The Fall of Oriath Fan Art Competition

Hello : )

Here's my entry for the contest! Hope you like it!

Aw poop, probably late, but I'm still gonna post this. Hope my net doesn't crash again before I can.

Generic Kitava scene (a bit rushed cus I ran out of time.)
I paint stuff
Last but not least... I would be so grateful if it's enough for a shirt.

CaptainMad wrote:

WELL WELL, here is my try. Kinda proud, Its probly offensive to the artists with their insane submissions. I still gave it a try, with my best drawing, painting and photoshop self taught skills ahaha Good job and good luck everyone! <3
PS: If any pro could improve it after the competition, id be thankfull

Re Upload, got a chance to update a fewthings. Not even sure if its better.
IDK if this still goes on but what the hell. Here is my Lady Dialla - The Gemling Queen

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