[3.1] Juggernaut Bladeflurry Lab Farmer - Make a TON of currency with a cheap build.

I went uber at 70, all seems rosy and i got greedy kept his all fonts and essence and in last stage i facetank him till last moment i died but i can't figure out how i died.
I did saw him moving away and then i died, my friends told me it could be crit but who crit me his essence?

BTW nice guide.
How do you avoid running out of mana?
With the 3.2 changes to Juggernaut ascendancy, which ascendancy nodes should I take and in which order ?
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What pantheons should I stick to for labs? Sorry I may have missed it in the guide.
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How do you avoid running out of mana?

You need leech somewhere, a jewel, armour or a point in tree.
do this build benefit from elemental damage or just pure physical damage?
what is the best unique weapon to use in this build if you can't afford to buy rare?
Hello is this weapon good for this build? Doe schaos damage on weapon help?

still sane exile ? Nope
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Got a GG sword for this build,

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