[3.1] Juggernaut Bladeflurry Lab Farmer - Make a TON of currency with a cheap build.

Th3LoRD wrote:
How come you haven't mentioned dropping totem setup and just running a Kaoms?

Because you'd lose half of your single target damage which is retarded.
Lethardus wrote:
How do we go about transitioning into Disfavor on this build? It would obviously mean dropping an aura. I assume it would be Hatred, or would it just depend on what feels better at the stage you are it with the build? Disfavor adds a shit ton of damage to it is why I assume Hatred.

Could swap hatred for herald of ash which gives some more DPS and only 75% reservation with determination which would maybe mean you need abyssal cry or some form of mana leech, amulet,jewel or something.
Can u give me your opinion on the berserker version Vs Jugg Version.
Thx for the guide
What do you guys think about Devoto's? it has 20 % ms, a lot of needed dex and some attack speed. is that worth playing on jugg?
What do you guys think about Devoto's?

if u feel comfortable with your life and res, sure... devotos is some nice QoL.

But i think this guide is all about budget day 1/2 lab farming so...
What area your thoughts on Integrating the New Gems Brutality and Ruthless in exchange for the meele dmg and conc effect for the Earthquake or only Ruthless in you wann to keep the Elementel dmg.
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i just tested a bit in standart, went for a ~300dmg rare axe and switched some things a bit up...

aura: HoA + arctic armor + enfeeable on blasphemy (mana leech -> jewel/or glove craft)

cwdt: bloodrage/molten shell (add vortex if you need it for more cc, but the nerf to only 10% chill makes it suboptimal imho... otherwise spare socket).

took unstoppable over unbreakable (use a crappy ~80life dualres armor with only 600armour)

felt super safe, maybe too safe (unreasonable loss of dmg... maybe - looking for an opinion), took me 13min for a 5key run

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What area your thoughts on Integrating the New Gems Brutality and Ruthless

was wondering the same, but calculations say in a budget version, ele-dmg wins (auras/flasks too stronk).

later on with a 6link (disfavour or tidebreaker) brutality will shine i think.
I'm going to copy this and visit your stream again when I get one shotted in the lab.

See you there norse!
Tested this yesterday and completed merc lab this morning all underlevelled. Facetanked Izaro Cruel and merc lab, died twice throughout the levelling process both death's down to beta lag.

Merc lab was a breeze, this was with a 4 link Hezmana and a 5 link chest, was very comfortable cant wait to try it for real with the full set up.

Great league starter with no investment bar Hezmana and pure RNG :D.

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