The Harbinger League Challenges and Rewards

glockenrock wrote:
New challenges are cool, killing 400 Pale Council is still :(

Crown looks bad man. Eyes are NEAT. Don't care about the character effect.

I feel like assembling a Harbinger unique should be a challenge instead of Uber Atziri, that challenge is old.

Only pain is how unpredictable doing the prophecy chains. It's probably a lot easier than doing 100 uber labs considering you get 4 bosses per run when killing the Pale Council. If you have a hard time doing things like T16 maps it's more than reasonable to expect something annoying and grindy.

Lynerus wrote:
Oxygene_PoE wrote:
Only 3 endgame grinds best descision ever :) thanks!

Ive not done one endgame grind since these started and i dont think i ever will

1) I only have like 1 char that can kill guardians and it can only kill one of them... but getting 40 of these maps is a no go
2) 4tits is gated and i dont think ive ever had the amount of frags needed to do this and most of my chars cant anyways
3) Im not doing asslo and the mess that is the lab more then i have to
4) i may be able to do the har boss one who we dont know yet?
5) Pale is gated more then 4tits and i also only have done this once i think and no idea what char it was and i dont think i could do it again (hard as balls fight)

Heaven forbid challenge league challenges are too challenging.
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I like the challenges, some new interesting ones in there. Damn I have to say those challenge rewards are the most disappointing ones of any league. At first I was happy to not have the standard Footprints/Weapon Effect/Portal but these ones really make me care less about completing the challenges. I will get 12 and then not care
The only thing I can't complete is the End-game Grind. I don't have the currency and time to do it. The crown effect looks bad though.
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Challenges seem way easier then last leagues but MTX is worse. Maybe someone likes the Design of Crown and Character Effect, looks meh for me. But i understand this. With the big Expansion there probably wasnt much time to design this League.
I have to agree both the crown and character effect looks sub par. Not so much the quality but the design just feels very jagged and cartoony.

but hell, it's free.
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1337 map bosses lol.
Kinda dissapointed with the harbinger crown and character effects.
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Eyes are the best.

Crown is bad. Character effect looks like I gave a little blue pen to my young cousin kid and asked him to make any scrawl rofl ^^ very bad too

Am I wrong or crown and character effect is EXACTLY the same thing? :D
character effect is the crown but bigger.
Damn GGG what time did u spent to create this mtxs 1minute?
The eyes of the world are on you next friday, you are destroying D3, lots of new players, I really think you should have made something better. 5-10minutes probably. I know it's free but this is just a SHAME LOL xD
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The eyes are pretty cool. the rest is just "meh". Not very appealing in my personal pov
I'm sorry but the MTX rewards looks pathetic, compared to previous leagues. The challenges sound easier (?), which I guess goes hand in hand.

Still, cant wait for Friday. Hype!

The "complete encounters without getting hit" is potentially a very interesting new type of challenge and I hope for more of such, instead of RNG / numeric ones.
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