Build of the Week: Seven-Aura Necromancer

Build of the Week is exceptionally similar to what I ran in 2.6 Legacy League.
Have a look and see how much better it is before the ES nerfs.
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These should be called "Most Expensive" botw
can it run lab safely with full key run? nope = lame
Nice build, nice video
JonnyBrains wrote:
I like botw but I always thought botw was sorta aimed towards unique builds that aren't commonly seen. I've played many summoner builds and consider it my main build type and while most people use spectres in standard summon builds I've seen skeletons used many times. I hardly see anything original or unique about a standard auramancer using skellys instead of spectres... O_o Hope the next one is something more unique.

One should remember that BotW isn't just for the players, but for GGG too. It's basically a marketing exercise for them. For that reason, flashier builds get featured. Also builds that rely on specific uniques. And also unusual ones that put together stuff in the game that aren't widely known - this is done from the perspective of new and potential players - regardless of how 'efficient' they are (for instance, this is why the gazillion Seige Ballista build was featured despite it being the most efficient number of totems). For an old hand, sure, auramancers and skelemages are old hat. However, consider it from a new players' perspective - he sees that PoE doesn't have a summon skeleton mages skill and so believes that's not a possibility in this game (where it was in the original D2). He also sees auras reserving a ton of mana and only a handful of obvious ways to reduce that, mainly the reservation nodes on the tree. This BotW shows him that neither of those beliefs are true, making him even more interested in exploring the game.

Some people criticize BotW's when they feature builds reliant on particular uniques, citing affordability concerns. While I agree affordability is an important factor, I don't think builds that eschew having many uniques have much of a chance at BotW, unless they're really unusual (again, to a new, not old, player) in other ways. This all makes sense if we remember the purpose the BotW series serves for the company as well, not just us. They want stuff that makes their game more popular and so they'll choose builds with that in mind. And, of course, the perennial cries of being lacking in power miss the point - builds are likely chosen based on how appealing they look to a new audience and how well-written the guide is (and, of course, luck - you never know what GGG staff randomly come across).
PerfectDuck83 wrote:

Build of the Week is exceptionally similar to what I ran in 2.6 Legacy League.
Have a look and see how much better it is before the ES nerfs.

Ummm...this is a skelemage build. That looks to be a typical spectre build.
devon752 wrote:
Obviously the environment down here is all salt, the ceiling's salt, the floor is salt, the walls are salt and to an extent the air is salt, and you breathe that in and you can constantly taste the salt!

OMG, this meme :D Haha, well played.

On a sidenote: You don't watch Sef, do you? ;)

haha thanks and unfortunately I don't know who Sef is.
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Pfff. Mine has eight :)
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5x lvl 90+ SSF toons and counting, havent found A SINGLE Dead Reckoning Jewel yet. I could have farmed shavs or basicly anything else if I wanted to, but not the basic skill threshold jewels, oh no sir, thats for trading leagues only.


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