Weekly Beta Report Two

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is there going to be an xbox beta?
MTX system hype!
Suh Dude
Bummer they won't have crafting benches yet. Make's it very hard to do any end-game content without them to round out my resistances.
Looking forward to the lab changes, for me it is a huge, huge issue with player frustration due to the way it is a one chance thing and such a huge time investment to do. I mean every new player that quits because of lab might be hundreds of potential dollars of mtx investment lost.
I had my fair bit of ragequits in regards to lab crashes and how punishing the entire thing for non lab farm builds is, so I can only imagine the frustration level for a new player.
I do not like Brutality changes, I hope after testing it will be reverted to its original state when it only prevented elemental damage to be done. There's not really much ways to scale physical damage and most of time it is either chaos or wed.
The above changes are planned because the supports and keystones were mandatory to produce worthwhile damage values for Damage Over Time builds, and we'd prefer to keep the bonuses more consistent with other support gems to provide more flexible support choices in builds wherever possible.

Wait a minute, so the gems and keystone were the only way to produce worthwhile damage from DoT, but they're being nerfed so.... now DoT can't produce worthwhile damage? Am I reading this correctly?
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Thats a bummer...
So i waited for nothing, i guess i play next week then...

Guess i go play a Necro in D3 until then, lol. xD

#RipDecay It was fun while it lasted...
They actually balanced the gems, wow!
Balance is an illusion, exile.

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