Beta Launch Day: Common Questions and Answers

The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live! You can find more information about the supporter packs and how to access the beta here. Since the launch we've received many similar questions from the community and wanted to compile them in one easy location. We'll be updating this post throughout the day as things come up.

I try to redeem my Beta Key on Steam but it doesn't work!

They're not Steam keys - you need to redeem them here:

Why hasn't Support responded to my email/PM?

Our Support team are experiencing a huge influx of email and PM support from the Beta launch and are responding to any queries as quickly as possible. Replying to your email chain before you have received a response from Support may push you the back of the queue!

I have accidentally redeemed my Beta key on the wrong account!

If you may have logged into the incorrect account and redeemed your Beta access key by mistake please contact us at with your account names and 1-2 character names (and indicate which is the account you intended to have Beta access on) and we can look into this further for you.

I purchased a Fall of Oriath Supporter Pack and have not received my Beta Key.

If you have not received an email with your Beta key details, please log in to the Path of Exile website and check your PMs. If you do not find a PM here, you can also check in your account transactions page where your Beta key will be listed, which can then be redeemed on the account key redemption page here:

To access your transaction page please go to 'My Account' > 'Account Transactions' on the website.

Can I combine purchases from different accounts to get Beta access?

Unfortunately, we are not able to contribute purchases made on other accounts towards your total lifetime purchases on your main account.

If I download the Beta client on Steam, will I have to redownload the normal client in order to play it?

Yes, you'll be required to download most of the normal client again if you'd like to swap back to this version. You can also download the stand-alone client and access that with your Steam account details if you have an email address associated with your account. Please email if you would like to associate an email with your account in order to do this.

I'm finding it slow to download the Beta

We contacted our CDN host about this and they fixed the problem.

One of my items vanished after applying a new microtransaction to it.

We have fixed this issue now. It affected only 38 users on one specific server in Frankfurt. We are investigating restoring the lost items. This may take some time (days). We're very sorry about that.

Where is the Xbox One Beta?

There's no announced date of when the Xbox One beta starts. As soon as a date is confirmed, we'll let you know. Its Beta is shorter and more about testing that version of the game rather than balance testing (which the PC one handles).

If I won a Beta Key in a race event, when will I receive it?

If you've won a Beta Key in any of the race events so far, you should have received your key recently or will be receiving it very soon. We'll award the race reward Beta Keys once a week-day going forward.
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Grinding Gear Games
Thx :)
Is there a list with players already chosen for beta ?
XBONE typo
- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0- 0 * - <
- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0 -- 0 * - < _ > - * 0- 0 * - <
Got a very quick response from Sarah.

Kind of disappointed about the xbox one beta. There's no timeline at all right now, is there issues?
I am pretty sure i have spent over 500 € lifetime and i get an error when i will log in to beta server ...

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