[3.1] FoxTactic's - Arc of the council build "Good all arounder"


This is my current gear and so far everything is going pretty well. It's an extremely fun build but I'm having one main issue.

When I'm fighting some bosses like Atziri or hard hitting mobs like in Poorjoys, they delete my mana pool so fast that I am left unable to cast to leech back up and I'm left just running around unable to do anything.

On Atziri I deleted the vaals, the trio felt like a warbands group, then I get to atziri and if I take one spear to the face I'm effective dead because my mana is gone and I'm unable to cast so leech up.

Right now my clarity is lvl 18 and overall mana regen is 100/s.

Just not sure where I'm going wrong with the build when fighting hard hitting bosses/mobs. Everything else is a breeze.

I've tried this build and really liked it, but i'm building another one right now. i'm selling every part of this build right now if someone want to try it
Has anyone tried using this build as a basis but adapting it for RF? I have been fiddling around with some passive tree adjustments to hit the regen/barbarism necessary for RF, and the changes seem pretty reasonable.

My reasons for changing over from VP to RF are RF's "more more" and RF automatically solves the issue of flame surge wanting an already burning target. My character is just about to throw on Rise of the Phoenix and get this ball rolling, so I can't really say how it feels/plays for myself yet, but I will update with my results.

I'm curious if anyone else has tried this though?
Gross self-reply:

Don't try to mix this up into an RF + arc + flamesurge monstrosity. Stick with VP.

RF did not feel safe at all.
helo, i am trying this build.
i finaly got the blue dream cobalt jewel.
so i get the bonus from elementalist? and also faith and steel? from the passive.
should i really get faith and steel passive? it give 8% power charge on kill, plus the elementalist 12% all ele ressist. so i can get 20% power charge on kill?
is that the idea with the blue dream cobalt jewel? Any veterans please answer lol
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i would like to ask your about dps.
what give u bigger dps flame surge or lightning tendrils?
tendrills seem to do better work for me some how, even though looks like fs should be higher.
any tips?
Well, I just killed shaper lvl 80 with no real difficulty. Can definitly recommand the build. Thanks dude, good work you did on this.
Can some explain why he has +Attack Speed on weapons, rather than +cast speed?

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Anyone know if this build is capable of uber atziri?

What about hall of the grandmasters?
Just spent 250 lab runs, got Mind of the Council and Tempest Binding with Arc chains enchant :)

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