[3.6] Vieira's Magma Orb Miner (Guardians,Shaper,Uber and uber elder viable)

This build is SO MUCH damn fun, thanks so much for making it and updating it! I'm stomping my way through the 80's including the mine with no troubles, and all I have are the unique jewels you mention and a 5L sire. Not even 6L yet, and no other gear and no flasks.

This is the most fun and best clearing build I've ever had, though admittedly I'm--while not a noob, playing since beta--not an endgame sort of player. Highest chars get to 88 or 89 and I get bored. This one, I think I can take all the way.

I have a helm suggestion though! Ever considered Hrimnor's Resolve? [dbLinkedItem id="12581474447"]

Fire Damage, Life, cold resist, and as long as you keep pumping out the mines you now can't be chilled, frozen, shocked, OR ignited XD That's...all the elemental status ailments right? Pretty cool, and useful against the wetas in the mine. Stupid wetas. I'm never held up anymore.

I just took all the mana nodes nearby like crazy, it's not optimal but it helps to pump out the mines and keep wasting enemies before they cause me trouble. If my mana starts to go down at all, things are getting rough.

As to clear speed I see 160 mil xp on a single map (before idle time sets in) without even trying hard...that's playing safe.

And speaking of playing safe, I DO still recommend minefield unlike your tips in the build. I tried it both ways, but I find you really want all those extra nasty orbs out there to kill wetas and bats in the mine before they get close. Then you can wait out the blasts or dodge as appropriate, and avoid screeches.

Thoughts? I know, at 83 I'm still not really far into this. I need 6L and elemental overload next so that I can amp up my damage. Working on it. 2 more levels for the latter.
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In the tree you take Expedicious Munitions, which has no effect on mines. It seems like a waste of 4 points.
i like these build looks like i have enough currency to start can you please help me with tree progression it will help a lot
Can i play this in 3.5?
I have played this build in 3.3 Incursion as the Trap variant and managed to kill Uber elder and the rest of the gang with it but mostly did HoGM Farming.
Is the Trapper Variant still viable after the last 2 patches or only as a Miner?
Iyuke wrote:
I have played this build in 3.3 Incursion as the Trap variant and managed to kill Uber elder and the rest of the gang with it but mostly did HoGM Farming.
Is the Trapper Variant still viable after the last 2 patches or only as a Miner?

Traps are absolutely still viable, but mines will have better clear speed due to being able to 'precast' your damage and have it clear as it chains, without having to aim or be close to the targets; this fact also makes mines a far safer option as with proper detonation spacing enemies will never even get close to you. Mines are also a bit easier on bosses because aiming isn't necessary at all, and you can just dedicate yourself to dodging damage and laying mines whenever you can which will auto detonate with a detonate mines totem.
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gvieira wrote:

First thing you need to know: IT LAGS A LOT! But is playable on good PCs

I made this build as a "meme" build, and ended being really fun to play with and viable for every content of the game.


You can do literally any map mod.
Really insane clear speed.
Gigantic aoe.
Viable with really cheap equipment.
Insane DPS on bosses.
Can do guardians/uber/shaper/uber elder.
Can do hall of grandmasters.
PvP viable. (trust me, they won't see it coming)
It's beautiful.


It's a little flask dependable.
You have to press a lot of buttons.
Guardians on HC will probably be a problem.

Uber Elder video:



With the trap nerfs It's probably not worth to do the trap version anymore.

Minefield got a HUGE nerf. I suggest to not use it anymore, replace with trap/mine damage, conc effect or fire pen.

The Instant detonate mines will help A LOT with the weird mine playstyle and will help with the damage as well.


On 3.2 the saboteur ascendancy got a really nice buff for mines. With Pyromanic you get 20% regen on bosses without any effort and at least 10% regen while clearing a map.

The build is now less flask dependable.

The Blind node is now decent, and helps a lot on bosses.

on 3.3 we just got a huge buff on clear speed. Everything else is almost the same. We also got a few free points because of the tree changes.


Path of building (miner) Updated to 3.4: https://pastebin.com/vUNbZPSN
Path of building (trapper): https://pastebin.com/jzuyyfpy (outdated, it's not worth to use it with traps anymore)

Bandit: Kill all


Most important item (Can be 5L):

Helm with +2 magma orb chains:

Aditional mine gives 33% more damage overall. 50% if you are not using minefield. Shaper preffix increased AoE is a bonus, it helps a lot the orb of storms to proc ele overload.

Really cheap rares:

Get equipment with life + dex and resists. Craft mine laying speed on the belt (tora 7).

You NEED 25% + movement speed on your boots. It helps a lot.

I use Bubonic Trail for the 2 abyss jewel slots that gives a lot of damage and life. You can use rare boots with ms%, life and resists instead.

The amulet needs to be a gloomfang. It gives so much damage, mostly on bosses:

You can change for karui ward for mapping because of the projectile speed, but it's not necessary at all.


Tombfist is the best option for the gloves slot. It's really cheap and the 2 jewels gives a lot of life and damage.

You can use a winds of change for the projectile speed while clearing maps, but it's not necessary at all.

Chest options:

I'm using a belly because with so many abyss jewels with flat life, the 40% gives a lot of life (800~900).

If you don't use a cwdt setup, you may use a kaom's heart.

Other options are carcass jack, a rare chest or Shroud of the Lightless.

Shroud of the Lightless is only good because of the jewel slot, life and mana. The penetration isn't usefull.


The most important flasks are the Lavianga's Spirit and the Quicksilver.

One life flask is enough. I'm using two (blood if the karui) only for uber elder.

Other options are Atziri's promise, wise oak and Dying Sun.

I change flasks a lot.

Those are the ones I'm using overall:


you will use two inevitability jewels

Get flat life + spell damage.

Magma orb has 125% effetiveness, so any flat spell damage increases your damage a lot.

If you get a non-abyss jewel, you should get those with life and mine laying speed. The other mods are any damage mods for projectiles/fire/spell/area.

You can also use Clear Mind, since you are not reserving any mana.


Links on the sire of shards:

Magma orb - Remote mine - Trap/mine damage - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Faster projectiles (slower for bosses)

You can use Conc Effect or Fire pen instead of faster/slower projectiles. The projectiles are fast enough already.

I suggest to not use minefield anymore. But it could be good for mapping in general.

For a 5L you can drop either controlled destruction or faster projectiles

Try to get a lvl 21 magma orb. It gives 1 more chain.


To proc Elemental Overload AND arcane surge buff you can use this setup:

Orb of storms - increased crit - faster casting - arcane surge (lvl 8)

If you have a helm with shaper's AoE you can use a lvl 9 arcane surge.


Spell Totem - Detonate Mines

This setup is usefull on some bosses.


Flame Dash - Faster casting is really usefull on bosses. Mostly on uber elder fight.


Cwdt (1) - Immortal call (3) - Increased duration (high lvl/quality)

With this setup you can use a low lvl curse too. Like projectile weakness for offense or enfeeble/temp chain for a more defensive setup.

You can put a vaal lightning trap or vaal clarity on this setup to benefit from the increased duration gem.


Another option is a 6L belly with 5 off colors (blue) for a 6L orb of storms with curse on hit, but it's not necessary at all.


In that order:

Bomb Specialist
Demolitions Specialist

For uber lab points you can choose a defensive setup with Born in the Shadows or offensive setup with Explosives Expert.


[3.2 - Bestiary]

Uber elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRGbVbymdXw
All 4 guardians https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7EBFUyPXSM


Those next videos are from 3.0, on 3.2 the damage is way better

Please consider that I recorded those videos in a machine with a 3rd generation i5 and a 550 Ti, and it lags a lot more when my OBS is recording.
Should be a lot smoother on better PCs.

Mud Geyser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnbadWMMQJY
Mud Geyser with 3 jewels with projectile speed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul96bPUFycw
Vaults: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvDLWMAStFg
Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLqts_9Fxe0
Uber Atziri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRKWF6laRG4
Shaper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLHr1UMjUpQ
Sarn Arena (AoE showoff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaKs-7LaQ2s
Hall of Grandmasters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wAI3B-m0jM

Other comments

In hall of grandmasters I can't kill the full block ones with mines. For them I use a 5L staff with scorching ray - swift afliction - ele focus - controlled destructions - burning damage

I don't like tremor rod at all, but it can be a good option for bosses.
For even more damage on bosses I'll probably get a +3 fire staff.

Try to be at at least half mana all the time.

On bosses like uber atziri trio you can use righteous fire for 40% more damage! Just spam some mines before activating and you will be fine.

On uber elder use 2 life flasks, a quicksilver, an aquamarine and lavianga's. Your flame dash is your best friend in that fight.

QoL tip for miners:

Go to options and bind your "Attack in place" key to any of the NUMPAD numbers. For example: Numpad 5
You hold the key 5 on the numpad and press numlock while holding it.
Now you can stop pressing the 5 key and even enable numlock again if you want.

Until you close your game, all the skills are with attack in place, including mines, like if you were holding shift.
IGN: gvieira
Been playing this build for a few leagues now, decided to give some input. Obviously, having played this build for a few leagues I quite like it. It's a super solid boss killer with a solid amount of EHP that can take on all content. I've done Delve 300(not seen Aul), Uber Atzi, Guardians, Shaper, Uber Elder, Hall of the Grandmasters, sometimes you need to find out how to best handle encounters, mostly for Guardians, but overall you just bomb the area. But the last couple of leagues have had a rather noticeable effect on it.

With Betrayal, Incursion and Bestiary in the game encountering tough monsters in maps is much more frequent. I've almost entirely stopped using Faster Projectiles. Before the Master rework there were a few types of enemies that were annoying, those being Abyss rares, bosses appearing in Breach, and Beyond bosses. But now we have Red beasts, Syndicate members and Vaal architects.
This build kills tough enemies by having Magma Orbs gain damage as they bounce and having them bounce ontop of tough enemies multiple times. Neither of these mechanics work when you're using Faster Projectiles. I initially went with a 6L slower proj main set staff and a 5link faster proj in the off set. But as the league progressed I simply gave up on Faster proj and started using Fire Pen+Trap and Mine damage in maps and switching to Trap and Mine Damage+Slower Proj for bosses.
This affects clear speed a small amount and makes you a bit less safe against regular packs that previously would have been killed screens away, but the tough mobs are a bigger issue I feel.

The build is also quite expensive to get going, at least once you've played it at full strength. It's not very satisfying to play at low power when you've played it with 7+ Abyss jewels with 4 t1-3 mods. But since the build is very generic mine stuff you can just be Arc until you've got a good Abyss jewel setup.

So my current thoughts on this build would be

Great boss killer. Uber Elder is a breeze
Solid amount of EHP, 6k hp/2k mana, without too much effort
Can handle all map mods without noticing them
Handles all content

Takes a bit to set up to be satisfying
No secondary defenses beyond EHP caps surviveability
Fairly slow, I use QS flask, Phase Run and Flame Dash. No real AS/CS for other mobility skills
MAGMA ORBS. I'm used to them, but my friends' eyes get fried and seeing boss mechanics can be difficult. You really want Harbinger MTX for softer flashes and getting rid of the sound

Decent for Delves. Lack of speed makes darkness diving a bit awkward, but killing nodes is a breeze because it's just carpet bombed
Gotta craft your own helmet. +2 Magma Orb chain tends to be 1-2 ex, but getting the Extra Mine hasn't been challenging
White sockets in Sire are really convenient but not required
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