[3.1] Juggernaut Bladeflurry Lab Farmer - Make a TON of currency with a cheap build.

get a 6l or a better weapon

What would be a better weapon?
Reumert wrote:
What would be a better weapon?

Easily available day 1 with some moderate grinding.
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Hey Norse, could you plz add a pob code for the lazy?
illidone wrote:
Hey Norse, could you plz add a pob code for the lazy?


Just imported the gear from Norses test char in Standard, some of the gem levels/qualities may be off but it's good enough for you to play around with yourself if you're really buggered.
How about Ruthless support instead of added fire? or that would make Hatred useless?
Can I use Cyclone instead of EarthQuake?
I'm not quite sure if it would work, since the final tree shows you got every little dex unless you put more dex on gears.
Would appreciate some more tips when it come to leveling :)
How do we go about transitioning into Disfavor on this build? It would obviously mean dropping an aura. I assume it would be Hatred, or would it just depend on what feels better at the stage you are it with the build? Disfavor adds a shit ton of damage to it is why I assume Hatred.
How come you haven't mentioned dropping totem setup and just running a Kaoms?

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