3.0.0 Beta Performance Improvements

GGG nice job. F yes! I love this .... now i can spam around without lagging the hell out of a group. :)
cosacee wrote:

Also to make the game more fun and enjoyable for more players we also nerfed 90% of skills.. now there are only 4 viable and playable skills worth playing on path of exile and none of them have particle effects or use much cpu or server resources we made these super stonk so that you dont need to invest in working out mechanics for skills that could require good items or lots of split projectiles and flashy lights to reduce load, we also decided to nerf any potential of surviving content like life and es and removed lots of survivability nodes! so you will not get far enough in game anyway to see many large mobs or boss fights because you will die before you get to that point.

in further content we also nerfed the amount of mobs on screen but buffed the power output of all monsters again to reduce progression and make you really feel you have achieved something amazing when or if you do decide to grind for our new 3.0 uniques which will be completely necessary to get past act 4 as all the old uniques are now useless because we nerfed them to the ground. we also nerfed master progression to also slow you down and we also plan on nerfing the amount of servers because we like to take all your money we made from beta key sales and have a big massive piss up party at GGG where we will hire strippers and eat lots of cake and drink lots of beer and do huge amounts of cocaine.

thanks again for supporting GGG... please note you have just 12 hours to buy a supporter pack to get a beta key or the price will increase threefold and we will also nerf life and es more to punish you for not giving us more money and buying more mtx that also magically vanishes from your account and takes us months to replace or refund.

your friendly GGG balancing team - who never play path of exile and only has ever made a charactor upto level 26 in softcore! have fun guys! remember buy moar supporter packs and MTX or we will forget about you when 4.0 beta comes. (thats if the game survives till then anyway) YOLO

XD now there are only 4 viable and playable skills worth playing on path of exile and none of them have particle effects or use much cpu or server resources we made these super stonk

what are these 4 skills?
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as for perfomance, at beta client i have fps spikes from 300-400 fps to 50 every 5-10 sec... (just moving, every effects off). This problem is appear only for beta game client. On current stable game client i have a spikes to 50 fps only once a minute, not a 5-10 sec like in beta.. it's way smooth compare to beta game client.

I hope at the release date you will make something to fix this fps spikes..

thank you!

Btw, config:
1) windows 10 64 bit, directx 11 beta
2) cpu intel 4770k
3) gpu - nvidia geforce 780 gtx
4) Intel SSD
Why are you sharing fake news?

This does not run smoothly at all http://imgur.com/a/p2IyW
4 more hours before we finally know if this is legit or not

Although, it would be nice to actually play end-game maps with a full man party like how we did on Diablo 2 w/ Baal Runs. But I guess that's just too much to ask
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
Performance Improvements?
right, then why my fps 5-30 in dx11?
i have shit pc? i dont think
fps spikes always, like old times...
Lower fps than before, freeze, lags, ty
had no problems running the game pre 3.0 patch, now game unplayable for me. 100% load dedicated gpu memory, 100% gpu usage. all these on lowest game settings.

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