3.1 Updated - Pathfinder Crit BV - Dedicated Uber Lab Farmer - 375%+ Movement Speed

I'll start working on finding the optimal pantheons ASAP.

Early in the gearing process you might be able to notice when you encounter a reflect pack but really there should not be much of an issue after you obtain sufficient leech via Atziri's Promise OR Vessel of Vinktar and Warlord's Mark.

A short term option could and should be an instant life flask while working towards the end game flask setup.

Blade Vortex hits for damage every .2 seconds when you have 20 stacks and it's slightly less often at lower stacks. You'll have ample time to react and if you die it's likely the players own fault.

*Edit* Added a Pantheon Power section of the guide.
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First of all, great guide and excellent build. I was looking for a lab farmer for this league and knew as soon as I saw it that your build was the way to go.

My big question, as others have wondered, is how viable will this be for a starter build? I'm familiar enough with the mechanics of similar builds, so that won't be an issue. The issue I'm wondering about is currency. The build looks like it could potentially take a fairly large amount of currency to gear right.

Do you think it's cheap enough to do for a starter build? Are there any good budget gear options that can be used to farm uber with until I save up enough for some of the more expensive gear? If you think it might be flat out too expensive for a starter, what kind of lab farm build would you recommend to make enough currency to create this build?
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Thank you for the kind words.

I'll start off by saying I will start the league with this character because I've made this same build many times and I'm familiar with gear progression and relative strength.

As I've suggested to others, this build is not likely suitable for most people who can not play incredible hours early in the league, because you're right. It will take a lot of effort and currency to gear up to the standards I posted on this forum. This makes it better for a second character.

However, I would also like to bring up this point; Consider the time investment into 1 character, rather than spreading the time across multiple.

Is it worth spending ~24hrs playtime on another character if you know this is the 1 you will want to play in the end? Your best bet is to stick with this character and just run maps for currency and levels until you get the core items needed to make comfortable runs. My personal plan is to map to level 90 as quickly as I can so that when I get into uber lab I will be geared up and running laps around all the Juggs and Slayers. Most people aren't going to have enough currency to spend on helm enchants or high quality gems within the first few days anyway.

As for the budget options. You can drop quicksilver for diamond flask. Use rare items on slots that don't require a mandatory unique (Basically just essence worm / divinarius ), pick up random 5 link with the right colors and enough stats to get you by. You will lose a considerable amount of speed but if you're just trying to hit the lottery with quality gems, I'd say go for it. With Jade / Stibnite alone you will be over 80% chance to evade (as long as Izaro is blinded by stibnite) so you will still be fairly tanky. You can tank his normal melee swings but you need to be able to put effort into dodging as much of his special attacks as you can. And of course you should be properly handling mechanics and abusing decoy totems ability to control the fight.

Finally, if I had to suggest another lab farmer I would suggest some type of slayer without a question. Trivializing the 3rd phase is massively convenient and having enough long-lasting leech to make it through traps safely is a god send.
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Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

I think you're right, I'd rather just map and grind to make this character rock solid than start another one first just to get currency. I played took three builds to level 85+ last league and got burned out before I got to make the build I really wanted to. I'd rather not do that again.

I'll definitely be watching you're stream and trying to keep up! Thanks again.
Jelbishi wrote:

Finally, if I had to suggest another lab farmer I would suggest some type of slayer without a question. Trivializing the 3rd phase is massively convenient and having enough long-lasting leech to make it through traps safely is a god send.

While im probably going to be playing your build, because I have a massive hard on now for that move speed, what would you suggest out of whats currently available?
I'm not sure what is Flavor of the Month right now for 2H Weapons but I think Cyclone, Earthquake and Lacerate have always been pretty good in lab.

Not sure how easy this character is to get going but the [3.0 Updated] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Very Cheap. Easy Uber Lab Full Key Runs) is incredibly powerful. I've seen first hand that this build, when geared well, can absolutely demolish Uber Lab AND keep up a decent speed with leap slam socketed in Essence of Insanity crafted gloves.
On video not full keys run. Is this build with this items available to kill full charged izaro?
Worst player
What kind of expensive investments could i put into this build to make it very op?

Also what kind of stats are you looking for in a rare dagger?
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