[3.0] New Meta?! Cast on Melee Kill Dark Pact?! 2c Starter Budget?! 5 Million DPS Single Target?!

Hi, like it was said before, i did everything right, and my dps doesn't even seem to be close to what you are showing, yes i'm doing tons of damage, is there any power spike on damage, as we continue leveling up? i'm level 76 btw, i'm doing 1.1k with blade flurry and 2.6k with dark pact. This build is awesome yet i feel i'm missing something...
So far I have been enjoying this build and the leveling was really easy, exept for the boss fights. Those are just painful, coming from a Cyclone build -.-

I am Level 69 now and I was trying to get the recommended Garb, but that thing is freaking expensive. Is there any other cheaper Gear I can use?

I am fairly new to PoE. But what I see is that I need the recommended Garb for the extra Curse, because the setup has 3 Curses, 2 as Auras (do they count as aura or curse then?). I was thinking of getting a cheap Sadist Garb with the recommended Link-setup.
Got a question...
You say you need to use Dark Pact to level up from 28+.
I reached level 28 and got the Dark Pact but it drains my HP like crazy, I think I am using it wrong.
What shuold I run with it inorder to Sustain my HP?
Guessing that is premature, I don't think you can get the blasphemy/Warlord's mark combo running for self-sustain until 31. Unless the creator meant for you to be potion crazy.

Anyone confirm end game bosses down with this build? Or recommend easy to respec into builds if this one fails us?
anyone have any idea why it seems this build has so many crit nodes, but you put controlled destruction linked to your main attack and spell?
Still leveling with this character, and gotta say leveling is so easy I'm considering using this exact leveling setup for any future life builds that I may use.

For anyone else still leveling, I highly recommend using Kikazaru ring:

This ring's life regen helps to shore up any life you use to cast DP. Together with minimal % life regen on the tree, it makes single target (boss fights) a lot easier while leveling. The mana regen and +all attributes are just bonus. Kinda breaks the budget portion, though it's still really cheap at 2 alc right now.
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Interesting build, gl
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Hi, I like you build so far, however i would like to know your thoughts on using a different skill, as I dislike blade flurry, and possibly a different weapon if necessary.
Hi thanks for the build
Can I see your socket and gem in your boots plz
Seems there is a mistake between the forum guide and the video yt
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Xeelos wrote:
What lvl should the gems be ? all maxed ?


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