The Fall of Oriath Fan Art Competition

oh i like the new black chaos tshirt
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I'm an avid fan of Gondola and after Kitava had slain me for the 30th time I found the inspiration to create another one of my own, I hereby present you Kitaba :DD


I entered four PoE art contests in the past two years and every time the submissions became more and more insanely professional, ergo impossible to compete with. Look at the fanart Bex posted a couple of days ago. Look at the last winners too. I mean come on. I feel like it takes ten times the effort to achieve the same chance of winning something, as two years back.

I'd have liked at least an amateur category and a separate "look i do this for money irl" category. My QQ is over. :)
I'm cooking some Rhoas with the help of King Kaom!

I made a fleetfreak
The flame of hope may flicker but it cannot be extinguished! =)

Blocking stage


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hell yea, new wallpapers! =)=) finally hehe
add me on steam -
Have fun everyone!! Waiting for great art :)
reserved for entry

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