Audio Feedback.

I don't know if its normal but a lot of voices are missing from stones/library and other area.

Also since the release sometimes the sounds of the gam get completly bugged (only for spells/mobs sounds) and we need to restart the game to get if back to normal (like if you hear the mobs strike and dying like very strong with a destroyed sound, like if the headphone was kinda broken.

But overall the voice acting is really good, especially Dialla acting, the "demons stones" in the Kaom area, Daresso, and the OST is really great, like the music in the Ossuary and Library in act5, it change.
Act 8 Sin's voice acting is not in line with the text. In particular the "Solaris", "The Eternal Moon", and "Lunaris" Monologes upon entering the city. Also Act 7 after slaying Arakali in town
also act 8 after the solaris lunaris fight he gives a speech not in line with the text (the same speech he delivers upon entering highgate)

There were some minor things with Tarkleigh in act 6 I did not note down. ("Nessa" and "she" were switched around in text and voice iirc)

Irshara in act 9 : "trading" last sentence: "sure to come to some agreement (pause) sure to come to an agreement" in the voice. text is fine
in her "beast blood" satiate in text food in voice or something similar

other Feedback:

the thunder in the strand map is actually so convincing that I have wondered where the thunderstorm is in perfectly sunny weather. While it should be immersive for some people I get distracted because i think my pc is in danger from an actual thunderstorm (no UPS cheapskate here) or i rush to the window to close it only to stand in the sun.

Only arrived in Act 8 the only thing i really disliked was Yeena. Her non stop babble about the Spirrrrrit and broken syntax were nearly rage inducing in the end. If that Spirrrrit is a God... I really want to slay it. That is just an opinion though. Felt like a cheap "she is a foreigner and has different beliefs" effect.

I am really happy with the rest of the audio. The extended soundtrack is my go to listening thing for instrumental music. The only thing i would like to see there is an option to download the songs in one folder consecutively numbered. Well, because i as a consumer would eiter listen to it in order of appearance or on random. The way it is presented since the update makes more sense for a producer or someone needing to work with it rather than for consumers IMHO.

Cheers and keep up the good work.

Edit: first only posted one sin Monologe there are several more
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Act 4 Tasuni Malachai's Apprentices and Malachai dialogue for Templar is much lower volume than the rest of the lore passages. Can this be retuned?
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Wild Strike's fire attack sound effect is very grating. I'm not an audio expert, so I couldn't pin point exactly why (maybe a bit muffled, too sudden and booming). Many have brought up the issue before, more in the skill gem thread itself. A better SFX would be great for the fire part of the skill.
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It's still really hard to hear Merveil's voice lines in the cavern of wrath, and the first voice line in cavern of anger.
Completed 19 ChallengesGarr0t wrote:
Act 4 Tasuni Malachai's Apprentices and Malachai dialogue for Templar is much lower volume than the rest of the lore passages. Can this be retuned?

I agree some of Tasuni's new speeches are at a very low level.

Silk's first speeches in Act 7 are also very low in volume.
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Act 8, The Harbour Bridge.
Wrong audio segment of dialogue.
Upon defeating the twin bosses, Sin's audio doesn't match the correct dialogue text.
Even tho the new sounds were supposedly buggy I decided to finally implement them in my loot filter since some people want to use them:

I made a quick test. It took me 1 drop in 1 map to realize that the Shaper voice acting is way to quiet (during fight action). In my loot filter the volume used is 200. The sound settings in game are: Sound effects volume at 50% and item filter alert at 100%. Channel count is at High.

I proceeded to up the volume to 300% and it was barely ok, however when I dropped a fusing the sound got "cut up". All that played was "F-Fusing". I also have a video of this available.

How does it look on this front? any fixes on the horizon?
Greengroove's Loot Filter Scripts:
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Some skills could benefit more from themed audio effects.

Some examples:

Arc has a great sound effect because it sounds like lightning and the on-hit sounds are bullseye - very satisfying. Flame Dash also sounds awesome, it's like the sound of a gun being fired but appropriately softened and mixed with a 'swoosh sound', it really adds to the feel of the skill and it's a reason why I enjoy using it.

Bone Offering doesn't do the same thing. It's a loud pang. It would be more fitting if it sounded like rattling bones or something. I don't see the point in the pang. While in some way it's cool because it sounds violent, it doesn't do damage so it's not congruent.

Cyclone suffers from the same. Cyclone sounds like a mix of a faint swirling sound and a barrage of thumps (hits). Instead, the themed sound - in this case the swirling - should take center stage. This helps to add character to builds. The swirling itself may not be satisfying enough so some tactility will need to be introduced.

Ground Slam - if you add spikes shooting out from the ground, reflect this in the sound effect. Ground Slam still sounds the way it did when it didn't feature the spikes graphic. Just to make a suggestion, it should sound like metal bars penetrating flesh (when it hits targets), or like spikes erupting from the floor. By the way, one problem with the current visual design of GS is you kinda have to combine the sound effect of a blunt weapon with that of a sharp weapon to make it congruent. Thanks for reading :) Bye
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The Shaper audio on entering the Leyline map does not match the text.
The text seems correct "Amidst the barren wastes a slender strand of life blooms."
The audio is "A pocket of life blooms in the lava fields. In time it, too, will wither and die."
Fun fact: The experience penalty in Path of Exile is four times the penalty in Diablo 2 with corpse recovery.

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