3.1 Updated - Pathfinder Crit BV - Dedicated Uber Lab Farmer - 375%+ Movement Speed

Hi everybody !!!
I have some questions to ask.
I want to build cold dmg
Is it okay when I use Raider: with high dodge, dodge high, 6 frenzy (4% increased Cast Speed per Charge Frenzy, 4% more Damage per Frenzy Charge)
gem link: BV + spell echo + Added Cold Damage Support + Hypothermia Support + Concentrated Effect Support + Controlled Destruction Support
I use The Pandemonius amulet (20% pen, chill)
is that good?
tree : https://poeplanner.com/AAsAAPkACxIAAHmbjQgu7YMZjgBe037veu4Ogazkaql5o4oj9k2SjX0wfFFH51Qk_f_eN9TtPz7PveaNv9QjMHHdqEt4OkIFtejWz3oi6sM6m7WExTIBshnrYxEvKwpd8ioLcFKJ04w2VUth4iaVFr_C7LTF2-dHBmKsbIydqmwI8YoM8qXL0NCP-uv1wwm5k_Id8NVJUV-wykpvnpykhxN3B4MJsZAtqL6AUUysR31bKk0_J1-YWW3PMkrIiq-QEXvDbqq18jWS2L3-CvJFOuG3PkGH-eiCxx2-M4cD7hg8vScYVqZXTeP-jzY9X3CDbTy-2NUXJnqE0K1B0AAAAAAA

I hope to receive comments from everyone.
thank you very much !!!!
3.2 viable? Didnt see any changes to this build - unless i missed something
can confirm this build works just fine in 3.2 , hit 340+ ms easily
Yeah, can confirm now, too.. I'm running around with a rare chest and finished full key lab yesterday (was pretty close though)
can i use poet's pen for leveling?
rikujo wrote:
can i use poet's pen for leveling?

there are no build, that couldnt leveling with Poet's Pen.
Is it viable/good to replace the spell dmg shield with non-shield spell damage stat stick and replacing shield bash with whirling blades to compensate?
Build still work in 3.2?
Hows mapping with this build? Do you think this is a better option over chieftain? Not really sure which one to make.
I've played this build multiple times, I've made it every league starting in 3.0 until now. Although this build works the same as it always did, I was wondering if you could update the guide when you get a chance since we've seen significant changes the past few leagues. For example:

- Now that BV is at full stacks at 10, I really don't think spell echo is needed so that frees up an extra link for something like Onslaught support or whatever you like. If you choose Onslaught for the movement speed buff this also makes colouring easier

- Now that Vaal skill gems also give us the regular skill, I see no reason why you would use Blade Vortex over Vaal Blade Vortex, it just gives you an extra option for single target and clear speed at no loss to us.

- Abyss jewels exist now as well, so it's extremely easy and cheap to stack flat ele dmg, flat evasion, movement speed, phasing and % physical dmg as extra elemental dmg mods. I wonder if going conversion might be stronger now.

- This build also used to be painful to level, and as a result, it's not suggested as a league starter and the leveling guide tells us to use 3 different skills which IMO is an over complication for today's leveling process. After recent changes, we can now just level as BV all the way through once we get access to it at lvl 12. With the Vaal skill gem changes we have that as an option which really helps the leveling process for clear and single target but even without a Vaal BV it's easy to level now since BV only has 10 stacks at maximum so it's easy for us to keep it up at half it's maxed stacks. Since it's pretty easy to level with and feels way better for clearing non-lab content in general, I see no problem with it being a league starter. I also think that Abyss jewel stacking early on is also a great option for leveling, Darkness Enthroned is an easy 1-2 alch purchase and you can put in some cheap 3x dmg mod or movement speed mod Abyss jewels early on and upgrade them as you level.

These are just a few changes that I've noticed that could be easily updated in the build guide to help people new to this build. Cheers.

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