The Harbinger League Challenges and Rewards

Those eyes. So sexy. Me likey. Me want.
Can you put a count of challenges done at the top of the pane, like 12/40? Thanks.
don't look as bad as last league.. maybe..

edit: I meant the challenges. The legacy portal may be my favourite mtx to date.
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Nice :)
100% Ethical, most of the time.
Please give flasks an item sound.
At what point are we allowed to say that: eyes, ok. character effect, ok. Helmet effect, worst thing I've ever seen. How did "Yeah I really want my character to look like the end of an electric toothbrush" pass inspection. I get that glowing blue is the theme but if you just ripped the deicide helmet and made it blue people would have sky-boners
@Zizaran ingame
waits patiently ...
Nice advertising there of the unique rampage sword that still hasn't been fixed....
Yes it's cool. No it doesn't really work well, sorry.
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.

Mechanic's Post:
1337 Map bosses niceeeeeeee
Loving the challenges that actually have challenging, instead of just grindy, game play requirements. 1337 maps is cute too. I do think the level a gem should be level it to 21, and some of these challenges feel too much like a guide now that we have an actual guide/help system.
May all your rings be unique
- Jonfe Darontos, Ringmaker

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