Path of Exile at E3

Hey, congrats guys !! I woulda stopped by & said hi while you were in town but I moved away from L.A. All the best.
I would certaily like to try xbox version one day... but currently there is no point if I can't use MTXes from my account. :(
Thanks God ^_^
I was there! I met Nick and we had a nice talk about the beta so far. I was really surprised how intuitive the controls are on the xbox.
4k 60 fps (unless there is burning ground)
Marwyn wrote:
4k 60 fps (unless there is burning ground)

nah - double beyond(60% portal and 6-8sextants) enough. Burnd baby!BURN!:D

without these mods = poe is smooth as it is.

still GR8 job! Keep rolling GGG. Wanna see more success!
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FCK42 wrote:
Wow... the description of the solaris/lunaris fight sounds amazing... damnit, now I will have to play the beta once more.

ELIRW -- I couldn't be arsed going through all that media. Or just tell me which one has the info.

Sounds seriously amazing what they say!
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Thank you, beloved, humble, and righteous servant. Have one of Sarah's cookies. (they're too sugary for me.)

This one humbly accepts the generous gift.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
VironLaw wrote:
**Edit1:** When PS4? =P

ACGIFT wrote:

GGG is probably prevented from giving an official reply to this.

All told, there's likely some sort of confidential agreement with Microsoft [...]
It seems they're taking a page from Sony[...]
So, a PS4 version of Path is almost certain[...]

Sorry to disappoint you, but GGG has already answered this question extensively (I don't feel like searching where, probably in one of FAQ concerning console version or Oriath release).
If I remember correctly no PS4 version is currently planned. The GGG answer was something like :

Converting the Windows DX11/DX12 to Xbox One was "relatively" easy thanks to native DirectX support on the console.
Converting the game for the PS4 represents a lot more work.

I think that making the game on PS4 might be inbalanced in terms of financial viability, especially after a big invesmtent phase in xbox one and a new expansion.
But that is pure speculation from me.
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