Build of the Week: Seven-Aura Necromancer

LoL Build of Week, really original, Bex u are trolling us?

Necro multi aura melter old old story, even I who dont play to much minions had long time low life necro melter with if I remember well nine auras.

Better fix game overall instead spam us with not original builds on login screen

BTW That Harbi league drop is worst ever, pls better drop more harbinger to spawn, more breach spawn chance, also splinter drop in breaces is sh1t.
U rlly nasty improved Harbinger Orb chance of getting beach map, 30 harbi orbs spent y-day on decent stack of T15, got two, rlly???? At last on begining of league i need 7 for one beach map with your buff need only 15 now??? Please next time announce not buffs instead be honest and say nerfs at last this become most grind tra$h game ever.
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Nice build and nice presentation. Ty
"IT'S BACK SON!" *The whole family gathers around a laptop and watches with their mouths open*

Wow, you made it really newbie friendly, almost too much. It would be nice to see more of the dmg scaling numbers tho.

Or you could always show some ways how to improve the build or how to make it a lil different. You guys created the game after all.

Regarding this episode: The 7/8/9 aura builds on witches are nearly the oldest one in the book. It could be kinda renewed if it was on a str melee build tho.
New-player friendly when just the jewels are ~270c :D
① bex voice hype <<<<<<<<333333333
② are They planning to nerf this build in the next patch?
③ need more BEX <33333333
④ is this new build? i think old
⑤ BEX!!!!! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡
⑥ build of the week = Nerf?
MortenseNN wrote:
Nice to have BotW back in action :D


not only botw --- also build of the week is coming back!!!

and my marauder is now wing chun LV3 :)) nooby
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Bex voice so sexy. Please let her be the commentator for Build of The Week :D
Welcome back Build of the Week! We miss you!
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I have never even seen more than 3 auras on myself in my entire poe life. 😭
I just want to throw out there that this is a great format for Build of the Week. It's both fun and informative, giving you most or all of the tools to get started with the build. The only thing more we could ask for is an example skill tree link in the forum post (or youtube video description.)

Anyway, great job!

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