The Fall of Oriath is Now Live!

xDron3x wrote:
Necx wrote:
You're not very good at this fact thing.

#2 you said "Never seen a company not want money before!" NOT "The game requires money" or "GGG needs money to keep the game going" or "The game requires money".

They clearly do want money, as evidenced by their repeated thanks for giving them money and links to their shop so you can spend money. So, you were wrong. TA-DA!

Man you sound Angry. Why so Hostile?

I know they want money... I CLEARLY STATED WHY..

2) This game requires donations to stay running. So my Comment about GGG needing money was correct.

I even broke it down so that even a Trumpion would be able to understand.

Let's be a little honest there should of been a Major post announcment that explains why the packs weren't out at launch. And not hidden in another post why it would be delayed.

EXACTLY... Not a post on redit, or a bullshit 5 or so word post in the midst of other posts.

Click the GGG icon, I know you can do it!
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Gotta say I was really hyped with that performance improvements video some time ago, but what was once playable to me during Legacy became ~10 FPS hell with minimum settings in Twilight Strand, DX11 or 9. The only option that makes this even bearable to play, FPS wise, is dynamic rssolution, but then it's just trash. I tried to play with that option on for 15 minutes about 4 hours ago and my eyes still feel slightly bothered. I don't know what the hell you guys did, but that was a huge letdown. So much for two months of beta and "performance improvements".
xDron3x wrote:
I'm not hostile

I guess we'll agree to disagree, then.

xDron3x wrote:
Then maybe you shouldn't post bullshit just for the sake of posting.

xDron3x wrote:
So unless you have a source for your information, it's bullshit, get it?

xDron3x wrote:
you were the one behaving like a snotty *****

xDron3x wrote:
I just didn't like the way you replied to another forumer when he quoted that the packs would be released at the same time as 3.0, you were the one behaving like a snotty *****.

Well, the only time I quoted somebody in the manner you describe is here. I could understand just quoting a post from GGG if it answers a question the person you're responding to is asking, but it's pretty passive aggressive to just throw a post in somebody else's face and not otherwise bother to say a word to them. It's interesting that you judge me but not those I'm responding to.

As you saw in my previous post, "soon" and "not this weekend" are literally the words GGG used when originally relaying the information. I was trying to help MickeyDankMouse by letting them know they didn't need to keep checking the store over the weekend because the packs wouldn't be available. It was a pretty harmless post with only the best of intentions behind it.

xDron3x wrote:
When you correct some one you should always quote/provide the reference to the information you are using, it's just good practice.

It's a bit of a joke to critique someone's post while insulting them. And before you rush to say that you didn't - whatever the word was, you felt the need to censor it yourself.

But to address the point that you're making - as a general rule, I do. The biggest expansion in the game's history has just launched, and it's quite time-intensive trying to keep track of a source for every bit on information you come across. I can appreciate the ideal, but if you'll forgive me for saying - I haven't seen you trying to help anyone. If you don't invest any of your time into helping people, perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to insist that others contribute more of theirs.
“Please understand that imposing strong negative views regarding our team on to other players when you are representing our most helpful forum posters is not appropriate.” — GGG 2022


I'm not 'Sarno' on Discord. I don't know who that is.
This whole ES things is really an issue. I tough that PoE is a different than all the rest games..
Probably I was wrong.

Such a pointless atrocity .. I am really not understanding it.
With the "1h 6L wipe" the PoE turns to a joke now.
There is no sane reason for one to play it any further.
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no body notices my trolling "(
please, cheapen the wing prices !
Am Yisrael 'Chai
@a5 man oh man iTs si good!!
Good job ggg fit making THE BEST arpg ever made.
Damn GGG. Its SOooo Good like Matthew Mcconaughey watching star wars good. Gj x10 and thanks for the new content. You can tell someone has a real passion for this vision, Coming together a modern work of art.
Starting Act 3; no divination cards yet. :(
Lots of shards; I like them even though they fill up my inventory. I do like the harbingers.
The new orbs should be fun.

I opened standard last night and wow! Redoing my passive tree was a bit of a pain, but Acts, 9 and 10 and the Epilogue were there to explore! I had to repeat a few quests in Acts 6-8, but they gave me skill points that was just fine. If the Harbingers were here, I'd just play standard.

I am wondering what the new vendor recipes are and hope they are not just using the new shards.

Fabulous launch GGG!
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Double post. Resource error message.
"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
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Guys, on my machine, i can't play POE after update. DX11 is too much for me, but dx9 has BLACK PARTICLES !!!.. I'm done. This was good game..

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