[3.0] In-Depth Baron SRS guide. Including without Baron.

Going good here so far! I was a little worried for a bit there cause this isn't my usual play style but my friends talked me into playing SRS lol.
Blood magic crafted on staff.
Why +2 to fire gems and not +2 to minion gems, or is that not possible?
Did not look at Tree from here but Item and playstylewyse it comes near to my Version of SrS.
I am doing very fine in AbyssLeague with new Shaper/Elder Mods and AbyssJewels. Have 9017 Life without Belly or Kaoms (wear an Rare Chest for some Reasons) and be more Tanky as ever before.
I have 10 Zombies, an Golem, an AnimatedGuardian and my SrS and can run into an Porcupine MagicPack and cast SrS in an T15 shaped Orchard Map without thinking about Vulne, - maxResis, 2 add Ele Dam Mods on Map.
Pantheon gives me much PhysDamRedu + Liferegen and Chainimmun. First Time i use FleshBinder AscendencyPoint and enjoy the 10% more Physredu on Top of my awesome Liferegen of 1,3-1,9k per Sec.
My Gear is really much Min-Maxed and was not easy to obtain!-)


My Profile is open if like looking into my Tree and Jewels
Trading DpS with Monsters for Loot will ever best Ratio!-)
Sitting in Town, flipping Items until all Gear is biS,
and get fastly bored from running Maps instead of grinding Upgrades is no Resolution!

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