For today only we're running a promotion with where you can purchase a Beta Key for The Fall of Oriath expansion for only $10! This expansion is our biggest yet and introduces six acts, many new bosses and more!

The Fall of Oriath Beta will be available for four more weeks so there's plenty of time to explore this new content before the full release! If you're interested in finding out more about The Fall of Oriath expansion, check out our full announcement and official trailer below.

Once you have your Beta Key, you'll need to log into the website and redeem your key here. Then, download the beta client here. If you're a Steam user, a "Betas" tab will have appeared in the game properties in Steam. You'll be able to download the Beta client through this menu but you won't be able to access it until your key has been redeemed on our website.

    Please note: On Monday US time we'll be deploying Act 8 and other improvements to the Beta. At this time there will also be a character wipe which means you'll lose any progress you've made up until this point. We are aiming for this to be the last character wipe of the Beta. If you are uncomfortable with losing progress, we recommend waiting until after the launch on Monday to start exploring the new content.

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THANK YOU! Really wanted to get one for my friend! :D

Hmm, are there not 6..?
Ohh they are just talking about Beta.

:O New Skills and Uniques coming in next wave!?
Last edited by Drewster_X on Jul 1, 2017, 12:15:59 PM
Hope you don't run another week of delays after actively selling "beta" keys.....
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Thank you, it's impossible to transfer money into paypal today. Really thanks. Stick the beta key somewhere safe for me!
Why bother finding a Mirror of Kalandra if it can be [Removed by Support]
Killing the Elder or Shaper while following someone's build is like finding a street using google maps - such an achievement!
It's cool to see a lower price point for those after beta access. :)

no new skill gem, sure new support gem.
new items? nope, old item rework buff item....
the real reason the wave 2 was delayed
good job

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