inquisitor variant is Kaom's Heart still best in slot for a chest piece?

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