Weekly Beta Report Two

I did play Decay (on fire nova mine and using Whispering Ice Remote Mine) and I must say this change surprises me.

On Fire Nova Mine I made it to 50k, as a 6L inside WI to 80k both before Wither+Vul and with high investment into DOT/Mine/Chaos.

Is Decay supposed to be an early level help for DOT builds you don't want to see in maps?
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Whether this means late July or early August is too early to predict at this stage.

Summer's a good time to be away from the computer.
any plan to fix some bugs with gem interactions b4 wipe?
IE: Animate Weapon NOT being cast from Null's Inclination, yet every other minion gem that i tried is cast.

some of these kinds of fix's would tide some of us over i think
Rather drop the rather uninspired pantheon system for launch and release 3.0 earlier :/ Legacy got really old really fast (a month ago)
Thanks for focusing on the quality of your upcoming content :)
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DoTs might have had a chance. They're gone now.

Seriously, though, I honestly don't unerstand these changes. I was struggling to make a crit Flameblast ignite build as it is, now it just seems pointless. Did someone discover some OP ignite build most people are unaware of or what? The nerfs just seem completely unwarranted to me (except the decay one).
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Are people still being invited to the beta, or is it purely through supporter packs? Patiently waiting and have been doing races here and there. I'd buy another pack if I was able to financially, not in that position at the moment though.
Beta is a waste at the moment.

I was hoping for a wipe and act8 this week and guess what!!!? aint happening!.
Now is (i.e. two weeks from now).

I will bet money that 3.0 wont launch till end of august early September because something else will happen.
Cool so you don't want us to use decay. instead of gutting it to the ground why not make changes so skills like shield charge cannot make such massive scaling? DoT was already in a bad spot in the Beta and this update seems like a message that you do not want us even messing with it.
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The Perfect Agony keystone will grant 30% of Critical Strike Multiplier and 30% less hit damage (It is currently by far the best way to build ailment damage, to an extreme degree).

I'm a bit puzzled by this - yeah, we were theorycrafting a number of builds that could reach millions of dps on paper, and appeared actually work in game. But most people would not be able to execute these builds, and even if they did, there's no way they'd be able to sustain that damage. In fact there's a very good chance my hi def noncrit poison build would outperform them in practice.

The difference between a sheet build and a real build is execution. In my hands a hi def build will perform better than one like this.

In fact, after discovering that the mechanisms worked I mostly put this character down, because I'm just not good enough to go low defense like that. Very few people would actually be able to make use of it, it's so squishy and awkward. They would have trouble surviving let alone sustaining dps. Does it really need to be fixed?

Alright, looking for more things to break then :). I've already moved on. Do what you think is right. Hopefully my gameplay data contributed, but who knows!
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10/10 balancing as usual!

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