[3.1] Juggernaut Bladeflurry Lab Farmer - Make a TON of currency with a cheap build.

Abek wrote:
I noticed your shaper stat stick has mana leech crafted on it. Is there any particular reason for that? Leech on weapon isnt global right? did u just put it there since no other stat is worth crafting? It is kind of misleading. sounds like a stupid question but I still get confused differentiated between local and global mods on weapons.

I was fooled by that too, bought an off-hand Elder stick at the end of Abyss for 10 chaos with that mod, tried it out, and realized the mana leech on it didn't do squat.

Then I found that info somewhere in this thread, around page 26 I think.
That off-hand in the original post really needs to be updated, at the very least remove the mod.
Player numbers are plummeting.
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Nice thanks for the character example guys. Did my first uber lab at 68 with like 3.5k hp. Just finished a 5key run at 70 with 4.2k hp. Build is really coming together.
Very nice build and well written, thx Norse! Done a few Labs so far with ease, however I have a few questions:

- Due to Izaro having 45% elemental resistances, isnt it better to Switch added fire damage support to maim on a 5L for a slight dps increase? I thought about brutality, but that would negate the added elemental damage from the offhand, right?

- Switching ancestral warchief to ancestral protector gives me also a slight dmg increase in POB, and the attack Speed should help to gain Blade flurry stages faster. But warchief deals more dmg on its own than protector, so maybe they are even.

@GGZII: thats a nice armor choice you got there! Do you use the aspect of the crab over arctic armor or isnt it worth it?

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Which pantheons are you all using?
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meecrobb wrote:
Which pantheons are you all using?

For Lab we use Arakaali and Ralakesh
I have a little problem ;

Why do i have legit 3.3k blade flurry tool tip dps ? I'm not a tooltip dps warrior but isnt that too low ?
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Tooltip is very misleading for BF. Mine shown 2,4k and i kill him fairly quick. Use PoB for more accurate DPS
Has anyone compared Dreadbeak vs. Grelwood Shank? I'm running a Grelwood and shaped stat stick now and was wondering if the deeps increase was worth dropping the 80% inc. Armour and 19% inc. AS.

Which would be better for hard Uber Izaro days?

What about end game guardians?

I've been mapping with Reave/Vaal Reave and was thinking Dreadbeak might be better for map clear but I haven't gotten to Bog map yet to make my own.

Thanks for the great build, really having fun in the lab-

For easy farm maps with BF
+ herald of ash, hatred and swap Concentrated Effect to Increased AOE

My current gear:

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My gear is shit, I have 4k life, I'm lazy with my flasks. What can I say? Izaro doesn't even scratch me. Easiest lab time of my life.

Gear cost me about 30c, made it back on the first uber run. Leveled and mapped with Reave + Hatred/HoA.

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