The Fall of Oriath Fan Art Competition

Hey ! I'm here showing my talent with this masterpiece of mine, this show up my necromancer witch wearing a bone helmet and using Summon raging spirit as the main spell with some zombies to protect my princess and a sweet flesh offering to boost all that beautiful people up ! And a some MTX i have to make my witch prettier :) Hope you enjoy as much as i did drawing it with all my love <3

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These competitions have been providing me with desktop backgrounds for years, thanks GGG, and thank you to the talented artists, who do this work for free.
Good luck exiles! I can't do art for nuts!
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A new art competition... time to theory something cool :) Maybe i'll win this time.
QueenNie wrote:
A new art competition... time to theory something cool :) Maybe i'll win this time.

I can't wait to see your submission!
My humble entry

Drawing Evlution
[/spoiler="Drawing Evlution"]
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was trying to come up with ideas hmmmm. I feel like these bad memes are going to mess up my street cred.

hopefully, uni can stop giving me useless assignment and I can conjure up sum gudshit
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hmm what to do
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Behold the fruits of my labor. Good luck, competitors - you'll have to contend with my creative expression... fufufufuf <(^_^<)

Bex_GGG wrote:

I can't wait to see your submission!

I'm studying to become a wood artesan/carpenter, and I'd really enjoy trying to do a small Inua Totem desktop toy. Only problem is, I can't base my drawings only on what I see ingame, since the model is so small. Are there any concept art pictures or larger pictures of the full model anywhere? It'd help a lot with the planning. I doubt I'll be able to make it for this competition, but maybe for the next one.

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