3.0.0 Beta Performance Improvements

0-20 FPS. Char selection screen - 23 FPS, min settings, dx9. unplayable
(i5 2.5GHz, GeForce 630M, 8Gb RAM)
I used to have 70-100 fps in town, after 3.0 hit I barely have 20 with lower graphics settints and the game is unplayable for me.. thats what i get for playing 3000 hours and spending money on a game.
I have an AMD 8350. 970 MSI. 16 Gigs RAM. and i have to switch to DX9ex to get 60FPS in fights. If i go to DX11 i sit on 35FPS average. i am running 64 Bit. i have tried the other version. iv tried windowed borderless. if i drop my grafix to as low as possible, i still get 35fps in dx11. i know my machine should be running better. if anyone has any suggestions...

i have tried running with --nopreload, my game tells me that the folder does not exist (Or something in that range).

I am the administrator of my machine.

Please help GGG or community.

i have a gefore 1080 and a rly good pc.

could play the game on max settings on 4k while streaming it on HD.

since 3.0 i cant do shit, fps is unplayable if stuff is happening.

my 2 frostbold totems make my game lag.
my 3 fire golems make my game lag.

i have to play on minimal settings and ONLY hd to play the game and its still not running smoothly as it should, the fps is still dropping when stuff is happening even if i dont stream.

rly like the game but fuck this :/

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