[3.0] Barrage/X. 300c Budget build/Expensive Retch Build. 3.5M+ Shaper DPS/7.5k life with a belly.


I want to start off by saying this is my first build on the forums and feel free to comment for any suggestions on how to make the build better.

I made this build because every other retch build on these forums are standard geared players, my build is purely for temp leagues. Usually in standard you have to go full ele conversion, my build just straight up goes for flat elemental damage, conversion simply isn't as strong without a legacy vinktar. Also this makes my build not rely on 100% vinktar up time, your dps is still amazing without vinktars up.

Another big draw for this build is not using vaal pact/kaom's. You'll see 99% of bow builds with these two things. If you use vaal pact "blood rage" becomes awkward and than you cannot use damage on full life, kaom's means you have to weapon swap making the build clunky and a lot more expensive. We actually reach more life than the average doomfletch build because we chose scion, despite only using a belly of the beast.

I would recommend that you have Path of Building to properly look at the builds in this guide.

Brief summary of the build

This build requires no specific 1 unique, can easily work with multiple different unique's, in fact this build can work and can actually kill shaper with 0 uniques, though you would need good rares to achieve that. Our core unique is windripper but death's opus works as well, even a rare ele bow could work. The main concept of this build is to get as much flat Lightning damage as possible along with Attack speed, WED, crit multi and crit chance while achieving a high life total. The end game version of this build utilize's slayer leech, The retch and atziri's acuity, allowing you to simply melt any boss in seconds.

Also unlike other builds i do focus on movement speed as well, reaching 176% MS. I wanted this build to do everything and it has achieved that, i dislike squishy/slow builds. I could easily get 2m+ more dps but it's simply not worth sacrificing the MS/life.

Path of building codes for different budget versions of the build. Min requirement is 300c~. Do note the retch DPS does not show in PoB just simply multiply your life leech by 2 and add that to your DPS.

The most budget version of this build, running on 5 links, no lioneye's fall, no retch, no acuity, no +2 barrage enchant. still about 1.1m dps and 1.7m dps with a 6 link, with a respectable amount of life. Do note you need Intelligence on 1 piece of gear, feel free to take the 30 int node as well. Also feel free to get 2 prop jewels as well, and most likely get the jewel slots last to make the build cost as little as possible. Gripped gloves not needed either, and yes this version is shaper viable i just recommend getting a 6l before doing it for a smooth experience, specially if you're not familiar with shaper. Make sure you switch to slayer instead of berserker once you get the retch.


The Retch with lionseye fall but no acuity's and no +2 barrage, reaching 2.2m~ dps and 6.6k life.


Level 94 tree with retch/acuity's. 6.6k life and 3.3m~ shaper dps. More life is obtainable but would have to give up DPS, choice is up to you. This is currently where i'm at, using my gear in here.


Level 100 tree with mostly the same gear i showed above, reaching 7.5k life and same DPS. Do note you can easily get about 5m~ DPS if you sink your currency into 4 prop jewels and better rares.


Order of importance for upgrades/What to look for on gear.

I'm going to assume you started with my 300c budget one, in order of importance for upgrades is the following.

6 link Barrage > Attack vinktar > The Retch > +2 barrage helm > level 4 enlighten > Atziri's acuity > +2 barrage rat's nest.

You most likely won't have to upgrade your rings or quivers for a very long time, i bought my quiver for about 15c and my rings were like 30c~ IIRC. Can be a lot cheaper if you drop some damage stats.

Rings: When looking for rings just look for resist+life and an open prefix to craft flat lightning damage, if the ring has elemental damage with attacks that is also very good and worth buying.

Amulet: Look for Life, crit multi and than either WED or flat lightning damage, with an open suffix to craft critical strike chance.

Quiver: Look for Life, crit multi, WED and an open suffix to craft attack speed.

Boots: Just need movement speed, resist and flat life on here, make sure to get the lightning dmg lab enchant for over 10% dps increase on bosses.

Death's opus vs Windripper and TS/LA/Ice shot.

Windripper is slightly more DPS in my build while having that nice added bonus of extra quant/rarity. Death's opus is nearly right behind though, currently only 2.5% dps less, you might notice that death's opus gives you a tiny bit more DPS without having the +2 barrage enchant, so if you already do have a 6l of that bow feel free to use it instead.

On Tornado shot Vs lightning arrow Vs Ice shot.

To start off all 3 are viable to use, so in short use your favorite skill. I personally prefer ice shot over lightning arrow. Tornado shot is most likely the best for clearing but you will need a +2 tornado shot helm, without one it will feel worse than both ice shot and lightning arrow. Which than would required gear/gem swapping. If you are using a death opus than tornado shot with the helm enchant becomes really strong.


Major: Brine king

Minor: Soul of Yugul

Make sure both are fully upgraded, we don't have a freeze immune flask so the free protection from brine king is very important.

Gifs of melting bosses.

Phase 2 shaper.


That is about it for my guide, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.
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hi, ur build looks interest. can i go this build with Queen of the forest + crafted rare harbinger bow?
hi, ur build looks interest. can i go this build with Queen of the forest + crafted rare harbinger bow?

A rare crafted harbinger bow will be BiS but it would have to be very good. If you have like a 500+ phys bow (so pretty much standard stuff) than you're better off on following the phys to lightning conversion guides out there. As for an ele bow, it's hard to beat windripper, probably would need to be 400+ ele dps, just PoB it. Windripper is insanely cheap, not much reason to use a rare bow unless you have loads of currency to spend, but you'll than also be missing the nice quant/rarity that windripper gives, so most likely not worth it. Just use a windripper, no reason not to unless you're on standard imo.

QoTf is certainly doable just most likely not worth it unless you're only going to map (in which case i recommend rigwald's quills as well). Drop your sulphur for a jade flask of reflexes and put bleed immune on your quicksilver. Make sure your boots are EV in this case as well. You'll get like 35%~ more MS at the loss of some DPS/500 life, if you want to make it even more suitable for mapping you could go elementalist instead of raider, making reflect maps safe. Just start at the duelist side instead and the rest of the tree should stay the same.

So just depends if you want to lose out on 500+ life over some MS. If you want to only map and never do t16/guardians it's most likely worth it.
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thank u, i just bought 5linked belly
Hey man, how are you dealing with Mana? I have a bit of regen but can't sustain 3 auras :(
Hi, looks interesting. Been playing starforge cyclone for 3 weeks, good build but getting boring. Saved up alot of currency and will probably try this. How much above average would you say the clearing speed is?
gokuletz wrote:
Hey man, how are you dealing with Mana? I have a bit of regen but can't sustain 3 auras :(

Make sure you either have an enlighten 4 or enlighten 3 with reduced mana reserv, right next to vaal pact.

You also probably need to be around 80+ to comfortable have the mana pool, as your mana grows with your lvl.
ariwat wrote:
Hi, looks interesting. Been playing starforge cyclone for 3 weeks, good build but getting boring. Saved up alot of currency and will probably try this. How much above average would you say the clearing speed is?

Definitely top tier for clearing. If you only care about mapping i suggest going Tornado shot with the lab enchant for +2 arrows and using rigwald's quills, your clear speed will be insanely fast. I personally never did this method on my build as i felt the clear speed was already fast enough.
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Thanks for the guide!
Ran scion for saturday and sunday with this guide, was a blast mostly.
If someone is having problems with mana, drop herald of thunder, remove aura nodes and spec those in king of the hill. It will provide allmost same dps especially on early levels, under 80.
Really like this builds flexibility! And windripper as the preferred bow :) Still using opus tho cuz my ripper doest like to link :p But even with my gear atm pob shows ripper would be better for dps.

One thing i was thinking, cuz the +2 barrage enchant is so expensive. Maybe one could take reduced wrath mana reserved enchant and go for empower on wrath. Would be some hassle with gems but could possibly provide allmost the same dps in a bit more budget friendly way with lvl 3 empower and enlighten. NVM DOESNT Provide much of a dps boost.
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The build looks very interesting, and i kinda wanna play it. but since ive never played scion i dont rly know how my leveling skill tree should look like. do u have some examples how i should skill before i can spec off the ranger start?

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