3.1 Updated - Pathfinder Crit BV - Dedicated Uber Lab Farmer - 375%+ Movement Speed


You have competition. He refereed to your build in the comments as you are his inspiration for the build
Realistically, how safe is this build in getting all keys/darkshrines compared to a jugg lab farmer? I'm more interested in making currency through that than trying to get fastest times?

Usually ran jugg farmers, but looking for something different next league.

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Is this still viable for 3.5?
qawsican wrote:
Is this still viable for 3.5?

Since we dont know the full patch notes yet, its hard to tell what changed.

Fact is, BV is still strong and will be strong if they dont change stats stick even more. In 3.5 they are still strong for spell builds.

The passive tree would need an overhaul, some gems are no longer needed (spell echo as example) and some items might become better in terms of damage/survivabilty.

You could also tweak the tree to cheese izaro with a tabula and glacial cascade mine setup. But this would need more therorycrafting.

homffrontt wrote:

Will try this today in lab with the following equip:

gems are mostly the same, changed spell echo since 10 stacks is easier to achive than 20.
Since i can apply 2 curses ill use enfeeble to be safe when flasks are not up.

Belt can be swapped out for more speed between izaro rooms

Hideout speed is still ~250% will see how damage works out.

E: works pretty well, had to swap the amulet since getting your resistances up is not easy. Still not sure i would get if i had a 6L QotF maybe hypothermia or added cold damage, both easy to achive since they are green
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I've been doing this build for the past 5-6 leagues. Yeah, I know kinda boring but I thoroughly enjoy going fast. Yes, I do know their are other builds like this but I prefer this build.

Wondering if anyone else is and what recommended upgrades to items/tree you may have found?
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