[3.1-3.3 HC] Apep's Darkpact Quad-Totem Hiero (Shaper/Uber Atziri viable, Guardians farmable)

Orion72 wrote:

Re Blexicano: Very glad you are enjoying the build. This kind of feedback is what keeps me making these guides. :> I look forward to reading about your progress.


I've got some thoughts to throw at you.

I'm very curious to see if this build could pull off Soul Mantle. My thinkning is running a increased duration // Remove curse flask and always have it up to not worry about any lvl 20 curse. 50% increased totem life might just be insane. The +1 totem is just w/e since we already have 4. I've already 6s one and trying to 5L it so i can test with an effective 6L.

I think totem life jewels might be nice boosts as well. Going to do some testing.

Your thoughts?
Re: Soulmantle

I never want to discourage people from trying variations on an idea, and I know for a fact that soulmantle can be a lot of fun to run in any totem build. See post above for some of my concerns based on prior experience.

I have also tried the type of soulmantle build you suggest--using remove curse flasks. My experience with that one was that it worked great until it didn't. As long as you play perfect, it is excellent. But it is not hard to lose track of re-upping the remove curse in the wrong fight. Try it out and post back how it goes. You may be a better flask manager than I. ;)

Re totem life jewels:. This is one where I haven't run the math to figure out how much of a buff they would be vs. other types of damage scaling. Worth looking into via POB I think. If you do, I'd be curious to see the result.


I am pleased to report that the build is indeed guardians viable--at least as to a modestly rolled Chimera in hc, which is the one I just defeated. I confess I have relatively little practice fighting the guardians and I have fought against Shaper only three times before now. But based on that limited experience, I am confident that someone halfway decent at those fights can use this build to complete them all. Chimera was fun, but not stressful. I note that the technique I used that seemed effective was to re-summon the decoy totem every time it was off cooldown. This resulted in much of the fight involving 2 darkpact totems and 2 decoy totems. I can highly recommend this method, at least for Chimera.

Current Defensive stats at level 88:

Life: 6138 Regen 288/sec or 388/sec with golem
Mana: 3997 Regen 265/sec or 362/sec with Arcane surge
ES: 2263

Gems are still level 19, so there is yet room for the dps to improve. Also I can confirm that you really dont need crit for this build. Though I am still interested in what that would look like if anyone decides to try it. Link to current tree is below.


Notes on the updated tree:

1. I did not end up going down to the marauder area. Adding in regen and grabbing the extra jewel slots feels more efficient.

2. I added in
and also went back and put this in the original guide. Having that jewel in this build should have been a no-brainer, but I spaced it until one of the commenters reminded me it existed.

3. Above T12, totem elemental res becomes an issue. You may note that I re-specced the two totem nodes to take the 10% totem ele res and 16% totem ele res on the tree. I also added a jewel for another 10% totem ele res. With their base of 40%, this is enough for them to be capped, resulting in much improved gameplay. The totems still die against bosses, of course, but the bit longer they last allows them to be considerably more effective.

A couple of gem modifications:

1. For the very late game, once our EHP is high enough, it seemed worthwhile to level up our Enfeeble and the linked CWDT. I am currently running those at CWDT level 17, enfeeble lvl 18, and I will likely level them all the way up.

2. For the very late game, manually summoning the stone golem becomes ridiculous. He is now linked to CWDT, both at level 18 with intent to continue leveling them all the way up.

3. The tree changes adding tot ele res allow us to ditch the min&tot ele res gem in the decoy link. This is now a good place to slot the vaal summon skellies gem, which can benefit from the increased duration link. That leaves a space to slot a second enfeeble linked to the other CWDT (attached to summon Stone golem) allowing enfeeble to proc twice as often for improved defense.

Good Luck!


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Hey this build looks great! What do you think about foregoing ancestral bond and taking the hybrid life/ES nodes (with sanctuary of thought) on the right hand side of the tree instead?

Something like this:

I just can't find a way around the awkward pathing it would take to get Ancestral Bond.

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Re: Skipping Ancestral Bond

To me, pathing for the 4th totem is preferable for a few reasons:

1. 20% more single target damage and 33% more effective aoe we get from the 4th totem while clearing.

2. The availability of tactics for the top-tier content involving constant re-summoning of decoy totems while maintaining two damaging totems at all times. Using these tactics with only three totems would cut our dps nearly in half. Using them with four totems has now gotten me these in hc harbinger:

I admit I'm really excited about the Hydra kill. It was in a bone white map and took me 4 portals--I'm not proud. But it was my first deathless hydra success ever on an hc character.

I don't think your tree is bad, but I wouldn't choose it over the 4th totem for the sake of those tactics. As always, ymmv.

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LEvel 57 here having a blast, it's so smooth to level with dp totems, finished act 7 4 levels behind the lastest zone. Cant wait hitting 62 for those Apep's.

Whats ur tooltip at the level you are rn?

Gratz on the guardian kills
This world is an illusion, exile!
Totems for life!
Re Mawwk:

Very glad you are enjoying the build! Remember the tooltip numbers on any totem build are very misleading, and this one even moreso. But if you want them for rough comparison:

Resting in Town, no totems is currently 18,162.

Latest addition to the build:

This dropped for me today and I started experimenting with it. It is amazing in this build. With our life pool, regen, and positive 30%+chaos res (20%+ at full build with all nearby regen nodes) the drawback is negligible. It is essentially a 2 shot full heal flask. The item is certainly not required, but it is an awesome QOL improvement.

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Looks like a fun build! I've been thinking about what my next build will be after my Essence Drain Trickster league starter and I like that potentially all my chaos damage and MoM gear could transfer over.

Thoughts on using the new Cloak of Defiance on this for a 50/50 life/mana split?
I think I might give this a go. Is there a more updated PoB link?

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