Path of Exile at E3

I am a bit disappointed that GGG decided to branch out to consoles. I understand that this could help them make more money, but it could also backfire very badly.

Development and patching on the PC version will undoubtedly get slower, because the developers will now have 2 different games to maintain and even if they hire a new team for Xbone, that means more expenses for the company.

Also future content will have to be dumbed down, so it could fit the limitations of the console itself. This affects the PC version too, unless they make 2 completely different games, which I doubt they want.

Finally the biggest problem I have for them going console, is that the PC version is far from optimized. PoE is still a game that can't keep a stable 60fps at 1080p for a lot of players out there with modern hardware, including me.

So yeah I am a bit salty they decided to spread their resources even thinner and for what? To appease some people who are too lazy to hook their PC with their TV and play from their couch.

Anyway, I hope I'm wrong and the Xbone version won't affect the PC one and maybe they will finally optimize the performance of the game on PC.
GGG, Your staff/dev team are THE best, gamers that UNDERSTAND gamers. What WE want in POE, and really listens to the players. Thank you for everything! LOUIE!!!
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XBOX = PC cross-platform?

if not its SUX XD
Way to go GGG!
maxsyspepe wrote:
XBOX = PC cross-platform?

if not its SUX XD

How often do they need to say the same things till people read those answers before asking another time?

No, it's not gonna be cross-platform.
No, your MTX will not get ported over - if you want them on console you will have to buy them again
No, they will not wait with PC patches because xbox isn't ready - we will get them when they're ready

Did i forget something? Time to open a FAQ or something :)
Nice! The hype is real for 3.0 coming up!
Way to go GGG!!
Elgul wrote:
Spagueti wrote:
60 fps 4k KEK

tell me how is posible with a 8 cores 2.3 ghz processor?

my old amd fx 8320 is 3.5ghz 8 cores.
have some problems with cpu bottleneck.

btw great job porting the game only 1hour.

AMD cpu lulz, welcome back to the 90's man :D

You do know that the bone runs AMD cpus right? Low end ones at that.

Also Zen is good
so no PS4?
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