[3.3] Low Budget - Animate Weapon Bowmancer

I will definitely grab those nodes and a level 20 AW gem to see if that helps, I run every map at least alched, most of the T10s were corrupted channels with high quant rolls. I also ran a Biscos to see if that would help with getting the white weapon drops.

Let me make those changes to see how it goes, I like the idea behind the build for sure!

If somebody is having problems with weapon drops, just carry some identified ones in your bag and drop it before the first pack :)
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This build looks really fun will you be updating it for 3.2? Wanna use it for bestiary leauge as a starter.
I will try to keep it updated for major changes that may come. I'm on the SSF train right now, so it's hard to include min/max optimization when you dont play the build yourself.

For example Abyss jewels this league, they look really really good for this build. But i wasnt able to play around with those myself, so i cant say which jewels feel best. Flat added lightning and fire damage, the attack speed and probably the taunt on attack mod too. The high attack speed and the amount of minions should perma-taunt every enemy.
Hey, looks really cool.
I will try it at the beginning of the bestiary league.


The Animate Weapon setup doesnt work for the Izaro fights

Can you explain why please ?
Thanks for sharing it !
You lose all your weapons when you enter a new instance, and every Izaro fight is a whole new instance.
This build looks intriguing and I'm excited to try it in 3.2. I had a couple questions while theory crafting it in PoB.

Would innervate apply to AW triggers? PoB doesn't show it applies, but the text of Innervate suggests it should. I'm not sure how I could test this, especially since I don't have a high level Witch in Standard that I could respec and buy the gear to experiment.

Also, why Ice Shot with LMP/GMP when it seems easy to get flat added cold damage on a rare quiver, gloves, ring, amulet, etc.? Would flat added cold damage to attacks from gear apply to minions? If not, TS + flat cold dmg would save a link for innervate (assuming innervate works) or some other support (e.g., LGoH, Blind, Knockback, etc.).
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Innervate doesnt work on the weapons, cause they dont kill enemies, only very small percentage that gets ignited by the Anger aura.

This build is very low budget to get started, so that's why i recommend Ice Shot, so you can focus on other stats on the rare items first.
You are right, getting added cold on at least one of your rares should not be that hard. Tornado Shot and Split Arrow are better options, so go for whatever feels better for you.
The flat added damage on your gear does not apply to your minions.
Not sure what you mean by using Innervate, hitting enemies with lightning damage would greatly reduce the damage of your weapons because of Elemental Equilibrium.
Thanks for the reply!

For innervate, I was thinking of linking it with Ice Shot (or Tornado Shot) to proc Innervate -- I'm assuming that AW minions would be shocking some of the time. However, I forgot about its interaction with Elemental Equilibrium. Moreover, it sounds like the Innervate buff won't improve AW damage even without EE.

Exactly. Just to clarify how important it is to have the right added elemental damage on your attacks, if you turn off all the auras and EE, you lose over 95% of your damage.
You can always check in the skill tooltip, where it says what type of damage is added to your bow skill. Chaos damage doesnt matter for this though.

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