[3.9] Toasters HC Necro Support – 10 Auras & 2 Curses – Victario's Influence

Ravi wrote:
Hey man, great build. However, I still cannot see a reason to use this over a Shav's build.

In your "Positives" section, you mentioned this build offers more defenses than a regular aurabot. How exactly does it do that? - besides the higher EHP only when considering chaos damage. It does not offer any better defenses for the carry.

You can have a comparable amount of auras and curses.

This isn't a reason to use this build over a Shav's build. This is fluff.

Your whole gear costs less than half a Shavronnes.

I think getting your hands on a Shav's won't be too difficult, especially at a point where are in the "endgame". People also have the option of using a Solaris if they are on a budget and want to build up some wealth. With Solaris, the ES pool will drop about 2k - which puts it around a cozy 7-8k ES (without presence).

You offer a lot more damage than supports with Shavronnes.

Wont deny this. This is probably the only reason to use this build, and a reason I can easily recommend it for softcore players.

Your survivability is actually at least equal to a Support using Shavronnes [Grace with a lot of Aura effectiveness (over 20k Evasion with Stibnite flask) + over 9k hitpool + strong Enfeeble + nice regen from Coruscating Elixir]

I am going to have to disagree here. Because this build goes hybrid and uses the Coruscating Elixir, players are having to give up two flask slots. On top of that, bosses or zones that do heavy chaos damage will drain flask charges faster than giving flask charges. In order to mitigate this, you would have to either use more Coruscating flasks and use up more of the slots or just avoid these encounters - neither of which are appealing to me.

The amount of evasion, 9k hitpool, strong enfeeble, and regen are more fluff pieces.

You don't interrupt your ES recharge if you use a skill -> no Blood Magic.

There is the option of using a -8 ring. However, most aurabots under-utilize the "faster start of energy shield regen" from the tree and gear (one of which is a Shav's). By investing a few points into recharge rate and fast start of ES, this point becomes a non-issue.

Overall, I think this build is fantastic as a softcore option. But I do feel as if you are giving up too much by playing this in HC. Don't get me wrong though, as you proved before this can be done as long as the player is skilled enough.

Heyhey, thanks for your honest feedback. I will try to answer your concerns and hope that it gets more clear after. :)

1. I played already multiple supports, and this one was the tankiest.. for the party and for you as support. First of all, you have a higher aura effect -> all your auras have higher effects.. like Discipline -> more es etc. In addition, in comparison to many other aurabots you use Grace, what's in my opinion an extremely good defense in combination with a high hitpool.
In comparison to a Shavronnes bot, you can easily get a higher hitpool, because you don't reserve all your hitpool and items like Presence of Chayula offer more es.
The difference between a Victario's and Shavronne's support (both with Grace) isn't big, but it's noticeable.

2. For many player it's really difficult to get hands on a Shavronnes (in the current meta, it's the most expensive used unique chest). For a league start it's a lot easier to have your gear completed as well. And a support build on low lvls (up to 80) doesn't have close to 8k es with Lorica and budget gear (Necro). In comparison my build can get as much hitpool and even offers more dmg.
I just don't see a reason to go with Lorica (except the easier playstyle for noobs).

3. You can play the build without Coruscating Elixir and Life Flask.. actually you can play it without any flask. Personally, I didn't use Coruscating Elixir once on lvl 99, since it's not necessary in most situations (just quality of life). With 1.3k+ life and 75% chaos res, you have so much hitpool vs chaos dmg, that you can easily tank five rare chayula attacks on a t15 map at once (without using any flask).
You shouldn't forget that Coruscating Elixir offers 6% fire res with a high duration and in combination with a life flask, it is like a small vaal discipline. So, actually you are not wasting 2 flasks slots.. You are giving them up for immortality vs. chaos dmg (also it's not needed), 6% fire res (the most important kind of res, bc of volatile, dd etc.), regen, a flask effect of your choice you can craft on the life flasks.
I am wondering, with which flasks you would replace them, since I didn't find any useful ones (over the three utility flasks you already use).

4. Of course you can mitigate the interruption of the es recharge due to blood magic. But it's not for free and sacrifices at least a ring slot (not as dramatic as support). But, in this case you still couldn't use different skills, like Offering (super important for HC to DD boss corpses).

I think as well, that it works really well in Softcore. But I'm a 100% Hardcore player, and try (as often as possible) to create some budget builds which are HC viable and have a comparable usability.
In my opinion it works really well in HC, since chaos damage is at the moment not a real threat (with enough mitigation) and otherwise I don't see many disadvantages to a Shavronnes support. Actually, in my opinion the only positive aspect of a Shavronnes support is the more relaxed gameplay (in some cases).

Hope you can follow my answers, and looking forward for your feedback. Do you have any improvements in mind? :)
Thanks for the reply. I would agree that it's much easier to gear and get to the "endgame" support with Victario's.

As for the flasks, I used the three elemental resistance flasks for their +max, a rumi's concoction, and the last slot is switched between jade, granite, or basalt depending on the situation. Also I use my bone offering on cwdt along with inc duration to cover my block. However, as you said this does not help with the DD bosses. I guess the only way to confirm, to myself, that this build is effective is to get to play it during the next league.
Thank You for this build,

I've decided to go Support this league, and your build convinced me as a best starter option.

I'll be doing Support for a first time, any tips for me ?

As I'm going in Standard Abyss what do you thing in terms of some gear replacement once available.

Correct me if I'm wrong but i guess that in terms of items below items will work too :

Boots : Sin Trek / Steppan Eard Sorcerer Boots
Helmet : The Broken Crown / Alpha’s Howl /
Ring : VoidEye / Lori's Lantern Prismatic Ring
Jewels : adding 1 off : Conqueror's Potency + Energy From Within

what else might be changed taking into consideration SDT vs HC ?

Life is too short for soft options.
Ign : Spirituus
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Currently running this on Abyss SC, running 2 curses and 10 auras. Survivability is awesome!

Do you have an update for the guardian version of this?
Well an update from me after trying it...

This seems like an amazing option as a guardian, especially if suporting people that don't gain much from the attack or cast speed that the Necro offers. With a new Mana to ES watchers eye jewel I am sitting at 13k ES, which with the other defences this build offers makes you pretty much unkillable!
Sorry guys, I was pushing the ladder and highly enjoyed my Guardian Version of the build (got rank 2 @ AHC).

It's in my opinion Guardian is in nearly every regard better than the Necromancer (easier to gear, cheaper, lot more defenses, nearly equal offenses, more possibilities @ skill tree).
That is why I will create a build guide for the Guardian Version soon.

Nevertheless, the Necromancer is still a good choice and has some positive aspects as well (skill effect duration, offerings, attack speed).

Sorry for the late answer.
I hope you was still able to use my build as starter.
Looking forward for your feedback. :)
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I stopped leveling the Necromancer.

Waiting for the Guardian version!

with regards

Rainhart wrote:
I stopped leveling the Necromancer.

Waiting for the Guardian version!

with regards


I wrote a build guide for the Guardian version and hope you will enjoy it.
You can find it here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2058058
Can you parhaps upload a picture with stats with and without buffs? :) cheers!

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