The new content introduced in The Fall of Oriath has inspired some of our players to create amazing artwork. We'd love to see more of your talented fan art, so we've decided to launch a fan art competition themed around The Fall of Oriath expansion. The competition will run for four weeks. The winners will receive lots of great prizes including microtransactions, signed Path of Exile comics and Chaos Orb T-shirts. The top three winners will be rewarded with the opportunity to have their fan art as a custom forum avatar!

  • Top Three - Custom forum avatars made from their submitted art.
  • Top Five - Signed Path of Exile Comic, Choice of Weapon Effect from the prize list.
  • Top Ten - Chaos Orb T-shirts, Choice of Helmet Effect from the prize list.
  • Top Twenty - Choice of an Armour Set from the prize list.

This means that the top three winners would receive the custom forum avatar, a signed Path of Exile comic, the Chaos Orb T-shirt and choice of weapon effect, helmet effect and armour set. The 6th place would receive the Chaos Orb T-shirt, a choice of helmet effect and an armour set, and 11th place would receive a choice of an armour set.

Players who win a Weapon Effect will be able to choose from the following list:
Players who win a Helmet Effect will be able to choose from the following list:
Players who win an Armour Set will be able to choose from the following list:
Create still art that is inspired by anything introduced in The Fall of Oriath update. This excludes video submissions but does include any painting, drawing or model creation. Then just submit your work in this thread.

Multiple submissions are welcome and encouraged. Please note that the submission needs to be your own work and needs to have been created after the launch of the competition.

The competition starts at the time of this post and will end on Tuesday the 17th of October (NZT). We'll announce the winners sometime in the following days.

Best of luck to everyone! We can't wait to see what you create.
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Can't wait to see what people come up with. :)

GL HF everyone!
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I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
Another "Worst entry with the least amount of MTX points purchased, wins" competition. I like that you try to give poor people points but do you ever think they might have a lot of money irl and are to cheap to support an online game?
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(✿ =‿‿=)
Ima try, it's gunna suck, but ima try
~~Katie ^-^

pathfinder is too fast GGG. plsdontnerf though.
Looking forward to it
Man, now I wish I could art at all. Good luck to those who enter!

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