3.0.0 Beta Performance Improvements

At last...ty
Interesting question for the reverse situation:

With the latest improvements, what kind of hardware would you expect to be needed to keep 1080p/60 1440p/60 and 2160p/60 (FullHD/WQHD/4K) running without running into the dynamic resolution scaling for an ingame situation with effect overload like shown in the latest video?

And what will likely be saturated first? CPU or GPU?

Also, could you enable for the players (in the Beta) those graphs that where shown in the multithreading video back then?
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This will be a godsend to party play, I never played in groups of more than 3 players as it was just a lag fest in end game when everyone has super attack/cast speeds.
Patiently wait for my key...
Thats awesome!

As the creator of th cast on skeleton death build I welcome any buff to performance that allow us to push the creativity we put in the game further

Is a wipe considered this week?

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I don't really like the idea of dynamic resolution change.
We'll see.
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This reminds me of when I carried a lightning strike mjolner discharge build to lvl 92 on my crappy low end laptop some years ago.

Those where the days.
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First one to get their resolution down to potato wins.
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any chance for the new MTX to come to life soon? Still waiting for it :(
lol try it out on beta he says.. you spawning items for all us also?

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