Weekly Beta Report Two

Very excited, except for August as I have staff away that entire blasted month.
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I do not like Brutality changes, I hope after testing it will be reverted to its original state when it only prevented elemental damage to be done. There's not really much ways to scale physical damage and most of time it is either chaos or wed.


I feel the chaos nerf is not in line with other sup gems, e.g. WED.
Brutality will grant up to 59% more damage at gem level 20, higher than it is currently but it will also prevent dealing Chaos Damage, so will only deal Physical Damage with the supported skill.

So does that mean Brutality prevents poison?

Other than that, looks good, would like to see some balance changes to RF/Scorching Ray in particular considering they've been so heavily buffed by all the new sources of damage to scale it as well as the nodes being way better in the tree now.

I do think that some of the ailment damage changes are a bit extreme though. Especially with things like Emberwake not working properly with proliferation at the moment. Flameblast was definitely by far the best skill to scale ignite though, so perhaps other skills will be able to shine more with some more ignite changes and such in the future with flameblast nerfed.
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Im kinda concerned about the benches' bug. It kinda cripples the character development a bit.
Completed 33 Challengesarherter wrote:
Im kinda concerned about the benches' bug. It kinda cripples the character development a bit.

Same here. Going to have to be extra careful in the next beta phase about it. Not having haku and elreon benches is so tough to deal with.
Brutal second round of ailment nerfs. The space for ailment builds was already fairly narrow, now it's almost non-existent.

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Completed 24 ChallengesQarl wrote:
We're almost happy with the potential levels of ignite and poison damage available as a result of heavy investment at higher levels, so we will be working on fine tuning these options and the tools to influence them throughout progression.

Would it be possible to elaborate on this? The rest of the post reads like you're going to be buffing ignite and poison DPS now that you've nerfed some outliers. But Perfect Agony notwithstanding, it currently feels like it's a real, real struggle to eke out six figure damage values from 'normal' poison or ignite builds, whereas getting to six figures with most builds is an easy task these days. Are we all just collectively missing something?
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Fuck me GGG.

I cant ever believe anything you say when it comes to timelines, releases or launch dates.

You said wipe was this week.

There better be some real buffs to base ailment values, because right now they are horrible. And you are nerfing their supports...
Any news on the fated unique prophecys not beening obtainable on higher player levels?

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