[LOOTFILTER] FilterBlade - editor, with lootgeneration & more - optimized for NeverSink's filter

NeverSink wrote:
It's a bit tricky to explain.

The filterblade load procedure is:

1) Load selected filter (latest version) - the econ-filter is selected here
2) If you're loading a save, modify the filter based on the operations written in the save.
3) Whatever things you do on filterblade afterwards. Such as move items, show/hide, use the filterblade sorting/economy tools

Operations happening in 3 have priority over 2, have priority over 1.

So if you move something in 2 or 3, it'll have priority over whatever econ-versions are doing. If you move a single item on filterblade, to a different tier and save, your tiering decision will have priority over the tiering decision of the econ-tiering. This is useful, if you wanna create exceptions for certain items.

For instance, if you move bramblejack to T1, every time you load, it'll stay in T1, but you'll be receiving the latest version of the filter and all the econ-decisions, except that one.

I generally do not recommend to use the "auto-tier" feature on filterblade with econ-tiering versions, unless you know what you're doing.

The econ version come with different tierlists. The following tierlists are currently affected: Uniques Divination Uniquemaps Shaper Elder Generalcrafting Fossil Incubators Prophecy Scarabs Oils.

Note currency is NOT currently auto-tiered, due to several concerns. This will likely change in the future, when I'll have enough data to know that this works as intended.

I won't go into detail as to how the improved algorithms work exactly, since it'll be a very lengthy and highly technical explanation. I intend to make a post/video about it in the upcoming months. However, the procedure is opensourced. If you're a developer, check out: https://github.com/NeverSinkDev/FilterPolishZ

In the future, I also intend to add a way to visualize what exactly the difference between different versions is. However this is a bit of a technical challenge. It requires loading two filters in parallel and comparing and visualizing lots of data.

Thank you VERY much for this reply, this is extremely helpful. I have a pre-auto-sort save but I think I'm just going to start a fresh filter based on what you've said so I can truly test out the new tiering from scratch.

I have a few suggestions for filterblade, my apologies if these are somehow off the mark. First, display a note near any "legacy" highlight/auto-sort buttons to the effect of what you pointed out above. Initially I was thinking to only show this warning if the base is econ, but I think it might be helpful to stable users as well in case they want to change to econ later. Second, upon switching filter base type to econ perhaps show a note at the top (where the last state/changes info is displayed) of which tierlists are/are not being converted to econ, maybe even with an option to override and convert them anyway. Lastly, somehow highlight/tag/denote which tierlists are affected by the econ version in the overview/customizer/advanced tabs. Maybe they could be a different bg color instead of blue, for example. Just a few quick thoughts.

Thank you for all of the work you've done maintaining and developing your filter. I could not have played efficiently without it.
First off, many many thanks for your work on this tool.
The customizability, the degree of nuance when filtering, and the amount of helpful presets are everything I could hope for.

I'd like to propose an additional feature (/ask around if anyone has made a filter like this for their own use yet):
Playing Path of Exile with a blue light filter like f.lux makes it very hard to distinguish white and yellow text, so rares and normals appear almost the same.

Styles like Azurite can be used to avoid part of this, but even then, leveling rares still appear yellow right now (unlike the blue-and-purple of higher-level rares).
Can someone create a style option that changes the colour of all rares (or tell me how to do this manually without hours of clicking individual item types)?

Thanks again.

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