Build of the Week: Seven-Aura Necromancer

Meh, got fkin sad after seeing this. Haven't played in months, so last night I figured I'd try a skele mage summoner. So now all jewels' prices went up.:( Also seems kinda bad for starter build, good luck with chroming and six linking the sword...yea you can use 5 link, only damage will suck.
I have no clue how the heck this guy got build of the week

40k dps per skeleton , 20k dps per skeleton on shaper/guardians

The only reason this build can even kill bosses is thanks to the zombies

This build has 9 max zombies (doesnt even take the damage reduction per zombie node)

In total its MAX dps is around 500k

10 skeletons @ 38k a piece (with no res pen since this build has no curses etc)
= 380k

9 zombies @ 11k a piece (not counting their slam damage since thats only 12k and happens every now and then, their caustic cloud is pitiful dps)

= 99k

Total damage + stone golem etc = 479,000

That is dps thats not against shaper/guardians or any account for resists...

While my build guide showcased 200k dps per skeleton with no expensive ass 6link sword, and over 100k per skeleton with gmp.

900k clear speed with only skeletons and almost 2 mill dps on single target.

Yet mine doesnt get BOTW loooool

What a prank

My ngamahu build doesnt get BOTW

Someone copies my barrage poison build almost word for word and he gets botw.

I seriously shouldn't even expect GGG to try and find decent builds.

I am really not as bad as they say I am.

I am actually a really nice person.

But how does it do in T9+ maps? Many builds work until anything remotely hard comes in the way.
Don't build bombs at home. They're much cheaper on Ebay!!!
Love to see Build of the Week back. Thanks, Bex_GGG! :-)
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5K HP just doesnt cut it...
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I like the Build Of the Week concept! Gives many ideas so as to create a unique style of your own later on when you have learned the game! Interesting mechanics and this is what makes this game one of a kind in its playstyle!
What's special about this build? It doesn't seem to do anything unique, so why was it chosen among far better ones? Low health, low to average damage, skill tree and gem selection are a mess and could be so much better. It honestly looks like they just chose a random thread and went with it.
Isn't that jewel cost extremely expansive? Why every week build has to be extremely expansive to proper work???
Exile009 wrote:
PerfectDuck83 wrote:

Build of the Week is exceptionally similar to what I ran in 2.6 Legacy League.
Have a look and see how much better it is before the ES nerfs.

Ummm...this is a skelemage build. That looks to be a typical spectre build.

I assure you it was a couple gem swaps and jewel swaps away from doing exactly the same with skelemages. In fact I tried it, but I found that putting Raise Zombie in the 6L and committing jewels to Dead Reckoning gave me much faster clearing. The zombies benefit immensely from Queen's Decree movement.

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