[3.5]Wild Strike||T1-16 viable||UPDATED||500k+ shaper dps + instant leech survivability


By: Cchris07

updated gem links for CWDT setup's, to be more clear on socket use.
no changes this league :)

500k+ Shaper dps, on a affordable gear setup
6k+ life that stays constantly full from instant leech + high attack speed, granting infinite health while attacking. (@lvl62+)
100% accuracy so the instant leech reliability is 100% also :)
immune to freeze/stun/temporal chains, so nothing can stop us healing.
even cap Wise oak flask for 15% all elemental penetration and 10% elemental defences (make sure you check 'flasks' as this is a very important part of the build.

everything has been updated to my current level 90 character.
the levelling guide has been simplified, 1 tree + list of nodes.
path of building is updated to my 560k shaper dps character in standard.
removed several un-needed parts of the guide including some gear.
a loreweave(body armour) is a viable option for more dps + EHP.

Deathless Guardian runs By Arcrutus
Hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QQ7nlwi5sg
Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJptfG6eyhw
Minotaur: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0jazcbeAho
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnbdH97GuYc

GUIDE (please check all spoilers before you ask any questions)

Late Game Gear // Gem links and Flasks are included.

Basics (ascendancy/pantheon/bandits)


Pain Reaver
Cloaked in savagery
Aspect of carnage
do this with your last two nodes (getting rage from crave the slaughter gives too much degen)

Pantheon (situational)
Soul of solaris/soul of gruthkul

Kill all the bandits

Gem Links

you dont have to have quality but i highly recommend you vendor recipe at lvl 20 in all your gems especially your wild strike setup.

the recipe is, 1 level 20 gem + 1 Gcp
you will roughly have found this many Gcp's by the time comes anyway and it doesnt take that long to level them back up, plus saving you a lot of chaos/ex

I highly recommend that you use a tabula rasa till you can afford a 6l corrupt rare with life, till you can afford a 6l belly of the beast.

You can switch out ancestral call with
for more dps and physical damage defence when it comes to stronger bosses, i highly recommend this for fighting the guardians.

Ruthless does give us more dps if you can hold up fortify with whirling blades, its just my preference to switch ancestral call with fortify for QOL.

---Movement Skill---


---Buff gems---
Activate both of these for a nice healthy damage boost, mainly for the boss's

---Cast when damage taken setups----

ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS lvl 10-15 (depends on how much intel you have)
you can replace ELEMENTAL WEAKNESS for VAAL HASTE if you have curse on hit gloves, if you dont have the gloves then dont use vaal haste



-Please refer to the levelling guide on what to use until you are level 62. (bottom of thread)

at level 62 use this weapon it is our endgame weapon so you may want to get the best rolls possible and add 20% quality. (your offhand will be a rare shield or lycosidae shield)

Enchant: Wild strike chains 6 additional times enchant, dont bother with the other enchants.
your options for helmets are
-Rats nest (best for dps)
-Starkonja's head (good for more life)
-Devoto's devotion (usually cheap/2nd option to rats nest for dmg)

Tabula rasa

A Rare 6L with 5 Red, 1 Green socket, and any life/res roll

A 6L belly of the beast

Enchant: Adds # to # lightning damage if you havent killed recently
Kaom's roots

immune to, stun, freeze, temporal chains and 100-200 life :) make sure you use these as soon as you can they are an important part of the build.

-Life rolls
-Resistance rolls
any of these in combination.
-Flat physical damage
-elemental damage with attacks.
-critical strike chance
-critical strike multiplier

(can be expensive if you add to many damage perks)

-90+ life (gained by high life and strength roll)
-60+ resistance
-elemental damage with attacks (check for open prefix and you can craft this yourself saving money)
-rustic sash is the best base belt as it gives us % physical damage
-Stygian vise can also be viable with a dps jewel added to it (flat phys/lightning/life/ect..)

Lycosidae Rawhide Tower Shield
This shield will grant you 100% accuracy rating, life, some cold damage, this is our end game shield, you can use a rare with resistances and life until you can afford one.

-resistance rolls
-life rolls
-attack speed
-physical damage

aim for a pair of these to really enhance your dps and fun. they are a large contribution to end game content and work very well with the wise oak + penetration nodes we have :)


So there can be a lot of variation here but the main thing we want from a jewel is life
-7% life
and any of the following
-increased damage
-increased damage with claws
-attack speed
-attack speed with claws
-attack and cast speed
-chance to shock/shock duration

abyss jewels work too!
-40+ flat life
-physical damage
-lightning damage

possibly a thing
having +x energy shield on hit seems to 'absorb' random hits before our life pool can get hit so i recommend wearing at least 1 jewel with es on hit, im not sure if this is an exact science but from what i can see that is what is happening :)


This build depends on these flasks when it comes to being more tanky, if you comment negatively about the build and i see all your flasks are wrong, im just gonna facepalm and move on.

- Immune to curses during flask effect (with 30%+ increased duration)
- Immune to bleeding during flask effect. (with increased 30%+ duration)
- A wise oak flask with perfect even resistances, if you cant even cap still use the flask.
- basalt flask, with % increased armour during flask effect.
- Atziri's promise, gives us a huge damage boost
^The Basalt flask takes care of physical damage, the wise oak takes care of elemental damage^

Basalt flask, this flask is so important and so are its mods, 7.2 secconds of physical damage reduction + % armour is insane and gives me around 40% physical damage reduction witch is vital for things like Izaro / Minotaur / Chimera

The wise oak is mandatory, it requires you to evenly cap your resistances in order to work.

if you do not even cap your resistance you are missing out on one of the main mechanics of the build, your damage and defence will be poop.

I usually cap it around Tier 7 maps you definitely want to have even cap for Tier 11+

all the information you need below :)

--How The wise oak flask works for this build--
-10% damage reduction to all elements if you cap all your resistances to the same.
-while giving 15% to all penetration if all your resistances are the same.

note: the number in brackets ( xx% ) can be any number but all 3 must be the same for the flask to function perfectly, i also recommend you dont go below 75% as you dont want to rely on this flask to stay resistance capped you just want its buffs :)
---Finding a capping item TUTORIAL---

all you do is cap one resistance, with one piece of gear unequipped
(can be any piece of gear, i have chosen a ring as an example)

so lets say you take your selected replacement ring off and you have

75(82%) fire
60(60%) cold
60(60%) lighting

go on poe.trade search for a ring with +22 cold and lightning res on MIN and MAX..

This ring looks perfect right? WRONG it has + to all elemental resistances when we only want two resistances

to prevent this problem click add filter group, change the box to not and add all elemental resistances.

our search is now refined and we get exactly what we are after.

many should come up when searching for two resistance can be hard early in the league, if you cant find one just change what piece of gear you remove to replace with your capper. very simple process, i usually search for one with high life or that i can craft my own life on.

do not be picky over what mods they have it does not really matter, as long as you got your resistance cap + some life you should be more than satisfied as the oak cap gives you substantial amounts of damage compared to say 22-48 lightning dmg... lol

Path Of Building
My level 90 char @ 500k shaper dps

Leveling Guide and tree

Grab Molten strike at level 1
add ancestral call at level 4
add any other gems you like till you are level 28 at level 28 switch to wild strike.
Refer to all my gem links above in the gem link section
here are the leveling items i used.

Buy a few 1c physical claws to fill this gap with the same implicit as this one below.
use any physical claws from around level 25-46

Use ornament of the east until you are level 62.

at level 62 buy the highest roll bloodseeker hellion's paw you can get, this is your endgame weapon.


A list of the nodes you will be getting, in order, below.

Mana Flows (this is not in the tree as we remove this later when we get our leech)
Strong arm
Primeval force
Forces of nature
-NORMAL LABRYNTH- Berserker ascendancy < Pain reaver
Soul raker
Blood Drinker
Jewel socket
-CRUEL LABYRINTH- Cloaked in savagery
REMOVE mana flows + mana node, no longer needed.
Claws of the magpie
Revenge of the hunted
Blood siphon
Claws of the falcon
Claws of the pride
Slight of hand
Jewel Socket
Fill marauder life ring (constitution part)
-MERCILESS LABYRINTH- aspect of carnage
-ETERNAL LABYRINTH- split your last two nodes

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geuss the guide is ready for now, covered the basics
il make it nicer through the week! enjoy the build.
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Reserved - Pinning it to watch until completion :)
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This build is amazing. I use the exact same build just with a different set up to enhance. The flexibility of gear is what makes this build work.

This is the gear i'm using with these current flasks;

I don't really need all the health flasks but I do run peoples Uber Labs. Because we have no regen the flasks are very much needed for taps.
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Hello I have a question. Why not use two handed weapon? You would get much more dps with that. Also then you can use kaoms wich will net more life too. Just for that dagger you have you can buy 6L disfavor, kaoms and have extra left.
Last edited by Cchris07 on Jan 1, 2019, 7:12:19 PM
Ethereal Serenity founder - https://discord.gg/cMfkf8
trymeyoulloveme :)
How you get all that HP? Im at lvl 85 at the moment and i get oneshot by bosses sometimes, it feels a really squishy build
Cchris07 wrote:
i got the disfavour version to lvl 92 and deleted it.

leap slam sucks. harder to hold fortify, you leap u die. i couldnt beat guardians with it,
whirling blades makes the guardians / bosses easier to fight.
this build does not need anymore dps it has plenty.
dealing all 3 elemental status's is so much more fun.

disfavour was 150k tooltip for me
my versions 105k tooltip
plus tooltip lies i crit i do more dmg so probably about the same dps

thanks for your question, trust me try this build you will love it :)

I get that whirling blades is nice but I wouldn't want to lose 1.3m dps just for that. In path of building your character maxes out at 600k dps but the 2h disfavor build does 1.9m dps.

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