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Act Five: The Fall of Oriath

Atop the frozen peaks of Mount Veruso lies a way to return home, but the death of Dominus has left Oriath in turmoil. Caught amidst the slaves revolting against their Templar oppressors, you are all that stands between the innocent lives trapped in Oriath and the divine wrath of High Templar Avarius.

Part Two: The Gods are Rising

Your triumph over the Beast has had unforeseen consequences. The dormant gods of Wraeclast, once suppressed by the Beast, have regained their divine powers. In Part Two, a set of five new Acts, you will weave through both new and recognisable locations throughout Wraeclast, witness the results of your past deeds, and even confront the gods themselves.

Act Six: The Rising Tide

The Brine King, god of the seas, is expanding his domain. Every border is being redrawn. Come to the aid of familiar allies before his relentless tides wash away all hope.

Act Seven: Lord and Legion

Ancient Vaal ruins have risen from the depths. Amidst the chaos, the bandit tribes have united under one banner and have stormed the Forest Encampment. Reclaim the homes of your allies and discover the secrets that lay beneath the ruins.

Act Eight: Eclipse

In the centre of Sarn's great bridge, Solaris and Lunaris fight for control of the skies. Meanwhile, beneath the earth, something foul is poisoning the water.

Act Nine: Reunion

The rotting Beast beneath Mount Veruso holds the key to salvation. But beings both mortal and divine seek to keep you from obtaining it.

Act Ten: Return to Oriath

Fate rests on your shoulders as you make your final stand.

Claim the Power of the Gods

The Pantheon system allows you to turn the tables on the gods, wield a fraction of their immense power, and prove once and for all that nothing is immortal. Pantheon powers grant you defensive bonuses and can be swapped in town with no cost, allowing you to tailor your choices to the challenge you're facing.

Skills, Items and Improvements

The Fall of Oriath is our largest content expansion ever. In addition to six new acts of content, it includes new skill and support gems, unique items, our new water renderer, improvements to world environments, the minimap, game performance, and much, much more!

Launch Date, Xbox One and Supporter Packs!

The Fall of Oriath launches on PC at 1pm on Friday, August 4th (PDT). We haven't announced the release date for the Xbox One version just yet, but it's soon also! We'll be launching a Closed Beta on Xbox One very soon. Keep an eye on the news for more information.