[3.1-3.3 HC] Apep's Darkpact Quad-Totem Hiero (Shaper/Uber Atziri viable, Guardians farmable)

Hi, thanks for the build! Was looking for something different to try out before 3.5 hit and chanced upon this.

As a first-timer to full totem builds (but not speed levelling), the levelling process was relatively painful. Templar doesn't have good levelling spells (vs attacks), and I attempted to spec into Spell Totem support as early as possible. Not fun. Fireball and Firestorm are both very slow, and OoS + Lightning Tendrils has the disadvantage of being melee; outside of that, Templar also doesn't have access to Volley Support which makes AoE clear easier.

I would suggest it might be easier to level as a melee attack Templar until lv28, at which point DP+Spell Totem can be picked up at the same time as Ancestral Bond. At this point, the DP totem should be used in your old style - i.e. without skeletons and summoning them on top of mobs, since juggling Despair, Wither, and Summon Skeletons felt like a royal mess to me (ripped at normal Izaro because too many things to handle).

The next change would be at lv38, where CwC can be picked up and Wither + Summon Skeletons CwC can be used - that's a huge QoL upgrade for the build. The build only begins to really take off around lv 35+ anyways, before which it is quite slow. However, bossing speed is ultra-fast - it's comparable to Scion Elequisitor Whispering Ice. Certainly considering this as a league-starter for 3.5 since it's spell-based and not extremely gear-dependent in the early levels.
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Re: early leveling

We agree that 1-27 as a hiero is definitely not the most fun part of this build. :) If leveling as melee works better for you, absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Re: Complexity of piloting

This is one if those places where the build will really adjust itself to your taste/skill level. If you are finding it difficult to use the version with all the bells and whistles (and tbh, I did too sometimes) then there is nothing wrong with using one of the less complex variations. If you are one of those that has developed the reflexes and coordination of an Olympic fencer (still working on this) then the more complex variants provide some extra power that can be situationally useful. Do what works best for you.

Future potential:

I have been away from this build for a league or two running other experiments, but I have some ideas for further variations I plan to try out in the near future. If any of them pan out, I will post details.


New build

For anyone who followed this build, I have finally completed my new project which I am happy to report is one of my strongest and fastest clearing (400-500m+ xp/hour leveling in maps) builds to date. You can find it in the shadow forum labeled "Trickster DOT totems"

Yes, Trickster for totems. Trust me. Have a look.


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