The Fall of Oriath is Now Live!

Well done GGG! Best as always!
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Hello folks

Since the last update i cant really start PoE. The starting screen is like "checking resources" for 1 second, then it disappears. After that i get the message: "You may only run up to two copies of Path of Exile at one time". Rebooting doesnt help.
What is this?
Does this league get better later on? I'm getting one harbinger every three maps or so.

This release is a failure. Just logged in yesterday for the first time.

My existing chars are totally disconnected from the story. Dropped into the middle of a mess basically....not only that...whatever new content was added created spoilers everywhere. All these new NPC chars and I have no idea who they are. Quest completed...that I didnt complete. Passive points I have to collect...from somewhere.

This was a massive failure.

I said it in a previous post. They expanded the content that WAS ALREADY THERE. There is ZERO progression of the story from Act 4 for established chars. I was looking forward to discovering the new acts and playing thru them. Instead, they just added content to what was already there. Just really disappointed. They did it this way to roll out for the console version. This was money motivated at its core. It was a complete break in philosophy from previous add-ons so you gotta ask yourself why. Money and going mainstream is why.

Really dont know if Im going put any more time in this game. This screwed alot of dedicated players.

I hope GGG reads this and gets the message. If you think we'll just coming back because we are mindless idiots that take abuse you are wrong. Ther's plenty of games out there. You should have learned Blizzard's lesson.
An unexpected disconnection occurred -

after just about every other loading screen.

I tried my best not to lose my patience but when i am physically incapable of progressing because i can't get to the next zone, i don't really have a choice. :(

BUT, i got all the way to Act 5, and i think the dynamic resolution change DOES help somewhat, after all. I made peace with the pixels. Anything just to keep me out of the 1-2 FPS range.
And the new content is BEAUTIFUL as heck!
gladmark wrote:

This release is a failure.

Excuse me sir, are you playing POE for the lore?
If you are going to face a real challenge, it has to be a real challenge. You can't accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.

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