[3.0] Queen of the Storm - Charged Dash TheoryCrafting

Hey! It's aMaGGixZ. I was planning on doing my own build for 3.0, as I'm new on doing builds (done 1 so far, and didn't work as expected) and I wanted to share it with you and ask for advices.

The build is based on the new gem "Charged Dash", and we are gonna use a Raider (been thinking about Trickster, but Ranger is better 'cuz some reasons - explained below)

So let's jump into the theory. Imma divide it in 4 parts:
[1] How it works (Guessing more than anything, as nothing has been revealed yet)
[2] Gear
[3] Raider vs Trickster
[4] Passive Tree (Path of Building)
[5] Other gems setup

[1] How it works

Movement speed and Attack speed

We already got a screenshot of the gem, which is in the post below saved for updates. Anyways, let's talk about it:
The skill scales in a few interesting ways; The speed the target mirage moves at is based on your player movement speed but slightly increased.

This means that we can "cast" it faster with higher movement speed. What I don't know if it is worth investing points on movement speed, as it says "slightly increased". We may try how "slightly" it is increased and if it's worth. (As we won't need that move speed for our owns, cuz we're moving with CD)
The other point is getting attack speed, because:
The number of damage areas is based on attack speed; The faster you can attack, the more damage areas you'll create as you travel.

So, the base is getting movement speed to reach the maximum distance quicklier, because:
The further you travel, the larger the area, up to the skill's maximum distance.

Then getting movement speed and attack speed will boost our damage pretty much.

Scaling the damage

The skill converts a portion of damage to lightning, allowing a full elemental lightning build with the Physical to Lightning Support.

GGG says that "a portion" is converted from physical to lightning, so it can be scaled as physical or lightning (considering elemental too). We won't have any problem with conversion, as we are using Hyaon's Fury, and it purely scales lightning damage, so the first best option here would be Weapon Elemental Damage. Also, we can use Concentrated Effect Support. I don't feel using Increased Area of Effect Support because:
The further you travel, the larger the area, up to the skill's maximum distance.

This mean that, as we are getting to the maximum distance pretty quickly, we are getting the highest AoE of the spell, which I hope is enough without Inc AoE.
We are also going to use Lightning Penetration in order to get more damage, Added Lightning Damage and Faster Attacks. Anyways, we could swap Added Lightning Damage for Elemental Focus, so we get more damage and loose the chance to shock, but we will have a setup on CwDT for that.

Other gems that may be usefull

Charged Dash is a new channeled lightning attack that can be used as a movement skill.

I don't feel using "Cast while Channeling Support", because of some many reasons, but may be useful aswell for another combo. I didn't think about it yet, and probably not going to do it.

Other gem I've been thinking about was "Innervate", as it gives us more chance to shock, but as it has been nerfed for 3.0 I didn't think it was gonna be as usefull as "Lightning penetration" or "Faster Attacks". Other option would be "Culling Strike", as it gives us a damage multiplier and some more attack speed. Finally, I'll be testing with gems like "Melee phys damage", as it seems to be scaling with melee modifiers too.

[2] Gear

Body Chest

The core of the build in order to get movement speed is Queen of the Forest. Also gives us some good resistances and life.


Starkonja's Head is the best option for us, as it gives us a lot of evasion (+dexterity), attack speed and a good rol of life (up to 100). We could also look for a rare helm with some res, life and evasion on it.


Hyaon's Fury is the best weapon I can think of. It gives us attack speed, a lot of Lightning Damage and, with 8 frenzy (which we get as minimum) 96% increased lightning damage, 160 life on kill and 8% increased damage taken (it's been buffed on 3.0 from 3% for each to 1% for each)


Darkray Vectors are bis for us, as it gives us +1 frenzy charge (+2 if we get lucky with the Vaal Orb), +40 movement speed (with 8 frenzy charges) and some survavility with 16% to dodge attacks (8 frenzy). We can get some rare boots in order to get more life, but will potentialy loose 2 frenzy, which is a huge deal.

We are looking for rare gloves with life, res, attack speed and evasion.

Rare rings and amulets with life, res, evasion (dexterity also applies) and attack speed. Ele damage or lightning damage to attacks is also good to look for. For belt we might look for the base "Vanguard belt", as it gives us evasion.

[3] Raider vs Trickster

Both of them have some pros and cons, and I'm gonna talk about them:

- Free Phasing.
- 6% chance to dodge attacks and 10% to dodge spells (which synergizes with Darkray's 16% chance to dodge attacks)
- 40% increased elemental damage.
- Immunity to status ailments.
- Free frenzy charge generation (also +1 to maximum)
- We can only use 2 auras
- Probably will have mana issues, gotta try it and judge by myself.


- No mana cost, which means one more aura.
- +1 frenzy and power charge and free generation (as we keep killing enemies)
- More mana and mana regen, which means we could use MoM (back to 1.2 :D)
- In order to have some mana to use MoM or other skills, we would need to invest points on less mana reserved.
- We can't generate frenzy charges on boss fighting (as we don't kill enemies).
- We gotta use immunity flasks, not being able to look for other more efficient mods, as increased evasion or movement speed.

I definitely prefer Raider over Trickster, as it gives us more damage and speed in general. The only problem is the mana issue, but I'd have to work on that as I play it.

[4] Passive Tree

Open "Path of Building" -> Go to "Import/Export Build" -> "Import from pastebin" -> Copy this link

The increased life from tree is 212%, which should let us get up to 6k life. We get 322% increased evasion, which means easily 25k evasion (about 60% to evade attacks).

We can't know the tooltip yet because the skill gem hasn't been released, but I hope this gets enough damage to clear maps fast.

[5] Other gems setup

We get our main combo in our (hopefuly) 6L. So we have 3 4L and 2 3L avaliable. I don't know any better setup, but I've thought on this in order to get enemies shocked. It's a bit hard because all the off-colours we need to get (but it's just 4, so it's not that difficult in late game). If you have any better setup suggestion, please, write it below, I'll be pleased to read it.

6L [G-G-R-B-B-B]: Charged Dash - Lightning Penetration - Faster Attaks - Weapon elemental damage - Conc Effect (5L) - Elemental Focus (6L)
4L [G-B-B-B]: Haste - Blasphemy - Conductivity - Enlighten
4L [R-R-R-B]: Cast when damage taken(6) - Immortal Call(8) - Increased duration - Shock Nova(6)
4L [R-B-B-B]: Cast when damage taken (6) - Shock Nova(6) - Innervate - Elemental Proliferation
3L [B-B-B]: Lightning Golem - Minion Speed - Minion Life
3L [G-G-R]: Vaal Haste - Vaal Grace - Increased Duration
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# Saved for updates #

Got a screenshot of the skillgem:

- Changed the gem setup: (5 - Other gems setup)
From: CD - FA - Culling - Added Light - Conc Effect - Phys to Light
To: CD - Fa - Conc Effect - Weapon Ele Damage - Light Pen - Ele focus

Added new PoB pastebin with all the damage calculations
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Phys to lightning is a bad gem in this case. Hayons Fury has very high flat ele dmg and very low phys dmg. Replace with ele damage with attacks gem (old WED). Also, even after buffs I don't think shock without Crit will be that good so you should drop cull for ele Focus :

Charged dash + WED + ele Focus + FA + lightning pen + added lightning. Maybe swap ele Focus for inervate during normal clear and Elle focus for bosses.

Phys to lightning is a bad gem in this case. Hayons Fury has very high flat ele dmg and very low phys dmg. Replace with ele damage with attacks gem (old WED). Also, even after buffs I don't think shock without Crit will be that good so you should drop cull for ele Focus :

Charged dash + WED + ele Focus + FA + lightning pen + added lightning. Maybe swap ele Focus for inervate during normal clear and Elle focus for bosses.

What about conc effect? It would give a lot of damage to the explosions. It's true that Phys to Light is a bad idea, as culling, I've been thinking on it and my new setup would be:
CD + WED + FA + Conc Effect + FA + Lighning Pen
I don't know if added light damage would be that good, may try anyways ^^

(I dont want to keep ele focus as it removes my chance to shock, and I think that would give the build a boost of damage, any thought? - Using a CwDT with shock nova, dunno if that would be enough)
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im doing this very same thing, but slightly different i think.

#1 i won't be going the phasing route as raider, i'll be going the onslaught route. sure you miss out on elemental immunities, but you can make those up with your flasks. what you do get is 40% attack and movement speed with empowered onslaught, which is a very big deal.
going phasing you will get 28% movement speed but no extra attack speed.

#2 weapons. hyaon's may be good here, but it is not the best. Doryani's catalyst will be better. it gives you up to 100% elemental damage instead of a conditional 12% per frenzy, which doesn't apply when you don't have frenzy (could happen when using darkrays) and it doesn't have the negative of the damage taken, and catalyst has higher attack speed.
catalyst however is physical based, so phys to lightning may be the best gem socket here. will have to test.

#3 weapons. dreamfeather will be a very very option as well. since you're running QoTF you'll be stacking evasion for movement speed, thus you might as well take advantage of that evasion and be granted attack damage as well. this would make added lightning (if you wanted to stick with full lightning dmg) pretty BiS as well.

#4 helmet. devoto's devotion would be awesome here as well, though no life roll.

either way i'll be testing a bunch of different setups to see what seems best.

as for sockets i think what is required is
Charged Dash G
Faster Attacks G
Inc Aoe/Conc Effect B
Elemental Focus B

Melee Phys/Phys to Lightning (if using catalyst) or added lightning if using hyaon's or added lightning/added cold if using dreamfeather.

haste is a good pickup too, but you'll 100% want to be running grace. so grace plus haste with empower or grace plus wrath with hyaon's and possibly dreamfeather

i also really like your shock nova/innervate combo for dps boost. i'll definitely be mirroring that
Thanks for your version!
#1 It's a good idea, maybe gonna try both routes. Which I like from phasing route is the 40% ele dmg.
#2 I liked the idea of Doryani's Catalyst, but still think that Hyaon's is a better option, as it gives you up to 100% inc light damage with 8 frenzy (you are raider, you're gonna sustain 'em 100% of the time, np with darkray). The increased damage taken has been buffed, and now is 1% per frenzy, so you get 8%. Not a big deal IMO. I'll probably go with one Hyaon's and one Doryani's to try. I like that Doryani's gives some leech, and can be usefull. You can also use the elemental prolif for CWDT-Shock Nova - Innervate, so a 4L is empty.
#3 Dreamfeather is charming, but I think you won't stack as much evasion to get more damage from that passive (about 60% increased). That Attack Speed rol is pretty good, but well, gotta try it anyways.
#4 The downside IMO for devoto's is the reduced damage. I prefer Starkonja's as it gives as much (or more) evasion and dex + some life. The MS is cool, but I think we will stack enough to dont need Devoto's.

I'll be using grace and haste most likely, I don't find blasphemy worth anymore. We will have troubles with mana anyways I guess. The downside of using grace + haste is the 100% mana reserved, so u would need at least a lvl 3 enlighten. I think wrath will be more affordable.

Overall, I dont know if I will use 2 Hyaon's, as I wont need to use Phys to Light. Catalyst is a pretty good option tho, but with the downside that you gotta use 1 socket.

CD - Conc effect - FA - Ele Focus - WED - (Phys2Light / Added Lightning / Light Pen)

I would prefer to use Lightning Penetration if I run 2 Hyaon's. If, somehow, I just run 1, I will use Phys to Lightning. I'll be buying 2 Hyaon's as 2 DF and 2 Catalyst (if they're not too expensive xD) and trying combos.
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Ancestral protector gives you a straight 20% more attack speed.
would be useful for bosses, not for mapping, as youre constantly moving. Thanks for the suggestion ^^
Yep, with your PoB link it puts you really close to another attack per run

(simulator for those who haven't seen it yet : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/cmnwc3vaky )
What do you mean with "puts you really close to another attack per run". Which run are we talking about?

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