Wolfarus wrote:
Not an issue, just a question.

The song that plays during the credits, and the last piece used w/ dominus.. are they going to be added to the extended OST anytime soon? Or are they there already, and i just need to re-download?

Downloaded today wondered the same thing..

I know it's not really part of the soundtrack, more like a bonus thing for completing the game.. Yet I havn't been more exited about a piece of music in a game before, it's really an epic feeling hearing this atop the Scepter of God, would like to get the track with the download :)
I'm not sure if this is the place for it, but unasked, I say:

The music in this game feels really coherent. I don't know if I'm imagining it, but it seems like there's some recurring ideas (specifically, "Note stated-->down M2-->down a M2", and permutations) in different pieces, and it's effective.
I can't know what the composers are thinking, but I'm guessing they're being developmental on purpose, and I think that's a fine thing to do.

Personally, I think the diatonic, kind-of-minor-but-not-functional-enough-to-be-definate harmonic language and the choice of mostly slower tempos makes sense with the kind of gameplay (it's visually darker and it's not some super intensely fast-paced reaction time-based thing) and the ideas in the game (I don't imagine anyone being energetic or glad about being exiled to some lousy island where everything is magic and trying to kill you).

I skimmed some other posts, and can't agree with the people who are saying the music needs to be emulating other composers. As long as there's some kind of deliberate organization, and it isn't in absurd contrast with the kind of expression in the other aspects of the game, there isn't much reason to complain.

Is there a score for this out there, or is it all just done in some engineering software and they keep track of ideas that way? I'd like to confirm what I think I'm hearing, but I really, really don't want to spend the inordinate amount of time it would take me to listen and notate the entire soundtrack. If I had perfect pitch I wouldn't ask, but I don't, so I am.
Short and sweet, echoing something I said way back when OB hit: the music for 'Battlefront' is too subdued and 'ambient'. The rest of the soundtrack works and works very well, but that one area deserves something more exciting and driven than what it has now, which I find soporific and uninspired.
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If u die in the Dominus fight, sometimes the fighting music is not playing and instead is the normal music of the screpte of god. I doubt that's intended.
Already posted in other thread earlier, but that is the right place, so I will post again.

Change, please. the Lioneye's Watch music to something more pieceful - can't listen to the current annying one long time and this is the most visited area in the game.
Can someone tell me please, where can I find the song that is played on those vaal dungeons from the new expansion, I can't find them anywhere. Thank you !
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I just wanted to say two things, First great job on the new tracks, the crypt/catacombs track in particular is fantastic, I love it. I'm hoping for more vocal tracks like that, together with the Solaris track they're my two favorite.

The other thing I wanted to say is that I would really love to see a reworking of the Act 2 music that plays once you break the Vaal seal in the Vaal ruins. I don't know about other people but I tend to leave the bandits for last while I figure out what my build needs, and I try to put off the seal for as long as I can because even if I know my bandits ahead of time, I still have to do the second half of the Vaal ruins, the Wetlands, the caverns, and the vaal pyramid all the way up to the Vaal Oversoul room, listening to the same track over and over and over and over.

I like the mood of the track but the endless repetition of it has made me hate act 2 and that part of the game in particular more than any other single part. I dread that section of the quest because I know the music is going to kill my mood.

With that in mind, any chance that in the future more tracks will be added to act 2 once the seal is broken. I was thinking maybe a track that would start playing in the Vaal pyramid that is much more foreboding and intense, to build up the mood prior to the oversoul fight. Or a vocal melancholic track that emphasized the fall of the Vaal. Really anything that is a change up away from that repetition. I can't even escape it in town. please.

Thank you for reading.
Nevermind what I posted here earlier. The music I was looking for was there in the Awakening soundtrack ^^.
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I had an issue w/ the removal of the original Catacombs track,
but I think the Dried Lake track has filled the void.

Still, I would be excited to again hear the original Catacombs track.
Imo, splitting the Crypt/Catacombs into two distinct experiences could be cool.

If you guys ever remove/change the Submerged Passage track, I will rage so hard.
Then I will cry.

The Act 4 music is spot on. The Highgate vocals could use a nerf though.
I frequently feel compelled to mute music while in Highgate due to the whiney ass,
yaaa-ya-ya-ya-yaaa, part of the track. Please nerf, if possible.

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