Beta Launch Day: Common Questions and Answers

I understand that you guys are working hard to get FoO out to everyone, but it would have helped to be a bit clear with the little info on the xbox version you gave us on the FAQ post. The wording of it made it seem as though the xbox beta would be at the same time as FoO's. My computer can't handle this game, so I'm really excited to try this out as soon as possible :)
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gimme the key ;(
I predict that tomorrow's Microsoft E3 press conference will say the beta is live or give us a time frame at least. I mean, beta time, major upgrade to PoE... and there seems to be an invisible Chris Wilson from Grinding Gear Games... Just a thought.

EDIT: Well, I'm sadly mistaken... sigh...
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EDIT: Got an answer on reddit :)
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i can´t play the beta if MTX doesn´t work... meeen life sucks

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Are you planning beta wipes?

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